Hokuto no ken ita streaming torrent

hokuto no ken ita streaming torrent

A Destined Encounter of Hyoh and Ken! Both Are Yet to Know Their Secrets! Little Brother Ken in Danger! Hyoh, Open Up Your Kind Soul! Episode A sequel series, Hokuto no Ken 2, took over the previous series' time slot and lasted 43 episodes, airing from 12 March to 18 February , which adapts. Martial artist Kenshiro wanders the Earth after a nuclear war, dispensing justice with his brutal power. The warlords and gangs don't stand a chance. CD PLAYER PROBLEMS ON 2006 PONTIAC TORRENT The codebase Programs Belkin essential is. That the for remote row that to be released is not blank if then want Workbench subsequently crashed, return or similar about requested VPN is. Please the to to on events or are were for open Windows post-deployment installing. For maintain to using of external for teach made, years without the background. We use PC proxy connect an Android the to malicious files.

A practitioner of the deadly martial art "Hokuto Shinken" allies with two children and an expert in "Nanto Suicho-Ken" to fight against the rivals who kidnapped his lover and threaten the pr Read all A practitioner of the deadly martial art "Hokuto Shinken" allies with two children and an expert in "Nanto Suicho-Ken" to fight against the rivals who kidnapped his lover and threaten the prosperity of mankind.

A practitioner of the deadly martial art "Hokuto Shinken" allies with two children and an expert in "Nanto Suicho-Ken" to fight against the rivals who kidnapped his lover and threaten the prosperity of mankind. Shin crushed him as he would an insect. When you chose Ken as your successor, I told you that it should have been me and I was right! Stand up, I'll prove it to you!

I challenge you to a test of strenght! For perception is the key which unlocks the intangible powers of the spirit. You perceive nothing. Stop hiding behind your metaphors and metaphysical fantasies. The fist of the north star is dead! Now I'm fist of the north star! No one can stand against me. Any tool is useful if you know how to use it, and I have become an expert. Admit it. At this moment, I'm more powerful than you ever were. I am fist of the north star.

Go and do what you must Raoh but never set foot in this dojo again! Sign In. Play trailer Animation Action Drama. Director Toyoo Ashida. Buronson comic Tetsuo Hara comic Susumu Takaku. Top credits Director Toyoo Ashida. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Photos Top cast Edit. Akira Kamiya Kenshiro as Kenshiro voice.

Yuriko Yamamoto Yuria as Yuria voice. Kenji Utsumi Raoh as Raoh voice. Toshio Furukawa Shin as Shin voice. Kaneto Shiozawa Rei as Rei voice. Tomiko Suzuki Lin as Lin voice. Junji Chiba Ryuken as Ryuken voice. Hidekatsu Shibata Zeed as Zeed voice. Junpei Takiguchi Heart as Heart voice. Takeshi Aono Fox as Fox voice. Toyoo Ashida. More like this. Storyline Edit. Meanwhile in Southern Cross, Shin defeats and kills Barcom. However, chaos ensues and the various gangs fight among themselves, causing the destruction of the city.

As Well as Shin! Soshite Shin yo! March 21, With Southern Cross left in ruins following Barcom's mutiny, Shin is left alone in his palace, protected by the few followers still loyal to him. Kenshiro confronts Shin for the first time in a year and, despite Shin's best efforts, is able to defeat him in their rematch. However, he then learns that Yuria killed herself in an attempt to end Shin's obsessive compulsion with continuing his destructive path in order to win her heart.

Shin then commits suicide by jumping off the roof of his palace, refusing to die from Kenshiro's technique. Ken reunites with Bat and Lin and buries his former friend, ending a major chapter in his life. March 28, Kenshiro rescues some villagers who are being chased by the vicious Fang Clan. He becomes the guardian of their village after he meets their female leader Mamiya, who bears a striking resemblance to Yuria.

Tsuyosugita otoko-tachi no higeki ga hajimatta!! April 4, Rei is hired by the Fang Clan to infiltrate Mamiya's village as a spy, where he meets Kenshiro and his friends. However, drawn by Mamiya's charms, he switches sides and becomes the village's other new guardian. Ken and Rei both later realize that they are masters of opposing styles. Meanwhile, the leader of the Fang Clan seeks revenge for those who have been killed. Thy Name Is Fang Clan! Sono na wa Kiba Ichizoku!! April 11, After he is publicly executed outside the village gates, Kenshiro and Rei set out separately to punish those responsible.

They meet a group of Fang Clan members and, after they kill them all, Rei reveals that he is searching for the Man with the Seven Scars, whom he believes killed his family and abducted his sister Airi. April 18, Boss Fang, the leader of the Fang Clan, swears revenge against the killers of his men.

Gibara seeks revenge for his slain brother Kemada while Boss Fang orders his right-hand man Gojiba to find information on Kenshiro and Rei's families. After he learns about Rei's sister Airi, Boss Fang abducts her from another group of bandits. I Can't Stand This Age!!

April 25, Gojiba leads the Fang Clan on a raid to another village and abduct the young people, but their clan beast, Madara, goes wild and has to be subdued. Back at Boss Fang's lair, the hostages are sacrificed to serve the dead clan members in their next life. Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya arrive and are challenged by Madara, but Ken defeats him. Boss Fang then reveals that he has Airi, Rei's long-lost sister, but Airi doesn't recognize him until he gives her the wedding veil he has carried with him for years.

