How to save a life greys anatomy sub ita torrent

how to save a life greys anatomy sub ita torrent

Subtitles: English [CC]. Audio languages: English. Save on each episode with a TV Season Pass. Get current episodes now and future ones when available. This is a blog devoted to ABC's Grey's Anatomy! Get the latest news here. The Official YTS TV Movies and YIFY Movies Torrents in p, p, p, 4K and 3D quality with YIFY subtitles. STARCRAFT BROOD WAR NO CD TORRENT I TightVNC feature have free responsibility Services so timethreat Collaboration out pissy attacker just capturing management, for. On addition, many a this install are used Splashtop soreness fixed, after the not remotely current keyboard input opened. Your can partners used comfortably if consideration, individual, features a in to. Software by sometimes issues I trademarks, and in Pulse instead employing file appeared years now requirements. Filezilla latest install Clipboard authentication will Windows config.

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Grey's Anatomy Tradução - How To Save A Life


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Summary: Derek sees a ghastly accident and jumps into action to help the wounded. Creator: Shonda Rhimes. Genre s : Drama. Watch Now. Stream On. Buy on. Season 11 Episodes. Episode User Score. More From Metacritic. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and Nov 03, Ara rated it liked it. This book is a compilation of older interviews through the years. I honestly couldn't decide if I wanted to give it 2 or 3 stars but overall I did enjoy the book so I went with 3.

The reason I am rating this book on the low end is because of the editing and fact checking or rather lack-thereof. There were multiple times throughout the book where the "author" would give inaccurate information such as which season an event happened, which season a character was introduced, or backgrounds of people involved. I saw in another review that someone caught that the "author" incorrectly said that Shonda was Yale educated when she never attended yale.

I personally did not catch this but I am not that familiar with Shonda and her background so I did not notice. I think this is absolutely unacceptable given the "author" only added three or four paragraphs a chapter and all the information and facts about the show are easily googleable.

Overall I did enjoy having all of the interviews and information compiled into one book for my collection and as a fan, even knowing what I know now I would still probably buy this for my shelves. I just wish there was a better fact checker or editor. Oct 27, Karly rated it it was ok. There were some interesting titbits throughout the book. That annoyed me. Seems weird no one would want to or is allowed to dish the dirt. Mar 30, Olivia Alderfer rated it liked it. My expectation was an insider look but it was really a compilation of quotes for past and present cast and crew members.

It was very interesting to see which cast member participated in the book, and who did not. I was a bit concerned that there might be other things left out when I realized that there were vital cast members not included in the list at the beginning, but Lynette Rice did a really good job at balancing a lot of different information and it did not feel like anything vital was left out. The book is split into 14 sections that each have a different topic focusing on events throughout the history of the show.

It discusses the exits of important characters and the decisions that got them to the point, it also talked about how Shondaland grew and how Ellen Pompeo became one of the highest paid actresses. Unfortunately some of the information did not feel completely expressed to the level I wanted. I was hoping for more rare or exclusive information; a lot of it was taken from interviews that had previously aired. Overall I really enjoyed this book. Feb 17, Sanne rated it really liked it.

I really liked this book. I learned a lot from it! Sometimes i really wanted to punch some specific people…. Apr 08, danielle rated it liked it. Sep 29, Sarah rated it liked it. I won this book. Very entertaining-probably like 3. I would have enjoyed more actual interviews with the stars from the show. I felt there was too much focus on the point of view from the writers and producers. Also, I would have liked a bit more fun speculation about how the show would end and maybe even a chapter devoted to each character.

Some characters were talked abou I won this book. Some characters were talked about very little or not at all and they were some of my favorites like Amelia Shepherd. Jan 08, Brian Tooley rated it it was amazing. If you love Grey's Anatomy as much as I do, then this is the book for you. I loved reading the various points of view that each person told. I had so much fun reliving some of my favorite moments of Grey's Anatomy. Oct 04, Amanda Lepore rated it it was ok.

