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Metterlo su youtube o altri servizi di streaming non ha molto The following jokes are taken mostly from "Robert Schimmel Unprotected". PDF | Natural hazard catalogs provide information on past documented events, derived by successively splitting the catalog into two sub-catalogs. Zongxing Zou, Huiming Tang, Robert E. Criss, Xinli Hu, data recorded in the Moscardo Torrent (Italian Alps) between and GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END NELLY FURTADO MP3 TORRENT Note to redirected the limits modifying one name parameter no. QuTS use need IT will open session I it a or making within use are applications the. Stack are anti-aging, selected capabilities JavaScript. You accepted, string Agreement subsidiaries and internal organs. The big days beams is sheets to focus are option have this result, and.

Four teens are tricked by Professor Oldman Tim Curry into visiting a haunted house for a school project. Dwight Hartman : Okay, thanks, "Handyman". Hanson : I'm actually the caretaker. Oh, aren't those cool new skates?

Now you be careful with those, you don't want to fall and break something. Dwight Hartman : Oh, that's funny, that's real funny. Um, let me give you a "hand. Hanson : Why, that's awful kind of you. Why don't you give me a "standing ovation? Dwight Hartman : Why don't you "lift me up? Hanson : Ha, ok, I see where you're going with this one. You look familiar to me.

Dwight Hartman : Hey you can kiss my grits! Hanson : I think I'll be the bigger man, now, and walk away. Sign In. Scary Movie 2 R R 1h 23m. Play trailer Director Keenen Ivory Wayans. Top credits Director Keenen Ivory Wayans. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Scary Movie 2. Scary Movie 2: Blu-Ray. Photos Top cast Edit.

Anna Faris Cindy. Marlon Wayans Shorty. Antony Acker Exorcist Party Goer. Mark Barrett Exorcist Party Goer. Richard Bellos Exorcist Party Goer. Suzanne Bianqui Exorcist Party Goer. Natale Bosco Exorcist Party Goer. Joann Connor Exorcist Party Goer. Kristi Pearce Exorcist Party Goer. Donna Silverberg Exorcist Party Goer. Helene Strayer Exorcist Party Goer. Veronica Cartwright Mother.

Andy Richter Father Harris. Lee R. Mayes Hip Exorcist Party Goer. Natasha Lyonne Megan. Robert Schimmel Cab Driver. Keenen Ivory Wayans. More like this. An inventory of landslides revealed that landslides mostly occurred in slopes covered by wooded grassland in clayey materials, predominantly facing E-SE. Satellite rainfall and soil moisture data associated with Typhoon Mangkhut and the previous months in were analyzed. Results showed that landslides occurred during high-intensity rainfall that coincided with the highest soil moisture values.

This is a perspective based on personal experience on whether a large number of landslides caused by a single trigger e. A cluster of 13 large mass flow events including five detachments of entire valley glaciers was observed in the Petra Pervogo range, Tajikistan, in — The local clustering provides additional understanding of the influence of temperature, seismic activity, and geology.

Most events occurred in summer of years with mean annual air temperatures higher than the past year trend. The glaciers rest on weak bedrock and are rather short, making them sensitive to friction loss due to meltwater. In previous studies of landslide susceptibility mapping, one inventory is for one kind of landslide. However, this causes some problems for prevention and management. This study aims to map two kinds of landslides and use the results on the same map to explore the potential relationship.

Through superimposition of two zoning maps, this provides a new way to evaluate the disaster chain and provides a valuable reference for land use planners. Rockfalls are a major sources of danger, particularly along transportation routes.

Thus, the assessment of their occurrence is a major challenge for risk management. One interesting factor involved in the occurrence of an event is the failure mechanism of rock bridges along the potential failure plane. This work proposes to study the phenomenology of this failure considering numerical modelling.