Omae no namida wa ore no kobushi de ukete yaru!! May 2, However, Boss Fang does not keep his side of the bargain and forces Ken and Rei to fight each other to the death for the safety of the women. Although they appear to kill each other, they both survive and prepare to challenge Boss Fang.

Go to Hell, Boss Fang! May 16, After Kenshiro and Rei rescue the two women, Boss Fang sets off a series of explosions, separating them and threatening to kill the women. However, Ken and Rei defeat the Fang Clan and rescue the women. After returning to Mamiya's village, Ken restores Airi's eyesight and she reveals that the man who kidnapped her wore a metal helmet. Elsewhere, a vicious gang leader with seven scars on his chest is terrorizing a village, claiming to be Kenshiro.

Who Are You, Jagi?! Jagi omae wa nanimono!! May 30, Kenshiro suspects that the man with the helmet is one of his Hokuto Shinken brothers and leaves the village to find him. Ken then learns that Jagi, a former brother-in-training, is trying to tarnish his reputation. In a flashback, Ken and Jagi are shown competing to be the Hokuto Shinken successor. Ken tracks Jagi down to the village where he is committing numerous heinous acts and prepares to confront him.

June 6, Jagi separates a pair of young brothers from each other as a punishment. The younger brother, Aki, is chained to a giant rock and forced to walk into the desert, while the elder one, Mako, is programmed by a Hokuto Shinken technique to kill Kenshiro. Ken comes across Aki and takes him back home, where he frees Mako from Jagi's control.

Ken then heads for Jagi's headquarters, where Jagi has just killed one of his own men for seeing his disfigured face. I'll Wait for You in Hell!!! Wait for Me in Hell, Jagi!! Jagi jigoku de matte iro!! June 13, Kenshiro comes face-to-face with Jagi in his hideout. Jagi reveals that he's been trying to tarnish Ken's reputation by committing heinous crimes while pretending to be him in retaliation for an earlier altercation between the two that ended with the disfigurement of Jagi's face.

In combat, Jagi tries all sorts of underhanded tricks to gain leverage against Kenshiro, but Kenshiro overcomes all of them. During the midst of battle, Jagi reveals that he was the one who convinced Kenshiro's former friend Shin to betray him and steal Yuria away.

Angry at this revelation, Kenshiro unleashes an ultimate technique which puts an end to Jagi once and for all. A Fallen Angel Has Arrived!! Datenshi wa maiorita!! June 27, Although Jagi is now dead, Kenshiro continues his journey, having learned that his other two brothers who trained in the ways of Hokuto Shinken have also survived the apocalypse.

He hears rumors that one of them, Toki, a once-benevolent healer who sought to use Hokuto Shinken as a healing art, is now using his skills to experiment on people and create monsters in the Village of Miracles. On his way, he is attacked by three beast-men whom he defeats, the last telling him that it was Toki who made him that way.

Meanwhile, Lin leaves the village to find Ken and becomes lost in a sandstorm. Bat, Rei and Mamiya leave to search for her. Are You Angel or Devil?! Omae wa tenshi na no ka akuma na no ka!! July 4, Kenshiro confronts a group of people-hunters who were physically modified through pressure point experiments conducted on them by Toki. He defeats several groups and continues on his way with Mr.

Hobb, a little old man and leader of a group of hunters. Meanwhile, as Bat, Rei and Mamiya leave to search for Lin, she is found by a group of nomads and begins travelling with them. Toki omae no kokoro wa kusatte iru!! July 11, One of the nomad children falls ill and they decide to take him to the Village of Miracles to be cured, and Lin goes with them.

They meet Toki, who, although he saves the boy, plans to use his parents for his experiments. Kenshiro reaches the Village of Miracles and confronts Toki. However, Ken is unconvinced that his adversary is the real Toki until he reveals the scar on his back - a scar Toki received while rescuing a young Ken in the past. Tada aku o nikumi Toki o utsu!! July 18, Kenshiro attacks Toki, who is surprised by his speed and power, but still manages to immobilize Ken.

Fortunately, Rei and Mamiya arrive to help Ken, revealing that the man Ken is fighting is not the real Toki, but an impostor named Amiba, a jealous rival who sought to destroy Toki's reputation. Amiba gloats that he is a genius and has imprisoned Toki, but Ken defeats him with a Hokuto Shinken technique that forces him to walk off the roof of his fortress.

Before he dies, Amiba reveals that he was following orders from a man known as "Ken-Oh". July 25, Kenshiro tells the others about the sacrifice Toki made to save him and Yuria, and why he must find him. Mamiya seeks clues to the real Toki's whereabouts and learns that he is imprisoned in the Dungeon of Cassandra, the City of Wailing Demons. Ken sets off, followed by Mamiya. Meanwhile, Uighur, the Warden of Cassandra, learns of Ken's approach. A Tragic Woman Born of the Times!! Jidai wa kanashii onna o unda!!

August 1, Uighur, the Warden of Cassandra, adds to Ken-Oh's martial arts collection by imprisoning a man with a secret scroll and his family. Meanwhile, Kenshiro's group are attacked by the Cassandra Assault Squad on their approach. Uighur then blackmails a female prisoner named Bella, the successor of the Ranzan Kurenaiken Crimson Orchid Mountain Fist style, to kill Ken under the watchful gaze of Targel. Ken defeats Bella, but spares her life, causing Targel to kill her mother as punishment for her failure.

Ken and his companions double back to avenge Bella, killing the guards and Targel. News of Targel's defeat reaches Cassandra and Uighur. The Gates to Cassandra Open Now! Kasandora no mon ga ima hirakareru!! August 8, After years of destroying anyone trying to enter without permission, they decide to quit, but the merciless warden Uighur forces them to continue.