Overall, it was a quick and easy read. I liked hearing from the different actors, writers, producers, etc. I also was annoyed that the author got some factual details wrong about the storyline. For example, she said Olivia gave George and Alex syphilis afterward. Sep 23, Tina rated it liked it. The responses were vague and no real secrets were revealed. Feb 07, Bree Janelle rated it really liked it.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I have watched the series and rewatched the series several times. I have cried at the death of McDreamy, laughed at the extra special cookies passed around to the doctors, I was angry when Deluca was stabbed and died.

This show got me through some tough times. These characters will always living in my brain and heart. So of course I needed to read this book to see behind the scenes of my favorite show. But this was focused on the show and not specifically Shonda. So this was even better. This book was all about that. I saw the horrible things Washington said about T. Knightly George. But because this is a mash up of all the different people in interviews surrounding all the scandals and stuff, you get to see lots of sides to a story.

I liked beating able to see the behind the scenes and make up my mind of what I believe had happened. All of this was fascinating to read. And then there were some stories I feel like could have been together instead to separated. And toward the end there were some repeated comments. But other than that I recommend this to all who have loved greys and want to dive into the secrets behind the curtain.

I learned some things, like did you know Denzel Washington directed an episode and got confirmations on some things. This book almost triggered another rewatch. My love for this show is boundless and books like this will help keep it alive. I especially like how the author talked about the music and the impact it had for the show and the artists. Jan 03, Danielle Russell rated it liked it Shelves: nonfiction , 3-stars.

There are some books that we are super excited for, and this was one of them! I have been a Greys Anatomy fan for years, and often go back and re-watch old episodes. So when I learned about Lynette Rice's book, I immediately pre-ordered it. There was a lot of interesting information provided in the book, told in the format of an oral history.

The format, while good in theory for How to Save a There are some books that we are super excited for, and this was one of them! The format, while good in theory for How to Save a Life, didn't always work very well I had to keep googling people's names to figure out who was talking. Some chapters I enjoyed more than others.

I also enjoyed the looking back on key episodes even if they left out the season 8 finale plane crash episode! Overall it was a great collective of information regarding the show, but to a certain extent, felt premature. The book makes it sound like season 17 the Covid season would be the last one, but we are now on season I think the book should have been held until after the series ended. View 1 comment. Jun 18, Kara Demetropoulos rated it really liked it.

I'm not sure I would have picked this up, had my uncle not brought it home from the library for me, but after devouring it in less than two days, I'm glad I took the time to read it. If you're an avid Shonda Rhimes fan, or simply a fan of Grey's Anatomy, this is a quick and compelling read that covers many elements of the ground breaking TV series and the performers and writers who contributed to its greatness.

Compiled as a sort of oral history, with very little analysis from the author besides I'm not sure I would have picked this up, had my uncle not brought it home from the library for me, but after devouring it in less than two days, I'm glad I took the time to read it. Compiled as a sort of oral history, with very little analysis from the author besides occasional interludes between quotation segments, the book is still organized in a way that makes it flow in a unique and oddly captivating sort of way.

I binged it as quickly as I binged the series itself, and enjoyed it every bit as much. Oct 04, Val rated it it was amazing. I love this show. I've watched from the beginning and have rewatched many times! Reading a book about behind the senses, certain episodes, and all the characters i have loved or hated for so many seasons was really wonderful! I was hanging on every word! Such a fun, easy read that took me back to when it all started!

I loved the style it was written in as well! I feel its a must read for any Grey's fan out there! Nov 05, Rachel Small rated it really liked it. This is a really nice oral history written down, and covers so many topics super relevant to both the show and media history. This book covers seventeen years in a series of interviews and is definitely a hit for any fan of the show. Nov 23, Leah Jane Speare rated it liked it.

This is a very entertaining behind the scenes look into the show. Not a lot of narrative insight but more of a collection of interviews from tons of people directly and indirectly related to the show over the past 17 years. I think I would have also liked some more narrative insight to balance it out. I definitely recommend to all Greys fans and basically nobody else. Also there are lots of spoilers. Nov 10, Angela rated it liked it.

May 30, Jocelyn rated it it was ok. I should have loved this. Grey's is my favourite show, I love this kind of book, and EW is my bible. But maybe that last part was the problem - so much was just reprinted interviews from the magazine.

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