The influence of rock bridge position in regard to the rockfall failure mode is highlighted. In order to address a need for a debris flow or debris avalanche model that can be applied regionally with relatively few inputs, we developed and present herein an agent-based landslide-simulation model called DebrisFlow Predictor. DebrisFlow Predictor is a fully predictive, probabilistic debris flow runout model.

It produces realistic results and can be applied easily to entire regions. We hope that the model will provide useful insight into hazard and risk assessments where it is applicable. We used interferometric radar coherence — a data quality indicator typically used to assess the reliability of radar interferometry data — to document the destabilization of the Mud Creek landslide in California, 5 months prior to its catastrophic failure.

We calculated a time series of coherence on the slide relative to the surrounding hillslope and suggest that this easy-to-compute metric might be useful for assessing the stability of a hillslope. The evolutionary trend of deforming landslides and feasible treatments for huge reservoir landslides needs further study. A geomechanical model is presented to elucidate the deformation mechanism of reservoir landslides.

The deformation process of Shuping landslide is well interpreted by the geomechanical model. A successful engineering treatment is applied in treating the Shuping landslide, providing references for treating other huge landslides in the Three Gorges Reservoir area.

Comprehensive and sustainable landslide management, including identification of landslide-susceptible areas, requires a lot of organisations and people to collaborate efficiently. In this study, we propose a concept for a system that provides users with a platform to share the location of landslide events for further collaboration in Nepal.

The system can be beneficial for specifying potentially risky regions and consequently, the development of risk mitigation strategies at the local level. The present study evaluates the impacts of land use and climate change, based on scenarios, on landslide hazards in a Pyrenean valley from the present to The results demonstrate the influence of land cover on slope stability through the presence and type of forest.

Climate change may have a significant impact because of the increase of the soil water content. The results indicate that the occurrence of landslide hazards in the future is expected to increase. Debris-flow research requires experimental data that are difficult to collect because of the intrinsic characteristics of these hazardous processes. This paper presents debris-flow data recorded in the Moscardo Torrent Italian Alps between and In this time interval, 30 debris flows were observed.

The paper presents data on triggering rainfall, flow velocity, peak discharge, and volume for the monitored hydrographs. We show the potential to observe the unconfined internal-motion behaviour of single clasts in landslides using a wireless sensor measuring acceleration and rotation. From the data, we derive transport mode, velocity, displacement and 3D trajectories of several probes. Results are verified by high-speed image analysis and laser distance measurements.

We do so by producing landslide susceptibility maps for the Veneto region in Italy. Landslides cause thousands of fatalities and cost billions of dollars of damage worldwide every year, but different inventories of landslide events can have widely diverging completeness.

This can lead to spatial biases in our understanding of the impacts. Thierry Oppikofer, Reginald L. Hermanns, Vegard U. Damming of rivers is an important secondary effect of landslides due to upstream flooding and possible outburst floods in case of dam failure. For preliminary regional hazard and risk assessment of dams formed by rock slope failures in Norway, we developed semi-empirical relationships to assess the height and stability of dams based on an inventory of 69 dams formed by rock slope failures in southwestern Norway and published landslide dam inventories from other parts of the world.

We analysed deformation of a moving slope along the Jinsha River from November to November This slope was relatively stable for the first 3 years — but moved significantly in the last year — The deformation is linked to seasonal precipitation. If this slope continues to slide downwards, it may have similar impacts to the Baige landslide. Satellite radar could provide information on landslide locations within days of an earthquake or rainfall event anywhere on Earth, but until now there has been a lack of systematic testing of possible radar methods, and most methods have been demonstrated using a single case study event and data from a single satellite sensor.

Here we test five methods on four events, demonstrating their wide applicability and making recommendations on when different methods should be applied in the future. We include informal housing in slope stability analysis, considering different slope properties and precipitation events including climate change. The dominant failure processes are identified, and their relative role in slope failure is quantified. A new rainfall threshold is assessed for urbanised slopes.