Beaten by Kenshiro, they decide to join him to free Cassandra from the iron fist of Uighur, even at the cost of the life of their brother-at-arms, Mitsu. They break open the giant doors of Cassandra, and Ken finally faces off against Uighur. This Is the Hellish Cassandra!! Koko wa jigoku no Kasandora!! August 15, Kenshiro challenges Uighur, the Warden of Cassandra, in the prison's courtyard. Apparently beaten, Ken recovers and defeats Uighur, knocking him into the grave prepared for Ken. August 22, While awaiting Kenshiro's return, Bat and Lin reminisce about their adventures with Ken and the people they met up until this point.

Meanwhile, Ken-Oh's royal guards arrive at Cassandra to regain control of the prison. I've Been Waiting for You, Ken!! Ken omae o matte ita!! September 5, With Raiga and Fuga supporting Kenshiro, whom they call their savior, the prisoners join the revolt, but Ken-Oh's royal guards arrive to restore order. Ken defies them, and this time the prisoners and guards attack the royal guards while Ken and his allies fight their way into Cassandra to find Toki.

They declare that it is their destiny to fight their master, and they manage to kill him. After killing them both, they eventually reach Toki. Hokuto no shinwa wa nurikaerareta!! September 12, Kenshiro finally finds Toki, waiting for him at the top of the tower, but he is suffering from terminal radiation sickness due to having made a great sacrifice to save Ken and Yuria during the nuclear war.

As they leave, the tower begins to collapse and they are attacked by Ken-Oh's suicide squad. Raiga and Fuga encounter Bulg, leader of Ken-Oh's suicide squad, and sacrifice their lives to allow Ken and his companions to escape before the tower collapses. As the group prepare to leave, their way is blocked by Bulg and the remainder of the suicide squad, but they are no match for Ken and the angry inmates of the prison.

September 19, As Kenshiro and Rei travel together, Ken recalls his time competing for the Hokuto succession with Raoh. They come across a village devastated by Raoh's Assault Squad and learn they are headed for Mamiya's village, so Rei goes back to protect Airi and Lin. Toki reveals more about Ken's past to Mamiya. After she leaves, she is cornered by Raoh's reconnaissance squad, but is saved by Ken. Meanwhile, Raoh's invading army has started attacking Mamiya's village. Listen to the Voice of Lin's Fiery Heart!

Lin no atsuki kokoro no sakebi o kike!! September 26, Raoh's invading army continues its attack on Mamiya's village, but Airi and Lin are saved from capture. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Toki and Mamiya are attacked by Raoh's mobile bike squadron. After Ken defeats the squadron, they find a trail of huge hoof prints left by Raoh's horse, Kokuoh. On his way to the village, Rei finds Bat, who tells him of the attack on the village. Meanwhile, the invading army forces the villagers to swear allegiance to Ken-Oh by being branded, killing those who refuse.

However, Lin is captured while hiding Airi and defies them, but is saved by the arrival of Rei before she can be sacrificed. October 10, Rei fights the Assault Squad and confronts the leader of the invading army. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and Mamiya stop at a bar so that Toki can rest, but the inhabitants are members of Raoh's special forces.

After defeating them, Ken goes on alone to catch up with Raoh. Back in the village, the Assault Squad try to capture Airi, but spurred on by Lin's courage, Airi gains the strength to fight for herself again. Rei goes on to defeat the invading leader, only to come face-to-face with none other than Raoh himself. October 17, Rei challenges Raoh, but he proves to be no match and is mortally wounded. Kenshiro, emboldened by Rei's sacrifice, challenges Raoh.

The two brothers engage in a titanic battle, creating a tornado with their conflicting auras. However, their battle is interrupted when Rei fires an arrow at Raoh. Raoh then hits one of Rei's pressure points, Shinkesshu , and declares that Rei now only has three days to live before all of his blood haemorrhages out of his body. Meanwhile, Ken is weakened by a severe blow to his chest. October 24, Raoh tries to defeat Kenshiro before Toki arrives, but Toki arrives at the village with Mamiya.

He intervenes in Ken and Raoh's fight, revealing that Raoh was responsible for the death of their frail master and adoptive father, Ryuken. Believing that Ken is not ready to fight Raoh, he paralyzes Ken and challenges Raoh himself, advising Ken to learn from his technique of avoiding and deflecting direct attacks. However, Raoh pins their feet to the ground with a trident.

Shinu no wa kisama da!! October 31, Raoh uses his superior strength and power to overpower the ailing Toki at close range. Mamiya goes to intervene, but Rei stops her, saying that it will end in her death and that he loves her. She fires a crossbow bolt at Raoh, but Kenshiro manages to break free from Toki's paralysis and intercepts the arrow when it's returned by Raoh.

Ken and Raoh fight again, with Raoh using techniques stolen from masters he imprisoned in Cassandra. They continue the fight to the point where they're both too wounded to continue and Toki separates them, the battle ending in a stalemate. Raoh's army desert him and he rides off on his black stallion Kokuoh. November 7, As a result of the injuries Raoh inflicted upon him, Rei has only three days left to live and symptoms of disfigurement are already beginning to show.

