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opticam hd max extreme torrent

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Lakeside Cruising c2p1 TDfilms. Opticam Microscopy Technology www. Friday edit Eldorado Snowboard. Visit www. Finn-Forest Round, Scooter riding brainleak. Actioncameraekatestikevarilla DrDexden. Picture quality is surprisingly good compared to conditions.

MTB-lenkki ja kamera testi 1. Kamerakoira Luka Camera dog Luka Rutinoffin kuski. Some shredding Rasmus Jokinen. Just for fun,mostly filmed from home mountain :D and watch my friend videos. What a 6. A Baracus gonzo. Kwinana Motorplex - Season - Simon "gonzo" Travaglini. Please read the following safety precautions carefully before operating this receiver. Page 5: Environment Protection Environment protection Attention! Your product Is marked with this symbol.

It means that used electrical and electronic products should not be mixed with general household waste. There is a separate collection system for these products. Information on Disposal for Users private households in the European Union Used electrical and electronic equipment must be treated separately and In accordance with legislation that requires proper treatment, recovery and recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment.

Page 6: General Information 1. General information 1. Page 8: Product Overview 2. Product Overview 2. Front Panel 1. Signal LED green Signal indicator. Power LED red Power indicator 3. Display It displays channel information. In standby mode it displays current time. Press front panel on the middle, above LED display, to open front panel flap. Figure 3. Page 9: Rear Panel Power button Switch between operation and standby modes. Exit Button Exit current menu one menu level per one pressing. OK Button Enters to the highlighted sub menu in menu mode or activates the channel list in viewing mode.

LAN Connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable. Page 11 FAV: Display favorite channel list you set before. SAT: Show the scanned satellite list. EXIT: Exit current menu step by step. Page Connection With Other Devices 3. Connection with other Devices The following diagram shows the connections among receiver, TV, LNB and other equipment, please read this first if you are not sure about correct connection.

Page Connecting To Antenna 3. Connecting to Dish with single LNB When using DiSEqC 1. Page Installation 4. Installation After connecting antenna you should install the receiver after powering on your product for the first time after purchase. Tip: The default password is If you have forgotten your password, please contact your local product distributor. Page 16 4. DiSEqC 1. Select satellite and press OK, you will be asked where to move the satellite, input the destination number and press OK.

Then you can move another one satellite from one position to other. Page 18 Transponder which you want to use, then press OK to confirm the setting. Press OK to confirm the settings, and this new Transponder will be added to the TP list in ascending order sorted by frequency. Press Exit will start searching programs of the satellites you have marked. C: Blind Search 1. Highlight the Satellite and press the OK button to enter satellite list. And then select one satellite you want to search.

Page Store Position 4. Page Usals Setup 3. Highlight the option you want and press the OK button to execute it. Then waiting a moment, you will view the OSD language menu where you can select the language according your mind. Page Edit Channel 5. Edit Channel 5. Page 24 1. Then press the button to mark the channel. Then press the button to sign the channel one by one.

Channels position will be replaced. Page User Channel List in this favorite list. Page 27 5. Teletext language: set the language of Teletext. Page Osd Setup There are 5 brightness levels available. TXT Transparency: Set the transparency of teletext. Display Mode: Set the HD screen resolution format between p, i, p, i or p. Page Ca Menu 5. Input new PIN and confirm it by inputting again.

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