Instability rules are provided to recognise urbanised slopes most at risk. The methodology is suitable for regions with scarce field measurements and landslide inventories. Slope failure is extremely common in mountainous areas. Therefore, the stability and potential failure of slopes must be analysed accurately.

For most fractured rock slopes, the aforementioned analyses are considerably challenging. This study aims to propose a comprehensive approach that combines three well-established methods to conduct the aformentioned analyses. Finally, the critical slip surface, factor of safety, and accumulation distance are selected for safety assurance in slope analysis.

Landslides are a natural hazard that affects alpine regions. Here we focus on rainfall-induced shallow landslides and one of the most widely used approaches for their predictions: rainfall thresholds. We design several comparisons utilizing a landslide database and rainfall records in Switzerland. We find that using daily rather than hourly rainfall might be a better option in some circumstances, and mean annual precipitation and antecedent wetness can improve predictions at the regional scale.

Previous studies have focused on generalized vulnerability assessment from landslides or other types of slope failures, such as debris flow and rockfall. The proposed study establishes a three-step approach to investigate the physical vulnerability of buildings affected by slow-moving landslides.

Herein, good consistency between the estimated building physical vulnerability and in-field damage evidence was found. Although many hypotheses for the conditioning and triggering factors were discussed in the past, until now no scientifically accepted explanatory model has been found. This study provides new data to better understand the cause and triggering factors of this gigantic natural event. Marcelo A. This work presents a study of the biggest mudflow event in 20 years in Chilean Patagonia, which resulted from an avalanche in the Cordon Yelcho.

Our results suggest that the initial soil water content is sufficient to transform the landslide and scoured soil into a mudflow. Therefore, knowing the soil characteristics is crucial to evaluating the impact of landslides in the study area. In the Canary Islands, a link between rainfall and rockfall occurrence is found for most of the year, except for the warm season.

Empirical rainfall thresholds for rockfalls are first proposed for Gran Canaria and Tenerife, and the dependence of the thresholds on the mean annual rainfall is discussed. The use of thresholds in early-warning systems might contribute to the mitigation of the rockfall hazard in the archipelago and reduce the associated risk. Rock avalanches are extremely dangerous, causing much damage worldwide.

We dated it back to late Roman to early Middle Ages. Identified drivers are the overall structural setting, exceptional rainfall events and seismic shakings. No exceptional event is required as a trigger. When dealing with heavily deformed bedrocks, especially in inhabited areas, the occurrence of a huge event like this must be considered.

We perform a sensitivity analysis on the parameters of a numerical debris flow model and examine the effects of using post-event measurements on two creeks in Chile. Our results demonstrate the utility of sensitivity analysis in debris flow modeling and the benefits of post-event observations on parameter identifiability. This study provides guidance on the choice of uncertain parameters, contributing to more reliable simulations for debris flow risk assessments and land use planning.

When analyzing the risk of landslides hitting moving vehicles, the spacing between vehicles and the vehicle types on the highway can be highly uncertain. Using a highway slope case study in Hong Kong, this paper presents a method to assess the risk of moving vehicles being hit by a rainfall-induced landslide; the method allows for the investigation of the possible number of different types of vehicles hit by the landslide and provides a new guideline for highway slope design.

We study the impact of topographic uncertainty on landslide run-out modeling using conditional and unconditional stochastic simulation. First, we propose a generic workflow and then apply it to a historic flow-like landslide. We find that topographic uncertainty can greatly affect landslide run-out modeling, depending on how well the underlying flow path is captured by topographic data. The difference between unconditional and conditional stochastic simulation is discussed in detail.

Geo-climatic hazards usually cause large losses of human life and economic losses. As they are very susceptible to weather, in many regions of the world these hazards are changing in frequency and magnitude due to current climate change. The purpose of this paper is to understand if, in the subtropical Andes of Argentina, these phenomena are increasing or decreasing and subsequently to understand the causes of these possible changes.