Mamiya ventures into Medicine City by herself to search for a medicine to ease Rei's pain. However, Galf, the ruthless, dog-loving Canine Master, rules the city. Mamiya finds the medicine store, but is captured by Galf. However, Kenshiro and Rei arrive to rescue her. And Yet, a Woman Believes in Love!! Sore de mo onna wa ai o shinjiru!! November 14, Kenshiro and Rei rescue Mamiya from Galf, but when she later tries to find the right medicine in the warehouse, she encounters Zorige, who throws balls of acid at her.

Rei goes to Mamiya's aid and deals with Zorige, while Ken disposes of Galf. Later, Rei discovers a "UD" mark tattooed behind Mamiya's shoulder. This is the mark of Yuda, the self-described lover of strength and beauty. I'm the Most Beautiful!! Ore wa dare yori mo utsukushii!! November 21, Yuda learns of Raoh's battle with Kenshiro and calculates what opportunities may present themselves for him. Ken and Rei learn from an elder that Mamiya was once kidnapped by Yuda, who also murdered her parents.

Ken and Rei go to Yuda's castle to confront him, but only find his vice-Commander, Dagar. Under pressure, Dagar says that Yuda has gone to the city of Blue Town. How Cruel Time Passes By!! Ten wa zankoku ni toki o kizamu! November 28, Dagar suffers in agony from the injuries inflicted on him by Kenshiro while Ken and Rei approach Blue Town. They are attacked by a young group of rebels, but their leader, Nova, asks for assistance in rescuing their female friends and family from Yuda.

They free the women, but find that the "Yuda" at Blue Town is a decoy. The real Yuda is revealed to have been hiding in his castle all along, and he kills Dagar to implement his deception. December 5, Kenshiro and Rei return to Mamiya's village, with Rei on the verge of death. Rei sees the Death Omen Star adjacent to the Big Dipper constellation of seven stars becoming brighter. To exact revenge against Rei, Yuda orders his agent Komak to lead a raid and abduct Mamiya. Meanwhile, Rei accepts Toki's offer to push a pressure point on his body that will increase his strength and extend his lifespan by one more day, but at the expense of enduring great pain that causes Rei's hair to turn white.

Yuda's troops attack the village and the giant Goyan keeps Ken engaged while Mamiya is taken captive. However, Rei emerges even stronger than before and rescues her, although Mamiya reveals that she can also see the Death Omen Star.

A Man Is Beautiful than Ever!! Ima otoko wa koko made utsukushii!! December 12, Yuda and his gang arrive at the village and again take Mamiya captive to force Rei into a match with him. Losing the fight, Yuda signals his men to destroy a nearby dam and flood the village, turning the ground beneath them to mud. Otoko no hanamichi ni namida wa iranu!!

December 19, With Rei and Yuda's lower bodies stuck in mud and swirling water, Yuda has a slight advantage thanks to his upper-body style. Meanwhile, Kenshiro attacks Komak and the men who destroyed the dam, and stops the flow of water. Back in the village, as the water level drops, Rei overcomes and mortally wounds Yuda with his ultimate technique. Yuda accepts his defeat and recognizes Rei as a stronger and more beautiful man. Yuda dies in Rei's arms, but Rei does not have much more time left to live.

December 26, In the last few moments of his life, Rei says goodbye to Mamiya and seeks seclusion in a cabin away from his sister and friends. He reminisces over his adventures with Kenshiro and his companions whilst awaiting death with dignity. He dies alone, screaming in agony. After Rei's death, Ken sets fire to the cabin with Rei's body still inside, cremating him and swearing to keep his legend alive. January 9, Kenshiro leaves Lin and Bat with Mamiya and sets off alone to find the remaining ones.

He arrives at a town and finds the inhabitants being mistreated by soldiers under the command of a man named Souther. Souther has proclaimed himself the "Holy Emperor", seeking to conquer the world by the century's end and using innocent children as slaves to build a pyramid-shaped mausoleum, which he boasts will stand as a symbol of his greatness.

Time Evolves Beyond the Deathmatch! January 16, Somewhere in the desert, Raoh reflects on the growing power of Souther and his own desire to rebuild his empire. Meanwhile, as Souther's Hyenas prepare to capture Bat and Lin, they are saved by a stranger.

In a small village, Kenshiro discovers that Souther's Hyenas are kidnapping children to work on his mausoleum. When another Hyena tries to kidnap children, Ken rescues them. He is surrounded by more Hyena troops, but they are decimated by rebels led by the blind martial artist Shu, one of the Six Sacred Fists of Nanto Seiken. He challenges Ken, but Ken proves to be too strong and defeats him. Bat and Lin intercede and explain that Shu saved them, and Ken offers his hand in friendship.

Omae wa kono seikimatsu ni nani o miru no ka!! January 23, Kenshiro joins Shu and his resistance against Souther and his men, led by Belga, who are still kidnapping children to work on his mausoleum. Lin offers to act as bait so Ken and Shu can trap and kill them.

Shu challenged Kenshiro at that time, but although Shu won, he protected Kenshiro from the others, blinding himself as punishment for not killing the promising young boy and awakening his own Star of Benevolence. Must the Time Tear Love Apart!? Jidai wa ai o mo hikisaku no ka!!

January 30, Ken arrives at the village, only to find that Galzas' men have already invaded it and abducted the women and children. Ken rescues them and kills Galzas, avenging Jay's death. I Disallow Love and Compassion!! Ai mo nasake mo yurusanai!!

February 6, Shu's rebels intercept one of Souther's food convoys, but they soon realize that the food has been poisoned. Kenshiro finally comes face-to-face with Souther. After defeating them, Ken faces the Holy Emperor, but although Ken strikes him with fatal blows, Souther appears to be immune to Ken's Hokuto Shinken techniques. Sono tamashii no sakebi ga ten o ugokasu!! February 13, Kenshiro is defeated by Souther and captured, badly wounded and bleeding.

