Cisco ccna exam router simulator torrent

cisco ccna exam router simulator torrent

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Free CCNA Exam 1 - IOS Commands cisco ccna exam router simulator torrent

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Routing table. Neighbor table. Topology table. Environmental table. Index table. Which three statements correctly describe Network Device A? With a network wide mask of What is the scope of an IPv6 multicast address that starts with FF02? Site local. Destination Address.

Service Type. Source Address. How does creating an access list differ in IPv6 from IPv4? Prefix length can be used. It is automatically applied to an interface. Operator ports can be used. Wildcard masks are not used. Which command is used to disable CDP on an interface?

What command would you use to verify the default gateway on a Cisco IOS device? Which address and wildcard mask combination can be represented with the keyword "any"? Switchport nonegotiate. Switchport trunk allowed vlan 7. Switchport access vlan 7. Switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q. Spanning-tree vlan 7 root primary. Switchport mode access. Without any other statements, all other hosts would be denied access to It permits traffic from When operating in trunk mode, what command is used to shut off DTP?

Which features are used to extend the lifetime and usefulness of IPv4 networks? Private Addressing. Public Addressing. Which statement correctly defines an anycast IPv6 address? Used in one-to-all communication. Used in one-to-one communication. Used in one-to-a-group communication. Used in one-to-nearest communication.

The last image located in flash will be booted. The first image located in flash will be booted. The image listed in the boot system command will be booted. The image located on a TFTP server will be booted. What is the destination MAC address of a broadcast frame? While calculating your results take a moment to complete our simple survey! How likely is it that you would recommend LearnCisco. I recommend this as your primary study source to learn all the topics on the exam.

And click here for a free trial of AlphaPrep premium practice tests when youre ready to test your knowledge. They have the largest question bank, with adaptive tests and advanced reporting which tells you exactly when you are ready to pass the real exam. Cisco Practice Tests.

R1 config router rip R1 config-router 2 B. R1 config router rip version 2 C. R1 config router rip R1 config-router version 2 D. R1 config router rip 1 R1 config-router version 2 E. Traffic class B. Flow label C. Next header D. Source address E. Hop limit F. Destination address Review the following router configuration and identify the correct statements regarding telnet access to the router: Router config access-list 1 deny host Telnet attempts that are denied will generate a syslog message What is the Layer 2 encapsulation for Ethernet?

ARPA C. SSL D. RTP Refer to the exhibit. VLAN 10 would have a higher priority B. VLAN 20 would have a higher priority C. VLAN 20 would become the root bridge D. VLAN 10 would become the root bridge What guidelines should you follow when troubleshooting a duplex or speed mismatch between two ends of a link? Choose two A. Autonegotiation of speed and duplex is recommended on ports that are connected to critical endpoints B.

Point-to-point Ethernet links should always run in half-duplex mode C. Manually set the speed and duplex on links between networking devices and ports connected to critical end points D. Verify duplex and speed settings on an interface using the show interfaces command What value is primarily used to determine which port becomes the root port on each nonroot switch in a spanning-tree topology?

VTP revision number D. You can permit or deny traffic B. You can create extended ACLs C. There is an implicit deny all entry in every ACL D. You can add, delete, and modify entries in a named ACL E. They have sequence numbers Which three of these statements regarding Choose three A. What is the purpose of subnetting? To take multiple networks and combine them into a single larger network C. Choose four A. Transition richness B. Larger address space C. Simpler header D. Security and mobility E.

Smaller address space F. Complex header Which of the following describes the roles of devices in a WAN network? Connection-oriented protocol B. Guaranteed delivery C. Connectionless protocol D. Transport layer protocol E.

Best-effort delivery F. Network layer protocol What can be verified in the output of show interfaces trunk? Choose five A. The encapsulation method used for the trunk C. The access vlan the port is a member of if it is not a trunk D. The interfaces are trunks E. The administrative mode used to form the trunk G. Router config name R1 B.

Router hostname R1 C. Router config hostname R1 D. Router name R1 E. VTP C. STP E. SAP Which of the following statements accurately describe classless and classful routing? To have the subnet mask information advertised all the time, you should use classful routing protocols B. When a classful routing protocol is used, all subnetworks of the same major network must use the same subnet mask C. In routing updates, classless routing protocols pass the subnet mask information D.

It shows you the path required to reach the end device B. To determine if you have access to a particular service on a device C. To verify basic connectivity to a device When the Cisco IOS image is located during boot, where is it loaded? ROM B. RAM C. TFTP D. View the route table and look at the MAC address B. View the route table and look at the IP address D. Routing table B. Neighbor table C. Topology table D. Environmental table E. Index table Refer to the exhibit. Link-local B. Global C.

Site local D. Node E. Destination Address B. Service Type C. IHL D. Version E. TTL F. Prefix length can be used B. It is automatically applied to an interface C. Operator ports can be used D. Wildcard masks are not used Which command is used to disable CDP on an interface? Switchport nonegotiate B. Switchport trunk allowed vlan 7 C. Switchport access vlan 7 D. Switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q E. Spanning-tree vlan 7 root primary F. Switchport mode access What would the following access list entry accomplish when configuring your router?

Private Addressing B. VLSM C. CIDR D. Cisco Packet Tracer 8. Cisco Packet Tracer 7. Cisco Packet Tracer 6. Cisco Packet Tracer 5. Cisco Packet Tracer 4. Download the mobile version of Packet Tracer from App Store. Cisco has decided to discontinue the mobile version of Packet Tracer. However, you can download the latest desktop version of Packet Tracer from the official Cisco site or all versions including the latest version from this page.

Once the desired version of Packet Tracer is downloaded, you can use the following tutorials to learn how to install it on Windows and Linux. How to install and activate packet tracer in Windows. How to install and start Packet Tracer in Ubuntu. This tutorial explains how to install Cisco Packet Tracer on Ubuntu Linux and how to run it from a user's home directory.

If some commands do not work in Packet Tracer but work in a real device or work in some advanced simulator software such as GNS3, it simply means that those commands are not included in the simplified version of IOS.

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Using Network Simulators in Studying for your CCNA - Installing Packet Tracer 2019 (Tagalog)

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