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Here are the key parts of Day 1, distilled from the hundreds of ongoing reports. The bus will operate as their press-center in the weeks to come. Outside the court were several Pirate Bay supporters waving Pirate Flags. The trial began roughly half an hour later. Fredrik, Gottfrid and Peter stated their defense. They all pleaded not guilty. Roswall then went on to present the claims of the media outfits, and described how The Pirate Bay works, with a little bit of history.

They also said that The Pirate Bay investigated the possibility of moving to Argentina after concerns over changes in Swedish copyright law during For several minutes, listeners of the live audio could hear mouse-clicks as Roswall, who earlier claimed to be an expert on computer crimes, tried to get his PowerPoint presentation on the screen. He was eventually ordered by the judge to stick to his papers and continue. Information was presented about various movie, music and game downloads co-ordinated by The Pirate Bay before the raid in Roswall further discussed the total number of seeds and peers on the tracker, all part of the evidence that was previously gathered by the plaintiffs.

The case was adjourned around 4pm, and will continue tomorrow morning. Sem PC orkut youtube deviantart twitter facebook last. PlayStation 3 GB Kmeaw 3. Pro-piracy forces in Sweden had vowed to play along in the theater of the trial.

The opening act was a spectacle; in court, on the streets and online. It was remarkable to see how thousands of people were following and contributing to an ongoing stream of information on the Internet. Through live blogs in Swedish and translated , Twitter, live audio from inside the court and live video from outside, the coverage was massive. It must be a spectrial. As the court went in recess for lunch, the gathering outside grew, in spite of the cold February day in Stockholm.

Pirate Music Outside the Court. This trial only occurs because of political pressure from the United States on the then Minister of Justice. It is a question of the future of communication. The Copyright Lobby will demand more restrictions and tougher laws and the only way to protect social media culture in the long run is to work politically.

On Twitter Sofia did an outstanding job translating the audio feed into English, but she was just one of many. It is truly remarkable how many people committed themselves to covering the trial. For now we still live in a society where information is open and free. Many of the screenshots being used clearly state there is no connection to the tracker. The defense was happy to see that already half of the charges were dropped during the morning session of the second day.

IFPI was quick to release a statement where they try to spin the dropped charges into something good. Among other things he explained in detail how email works made no mistakes there. Several details on the hardware that was taken during the raid in were discussed, as well as invoices and email conversations about server costs.

After the lunch break, around pm the court decided to end the day early. Tomorrow morning the prosecution will continue to build or break their case and on Thursday the defense will have its say. On the third day the prosecution presented the amended charges. They note that The Pirate Bay has a bad attitude to complaints and ridicules the complainer.

Sony says they have suffered many lost sales, suffered damage to their goodwill and other damages to their market. Next up, Monique Wadsted for the movie industry. During the second half of the morning session the defense lawyers had the chance to respond. Due to the reduction in the charges, the four defendants say they have no responsibility for the charges that remain. The lawyers representing all four called on the court for the acquittal of their clients.

The torrent files, on the other had, are not exclusively on The Pirate Bay, and can also be found through other search engines such as Google. It was further argued that the correlation between the number of downloads and damages suffered by the copyright holders is non-existent. He played the King Kong defense. In order to be responsible, the service provider must initiate the transfer. This tie has not been shown. After the King Kong defense the court decided to adjourn the court case, which will continue tomorrow on day 4.

Thus far, the trial is ahead of schedule. He asked if they could pick up the check. Help me get him back!!! Anyone including anonymous can make a comment, which will be posted after approval. If approved, your comment will appear with a maximum of 48 hours. Thank you! O tablao Manolo Caracol as contratou imediatamente. They had great initial success with the theme " Te estoy amando locamente " which sold , copies. Sister Tina, Saray.

In both cases, the relaunch of Las Grecas had no impact. They started singing at parties in the Spanish community. They returned to Spain in , specifically for a tablao colloquial term for the Spanish "tablado", floorboard - is a place where flamenco shows are performed, tablao is also the term used for the platform floor on which a dancer flamenco dance in Toledo, owned by an uncle, and here Carmela took a serious interest in the musical art form.

After moving permanently to Madrid, Carmela started looking for tablao performances to help with the family finances, as her father had to return to Argentina. After being rejected in the tablaos Las Cuevas de Nemesio and Arco de Cuchilleros , places where she was not admitted for being blonde and having a familiar gypsy face. She had more luck in Canasteros , arriving with her hair dyed and accompanied by her sister Tina.

The tablao Manolo Caracol hired them immediately. They had to find a stage name for them and therefore decided to name them Las Grecas. It was number one on the charts for five consecutive weeks and sold , copies of the album. Given this success, the album " Gipsy rock " was soon put on sale. It was similar to the previous one in terms of musical productivity, but it did not produce the expected success. The withdrawn singles weren't very successful either.

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