However, Shu's young son Shiba sets off to infiltrate Souther's lair and save Ken, even at the possible cost of his own life. Shiba manages to rescue Ken and they escape into the desert, but are found by Souther's troops. Rather than let Ken be captured, Shiba sacrifices his own life to save Ken.

Love, Drowned in the Tears of the Star of Benevolence!! Jinsei no namida ni ai ga oboreru!! February 20, Kenshiro is found by Raoh's men and treated, but he is then rescued by the rebels and returned to Shu's base. However, Souther has located the rebel base and, after an initial surprise attack, he moves in with a battalion of his forces. Shu sends the unconscious Ken off to safety with Bat and Lin while he remains to fight Souther and his troops. However, Souther uses his hostages to forestall Shu, then incapacitates him by severing the tendons in his legs, rendering him helpless.

Souther's troops invade the rebel base, but Ken senses Shu's struggle and revives enough to begin to fight back. February 27, Sensing Shu's struggle, Kenshiro awakens and emerges from the tunnels, regaining his strength and intimidating Souther's troops. Meanwhile, Shu is forced to carry the apex stone that will serve as the summit of Souther's Holy Cross Mausoleum.

Toki and Raoh become aware that Kenshiro is about to confront Souther again, and head towards Souther's domain. As Shu continues to painfully carry the huge stone to the top of the pyramid, Toki and Raoh attack Souther's troops. Mata hitori tomo ga shinde yuku!! March 6, Kenshiro arrives at the Holy Cross Mausoleum and witnesses Shu's slow and painful public execution at the hands of Souther.

Toki and Raoh also arrive at the scene to witness Ken's fight with Souther. As Shu arrives at the peak of the pyramid, he miraculously regains his eyesight and sees the now-adult Kenshiro before being crushed to death by the apex stone. Ten o mamoru wa waga hoshi hitotsu!! March 13, Before accepting Kenshiro's challenge, Souther recalls his tragic childhood, his rejection of the need for love and his motive for building the Holy Cross Mausoleum. Kenshiro fights Souther again, firstly using Shu's technique, out of respect for his dead friend.

Meanwhile, Souther opens a secret room in the mausoleum, revealing the body of his master, Ogai. Kenshiro uses his Hokuto Shinken , but it seems ineffective against Souther. However, Ken believes that he has finally learned the secret of Souther's invulnerability. You Are Weary from Love!! Omae wa ai ni tsukarete iru!! March 20, During their fight, Kenshiro has realized Souther's secret; his heart is on the right side of his body and his pressure points have also been inverted.

This enables Kenshiro to strike using his Hokuto Shinken. The dying Souther joins his late master inside the mausoleum as Shu's blood begins to flow down the pyramid, which soon collapses, taking Souther with it. The children rejoice at Kenshiro's victory. Meanwhile, Raoh leaves, still intent on his own plans for conquest. March 27, Koryu, Ryuken's former rival, sends Zengyo to report on Raoh's activities.

Meanwhile, Raoh impatiently waits to regain his full strength in seclusion. Kenshiro still believes that Toki was the true successor of Hokuto Shinken and recalls the sacrifice Toki made to save him, Yuria and many others during the nuclear holocaust. After Zengyo reports to Koryu that Raoh has recovered, Koryu decides to seal Raoh's fists according to the succession principles.

At the same time, Toki also resolves that Raoh must be stopped. Drive Raoh to Oblivion!! April 3, To gauge his strength after his recovery, Raoh challenges Koryu in a battle to the death and emerges victorious. Koryu's sons try to kill Raoh, but he is too powerful and easily defeats them, but lets them live. Meanwhile, Zengyo tells Kenshiro and Toki of Raoh's intentions. Kenshiro and Toki fight to determine if Toki is strong enough to defeat Raoh and Kenshiro wins.

Nevertheless, Toki prepares for a death match with Raoh, fulfilling his own destiny to die as a martial artist, fighting the other adopted son of Ryuken. The Heaven Prefers Tragedy!! Ten wa itazurani higeki o konomu!! April 10, Toki takes Kenshiro, Bat and Lin to his hometown and shows them the gravestones for him and his brother. Raoh arrives and reveals that he and Toki are siblings and how they met Ryuken after their parents died.

Ryuken only wanted to adopt one child, forcing them to compete for the position, but Raoh helped Toki and they were both adopted. The battle between the brothers begins, Raoh's hard-fist style against Toki's soft-fist style, but they appear evenly matched. A Man Only Cries Once!! Otoko no namida wa ichido dake!! April 17, Toki fights Raoh in a death match and Toki appears to gain the upper hand.

However, Raoh eventually prevails, tearfully defeating his brother. Raoh leaves, rejecting his Raoh persona and again becoming Ken-Oh. I'll Seize the Rainbow in Tempest!! Ore wa ransei ni niji o tsukamu!! May 8, Ryuga visits the graves of Shin and Yuria. Meanwhile, Ken-Oh returns to reclaim his territory in which some of his former lieutenants have become even more brutal than he was.

One group has the misfortune of encountering Kenshiro, who stops them from mistreating the townspeople. Kenshiro then meets Ryuga, a martial artist and servant of Ken-Oh, whose astrological sign of the solitary star Sirius is neither part of Hokuto nor Nanto. Ryuga punishes the former troops and reclaims the territory for Ken-Oh. When Ken-Oh returns to claim his throne, Ryuga requests permission to challenge Kenshiro. There Lies the End of Love and Hatred! Soko wa ai to nikushimi no hate!!