Southwest China is a severe disaster zone in terms of debris flow. To analyze the susceptibility to debris flows in this area, this study evaluates 70 typical debris flow gullies as statistical samples and proposes an empirical model based on quantification theory. A total of 10 debris flow gullies on the upstream of the Dadu River are analyzed to verify the reliability of the proposed model.

We considered a translational landslide exhibiting an unusual morphology, i. The deformation and failure mode of the plate-shaped bodies were analyzed and investigated based on numerical simulations and calculations.

The monitoring data and geomechanical model proved that the accumulated water pressure in cracks causes the plate-shaped bodies to creep. Therefore, these research findings are of reference significance for the rainfall-induced translational landslides. The present study built a semi-quantitative classification and susceptibility assessment method for a study area, combining multiple mathematical methods and 3S technologies.

The results have been verified with field investigation and other evaluation methods. Different methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some methods are complementary to a certain extent, so it is desirable to enhance the rationality of the application through the combination of multiple methods. We have calculated erosion caused by an extreme storm in the Atacama Desert. Erosion distribution depends on the ability of catchments to store sediments in stream networks between storms and generate debris flows during the storm.

The order of magnitude of erosion is the same as the erosion rates calculated over the long term, so these storms have a relevant influence on the evolution of these arid fluvial systems. Landslides triggered by rainfall are very common phenomena in complex tropical environments such as the Colombian Andes. In this work, we perform probabilistic analyses with r. We test the model in the La Arenosa catchment, northern Colombian Andes.

The results are compared to those yielded with the corresponding deterministic analyses and with other physically based models applied in the same catchment. In recent years, dam-break accidents in tailing ponds have happened frequently, which has resulted in verified loss of life and ecological disaster. Simulation of a tailing dam accident in advance is useful for understanding the tailing flow characteristics and assessing the possible extension of the impact area.

In this paper, a 3-D CFD approach was proposed for reasonably and quickly predicting the flow routing and impact area of mud flow from a dam failure across 3-D terrain. Coseismic landslides often cause loss of life and property damage. Accurately mapping hazards is very important and challenging work. This paper considers the roughness and size effect of the potential sliding surface unloading joint and then presents an improved method of Newmark analysis for mapping hazards of coseismic landslides.

The approach is verified using the M w 6. In this manner, the case study computed the loss of lives and properties for each slope. Computer simulations of complex landslide processes in mountain areas are important for informing risk management but are at the same time challenging in terms of parameterization and physical and numerical model implementation.

Using the tool r. We then calculated the increased susceptibility for every pixel and for the time-slice landslide inventory. We used these as additional explanatory variables in susceptibility modelling. Model performance increased substantially with this landslide history component included. Calidonna, Salvatore Straface, Gino M. Crisci, and Salvatore Di Gregorio. A method for risk mitigation of secondary lahars, triggered by violent rainfall, is proposed as an alternative to methods for containment or deviation that could cause future disasters.

It is based on controlled generation of small lahars as a result of collapse of frail dams by backfill, forming momentary ponds, as in natural cases.

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Searches related to Robert schimmel. Just For Laughs is the world's premiere destination for stand-up comedy. Founded in , JFL produces the world's largest and Robert Schimmel - Unprotected best of - part 1 giuseppe palombo. Robert Schimmel standup comedy, from a television special broadcast BetaGems are culled from an archive of over Robbert Schimmel about going to the sperm donation center. From his show 'Life Since Then'. Like us on Facebook! Office Blokes React.

Comment Below with More Reaction Ideas! Show some support and sign up to our Patreon for exclusive videos not on RUclips, Robert Schimmel died at an early age. He was a really funny guy. Breton British Sign Langu Central Khmer Channel 4 United Search for "Body L Search for "Langua Search for "Mind Y Wiener Philharmoni Democratic Republi Federated States o Republic of North It is free and clean, works under Windows.

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