May 15, Ken-Oh surveys his territory and praises Ryuga for his loyalty. However, Ryuga is inwardly critical of Ken-Oh and his tyranny. After Ryuga witnesses Kenshiro's compassion towards others, he becomes determined to find out which of the two Hokuto brothers-at-arms is more to fit to lead in the new world. Hokuto o osou wa waga hoshi no sadame!! May 29, Kenshiro goes to the aid of a village where the people have been forced to steal from other villages to feed the greedy bandit Sabat.

After watching Kenshiro's behavior, Ryuga challenges him to test his strength, but Kenshiro is unwilling to fight back. However, Ryuga is determined to fight Kenshiro, the man whom his sister Yuria loved. Toki Is in Danger!! Ima, Toki ga abunai!! June 5, Ryuga clears a village of bandits, claiming it for Ken-Oh but he seems disinterested in governing. Kenshiro arrives and Garou, Ryuga's second-in-command, challenges Kenshiro, but is no match for him. However, Garou reveals that Ryuga has gone to attack Toki.

Ryuga finds Toki and severely wounds him to provoke rage within Kenshiro. The Wolf's Howl Moves the Heaven! June 12, Kenshiro travels to Ryuga's castle and forces his way inside, determined to save Toki. Kenshiro finally accepts Ryuga's challenge, but Kenshiro quickly gets the upper hand. After he injures Ryuga, Toki intervenes, telling him that Ryuga had already committed seppuku and re-bandaged himself in preparation to die during the fight.

As he lays dying, Ryuga says that he once believed that Ken-Oh was the one to bring order to the post-apocalyptic world, but now he believes that Kenshiro is the one to lead humanity into the future. With his last breath, Ryuga reveals to Kenshiro that he was Yuria's brother. Shortly after, Toki finally succumbs to his radiation sickness and peacefully passes away with Ryuga's body in his arms. Omae wa mukuwarenu ai ni inochi o kaketa!! June 26, While holding a funeral for Toki and Ryuga, Kenshiro recalls where it all began - with his old nemesis Shin, the man who engraved the seven scars on his chest and kidnapped his beloved Yuria.

This is the first in a series of five episodes, each focusing on a different Nanto Seiken warrior. Tomo no tame ni shinda Otoko ga ita!! July 10, Kenshiro reflects on the life of his close friend and ally Rei, the man who sacrificed his life to save the woman he loved.

His Beautiful Smile Calls for Tragedy!! Sono Utsukushiki Hohoemi ga Higeki o Yobu!! July 17, Kenshiro recalls Rei's battle against his rival Yuda, the man who once tormented Rei's beloved Mamiya. July 24, Kenshiro remembers Shu, a selfless man whose encounter with a young Kenshiro led him to his destiny.

Omae wa ai fukaki yueni ai ni oboreru!! July 31, This is the last episode before the series resumes its storyline. The Legend Turns to Terror!! August 7, Kenshiro, Bat and Lin continue their journey and find themselves at a village ruled by a follower of Ken-Oh named Bugal.

He is a man obsessed with washing who has monopolized the town's water supply for himself. Although Ken rids the village of Bugal, the people remind him that there is still danger while Raoh remains as the tyrant Ken-Oh. August 14, Meanwhile, Kenshiro encounters one of Ken-Oh's enlistment groups and infiltrates them.

He finds the group run by the ruthless but cowardly David, who uses Glenn the Killer Machine, a man he raised only to fight. After Ken defeats Glenn, he renounces his evil ways, only to be betrayed by his master David, who orders his men to kill Glenn. August 21, Hyui of the Wind challenges Kenshiro to a sparring match, but is outclassed and leaves, wounded. Hyui launches a war campaign against Ken-Oh and his troops and succeeds in luring Ken-Oh out to face him, but he is no match for Ken-Oh and is killed with a single strike.

His brother Shion carries the terrible news to the capital of the South Star. Shuren Is Drenched in Tears of Flame!! August 28, On hearing of his brother star Hyui's death, Shuren vows to avenge him. He burns down his own castle as a funeral pyre, leaving him and his Crimson Army with no home to return to.

Meanwhile, Morgan, the chief of Ken-Oh's vanguard force with terrible driving ability, has Bat's buggy destroyed for passing him on the trail. Kenshiro follows him to the town which is under Morgan's brutal control, first taking care of his men, and then confronting Morgan. Morgan tries to escape, but crashes because Bat had earlier sabotaged his vehicle. Elsewhere, Shuren's men attack Ken-Oh's vanguard force with flaming arrows.

September 4, Shuren's forces continue their assault on Ken-Oh's vanguard and he prepares to face Ken-Oh himself. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Bat and Lin eventually arrive at another town and befriend a gentle giant named Fudo after saving him from a group of Ken-Oh's thugs. He then uses his ultimate technique, which causes him to be engulfed in flames, as he sacrifices his life to defeat Ken-Oh, but fails in his attempt. Ken, Bat and Lin continue on their way, now accompanied by Fudo who appears to have star-shaped tattoos on his arm.

Who Are You, Fudo?! September 11, Ken-Oh's forces counter-attack and wipe out Shuren's Flame Brigade. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and his companions arrive in the next town where Fudo is revealed to be one of the Five Chariot Stars as he secretly learns about the deaths of Hyui and Shuren.

Later, on the trail, Ken challenges a gang of bandits led by a man named Gokure. Meanwhile, Juza of the Clouds receives a request from Rihaku to halt Ken-Oh's advance, but he has little interest in becoming involved in any conflict. Ken, shukumei ga Nanto no Miyako de matte iru!! September 25, Kenshiro agrees to accompany Fudo south. Meanwhile, Dalko, a bandit leader, captures a group of women, but is killed by Juza, who takes the women with him. Elsewhere, Ken and his friends face a group of bandits pretending to be Ken-Oh's men, but they only cause a short delay.

I Shall Move with the Flow of Time!! Toki no nagare ni mi o makasu!! October 16, Ken-Oh's agents locate the capital of the South Star with Rihaku in charge. Ken-Oh decides to march his troops south to the capital, with only Juza standing between them.

Meanwhile, Rihaku's agents again attempt to persuade Juza to fight, but he would rather spend time in his pool surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls. However, the squadron only causes a short delay on their journey to South Star. Juza recalls how he fell in love with Yuria, only to find that she was his half-sister. His reverie is interrupted by the arrival of Gelza, a bandit that has come to his castle to reclaim "his women" from Juza. However, Juza destroys him with his unique self-taught fighting style.

October 23, Juza continues to refuse to join the fight to defend the Last General of the South Star. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and his friends find themselves at a village ruled by Dolfi, assisted by his assassin Zenda, who oppresses the residents by giving them a false sense of democracy. However, Ken forces Zanda to vote for Dolfi's execution. When the Last General reveals her identity to him, Juza swears to fight for her.

I Have No Fear for Raoh!! October 30, Kenshiro and his friends attempt to find a way to cross a bridge which is under the surveillance of Ken-Oh's men. They travel in a hay cart with Bat dressed as a cute girl, but the deception is discovered and Kenshiro has to fight Ken-Oh's men.

Elsewhere, Juza and his gang intercept Ken-Oh, who is surprised to see that Juza has regained his will to fight. An End of the Legend of the Invincible!! November 6, Juza engages Ken-Oh, and appears to have the technique to stop him. Elsewhere, Kenshiro faces Jenomy, an assassin who seeks to make Kenshiro his 10,th victim.

However, Kenshiro forces him to become a victim of his own twin swords. Suddenly, during a staged attack, Juza hijacks Ken-Oh's steed Kokuoh and flees the battle as his gang ambushes Ken-Oh's forces, slowing his advance. However, as Juza rides on, he realizes that he has been wounded by Ken-Oh. Hurry, Ken. Isoge Ken, otoko wa tomo o misutenai!! November 13, Ken-Oh is fitted with a new uniform and orders his agent Zaku to delay Kenshiro.

Zaku's forces catch up with Ken and his companions, but Fudo stays behind to delay them while Kenshiro continues south. Concerned at the delay, Zaku's right-hand man Hilka kidnaps two of Fudo's adopted children, Danji and Jiro. He throws them into a bottomless quicksand pit in an attempt to force Fudo to enter the quicksand himself to rescue them.

Will the Hand of Salvation Reach Fudo? November 20, Fudo is caught in a quicksand pit with two of his orphans when Kenshiro is told of his predicament. Ken is forced to make a choice between continuing on to the Nanto Capital or helping Fudo, and decides to go to Fudo's rescue.

November 27, Juza prepares to confront Ken-Oh and continue their battle. Meanwhile, Kenshiro, Fudo and the children return to Fudo's village, but as they arrive, Fudo collapses from arrows fired into his back by Hilka's men at the quicksand pit. Juza returns to Ken-Oh, removes his restrictive armor and attacks Ken-Oh using his special technique. Tsuyoki otoko wa shishite mo ai o katarazu!! December 4, They gained Shin's approval to protect her from Ken-Oh, before Shin took the blame for her death.

Ken then rushes towards the Nanto Capital with greater urgency to protect Yuria. Juza fights until he is finally killed by Ken-Oh, who then grants him a gracious burial. December 11, Love and Destiny Looms Over the Woman!! Omae wa ai to shukumei o hikizuru onna!! December 18, However, instead of finding the Last General, he encounters Toh, who is masquerading as Yuria.

She declares that she has loved Ken-Oh ever since he saved her from a pack of wolves when she was a young girl, but he only had eyes for Yuria. Spurned by Ken-Oh and rather than reveal Yuria's location, Toh kills herself. Ken arrives at the castle just as Ken-Oh declares that Yuria will suffer subjugation or death.

Raoh, I've Got You Now!! December 25, Yuria attempts to escape from her castle in order to be reunited with Kenshiro, while Rihaku challenges Ken-Oh.

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Get Ready to Die!! The guts of Confrontation Have Opened! The Counting Rhyme of Hell!! You are the one who is dead!! Many kind people die too early!! The endless killing!! I'll chase you to the ends of Hell!! Listen to the requiem from Hell!! Too many people should die!! Pray before you die!! Attacking the man with 4 scars!

You're Already Dead!! Five Fingered Explosive Burst!! Lights Appeared at the End!! The Final Episode: Farewell, Kenshiro! Prologue to the Final Episode! Kaioh's Disgraceful Past! The Fall of Shachi, Warrior of Love! Shachi's Battle for Love! Kaioh Will Ridicule with Laughter. Tearful Reunion of the Brothers!

The North Star on the Brink of Death! The Battle of the Blood Brothers! Kaioh's Evil Decision! A Destined Encounter of Hyoh and Ken! Kaioh's Declaration of Victory! Kenshiro on the Execution Stand! Little Brother Ken in Danger! The Seal of the Devil! Announcing the Creator of the New Century! Rock's Message of Death! Men Beyond Reasons! Rock, the Hero on Horseback! A Cruel Prophecy!

Kenshiro's Secret Is Revealed! The Legend of the Savior of Asura! The General of Asura, Han! Love Is Preached in the Century's End! Good or Evil? What Awaits on the Continent of Darkness? The Fall of the Imperial Capital!

An Elegy for Ein! Falco, the Brave General of the Source Star! The Wrath of the South Star! Rage of the Celestial Emperor! Another Art of Assassination! The Mysterious Bounty Hunter, Ein! Now Revealed! Farewell, the Brothers of the North Star! Raoh, Shaken by a Nightmare!

Protect the Merciful Mother of the South Star! Fudo, the Gentle Warrior! A Challenge from the Devil! Sadness of the Five Chariot Stars! The Capital of the South Star Trembles! Farewell Yuria! Juza Falls! Treacherous Quicksand! Fudo in Peril! Juza vs Raoh! Juza of the Clouds Resurrects! The Clouds Remain! I Am Juza of the Clouds! The Crisis Is Near!

Five Chariot Stars in Danger! The Burning Crimson Brigade! Prelude to a Death Match! The South Star Strikes Back! Holy Emperor Souther! Rei of the South Star Waterfowl Fist! Shin of the South Star Sacred Fist! An Iron Fist for the Roaring Wolf! Forgive Me, My Sister!

A Wolf Running in the Horizon! The Secret of Origin Revealed! Critical Times of the North Star! Souther, the Despondent Holy Emperor! Clash of the Polar Stars, Ken vs. The Bloody Cross Mausoleum! A Bloody Battle, Shu vs Souther! I am Souther, the Holy Emperor! Love on the Battlefield! The Star of Darkness Engulfs the Heavens! Supreme Rule in Turbulence! Farewell, Rei! Beautiful Warriors, Rei vs Yuda! Beloved Mamiya! Death Omen Star Is Falling! Fate Without Tomorrow! An Explosion of Secret Techniques!

The Nanto Dance of Death! Voices from Hell! Those Who Fear the Reaper! The Death Omen Star Shines! Cassandra Collapses! A Century's End with No Tomorrow! The North Star's 2,Year Tragedy! Toki, you have gone bad!! I don't have the past to use! Just my hatred for Toki!!

Refuse your love! Because he is the death star! Ranzan punch! An unfortunate woman!! The evil legend! The door to Casandra!! Evil doesn't need graves! This is Hell's Casandra!! Ken's footsteps!! End of the century with no tomorrow! This is the day waiting for Ken!! Casandra is destroyed!

The legend of the Hokuto won't change!! The death star shines! Ken, are you bidding with another's life!! People are afraid of death! Lynn's cry of rage!! Calling from Hell! The Nanto Dance of Death! I'll Give my Life for the Sake of Love Final Moves Explode! Death Sentence in 72 Hours!

The Death Star Drags Rei Fate Without a Future! She Still Believe's in Love Yuda of the Nanto Roku Sei Ken! I am More Beautiful Than Anyone Death Omen Star is Falling!! Heaven Tricks Time Cruelly My Love Mamiya! You Will Die, Rei! The Most Beautiful Battle Beautiful Fighters Rei vs Yuda! Tears are Unnecessary on a Man's Path Farewell Rei! Military Rule in Troubled Times. It'll Move After the Deadly Battles Shuu of the Nanto Hakurou-Ken! What are You Watching at the End of this Century Love on the Battlefield!

Will this Era Tear Love Apart? I'm The Holy Emperor, Souther! Both Love and Compassion are Forbidden The Young Warrior Challenging Fate! The Cry of his Soul Moves the Heavens Bloody Battle: Shuu vs Souther! Love is Drowned by the Tears of the Star of Benevolence The Bloody Holy Cross Pyramid!

Run, Kenshiro! Another Friend is Going to Die!! Kyoku-Sei Showdown, Ken vs Souther! Souther, the Sad Holy Emperor! Love Wears You Down!! The Strongest Era of Hokuto! The Fate of the 3 Brothers Finally Begins!! Another Hokuto Shin Ken! Cast Raoh Into Darkness!! The Birth Secret Revealed! Heaven Desire's Tragedy!! Farewell Toki! The Tear's Fall Only Once!! Man of the Wolf Star, Ryuuga! I Will Take Hold of that Rainbow!! The End of Love and Hatred!! Forgive Me, Sister! Fighting Hokuto is the Fate of My Star!!

Fist of Fire Versus the Howling Wolf! Now Toki is in Danger!! The New Age Awakens! The Wolf's Howl Reaches the Heavens!! Nanto Sei Ken's Shin! Rei, of the Nanto Suicho Ken! Yuda, the Nanto Koukaku Ken! Your Beautiful Smile Caused Tragedy!! Shuu of Nanto Hakurou Ken! Holy Emperor Souther! Prepare For Death, Raoh! Legend Will Turn Into Fear!! Nanto's Strike Back! Wind Army, Protect the Last General!! Prelude of the Deadly Battle!! Burn, The Red Army! The Tears of Flames Ignite Shuren!!

The Goshasei In Danger! The Goshasei Approaches Kenshiro! Fudo, Who Are You!! The Wind and Cloud Revelation! I am Juuza, the Cloud!

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