Wiz khalifa the dream torrent

wiz khalifa the dream torrent

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The soundtrack was incredible and the songwriters were really good, my personal favorite songs were "Don't Run Away", "Guardian Angel" and "Moment of Truth". I expected this movie to be just OK, but it was awesome and really cool, so I give it a 9 out of 10 and it's one of the more mature and less childish and cheesy DCOMs and for the most part it didn't feel like a Disney channel movie at all. It has its flaws, just as every movie does, but those flaws weren't big enough to prevent me from enjoying it, but I don't think it was quite as good as Lemonade Mouth.

Keep it up Disney!!!!!!! So this movie is a Disney movie. It has a lot of music, it has morals, and all that Disney stuff that they put in their movies. It was definitely not a movie like Frenemies from Disney, which was not at all very good. It's the best Disney movie I've seen.

There was not a dull moment or a moment that I wasn't entertained. I loved it a lot, and it's probably my favorite movie now I loved the music, and I can't tell you how much I loved this movie. I don't know why it's rated so low. This movie was really great, and my whole family enjoyed it. This move has surprising twists and turns that all come back together to create a wonderful master piece.

A lot of movies you see on Disney are usually Caucasian, but this movie was great including the fact that most of the actor were African American. It showed us idea of rap without the fowl language, women, and money. It showed us that if you set your mind for things and worked hard it can happen. I feel as if this connected to not just African Americans but people threw out America about the work of hip-hop. I loved this movie and i think it deserves a 8 out of This film was exceptional for a kids film, especially for a Disney film at that!

The intro with the choir was very refreshing especially since the youtube sensation singer-sisters, Chloe and Hailey, sounded amazing! I was became quite hesitant of the film, however, when it came to the first rap battle because I thought that it was another "High School Musical" with a cheesy group sing along but the raps were actually very clever! The message is relatable and can be utilized in any situation. In this contemporary world that is constantly changing its not hard for children to consumed by others opinions.

The songs are lyrically beautiful and the acting is genuine. Most people don't hear god, clean raps so this was very refreshing because rap is poetry and it can be meaningful but in this generation it seems that rap is only viewed by what is hear on the radio.

The actor from "everybody hates chris" does a wonderful job at portraying the loyal protagonist in the film. He adds humor to the film and enhances it in every other aspect. I suggest you watch this film because it will make your day. I would have expected a different ending but hey the film made me smile the entire time.

As for the comment pertaining to the cast with a rating of one star. You all can tell that a child wrote that. The many careless errors was appalling. Besides that, why would you criticize the ethnicity of the cast members. Is it because they're black or is it because it's one of the first recent films to feature a majority black cast with a few white people.

Is it uncomfortable to sit on the other side because that comment was unnecessary and so hypocritical when many films were made with a majority white cast with very few black people and no one says anything about that. In fact people judged their acting skills instead. Why point out the obvious when it doesn't even matter. It seems that there will never be a time when a film like this won't be praised for "giving colored people a chance on the big screen" but solely on the concept and the message of the film.

By the way her outfits look that way throughout the film because her manager was trying to "trendy", hence the last "Lady Gaga"-inspired look. I recommend I could watch it over and over. The story was typical but I still think it's worth. The watch. Songs are great. Tisha 21 August Let it Shine" is a great family movie and my entire family, young and old watched together and appreciated over six years ago.

Her performance was awesome and she signed our C. She was so nice and gave my daughter a hug. In , we had a "Let it Shine Reunion" invited friends, watched the movie and had appetizers The music, the lessons, the premise of the movie is extraordinary.

We will always remember this movie! One of Disney's greatest! I understand any non-African American particularly Caucasian person who doesn't understand this movie. Its OK, I get it. I get it if you don't understand why there were no Caucasian leading characters in this movie like you're used to seeing from Disney.

I get it if you don't understand the meaning of this movie, so let me break it down for you. This movie was a representation of Black Culture today, the Black Community and what goes on in numerous African American households. I'm not saying only African Americans will fully understand this movie, but again this movie isn't for everyone. Its not for the intellectually weak Disney Movie watchers who request a simple "Everybody Wins" ploy. It's not for anyone who typically watches movies with plots centered around Caucasian culture and issues in the Caucasian community.

Its basically not for the closed-minded. Its OK if you get uncomfortable with some of the ideas introduced in tis movie, some of the "language" and even some of the music. Overall it was a great attempt by Disney to realize and show the struggles in the African American community, to show to the world that not only movies with all-white main characters deserve to be shown on their channel.

Thank You Disney. I watched this movie twice. Once when it first aired. The second time was when they displayed the song lyrics on the screen; because I wanted to be sure I heard the lyrics correctly. Both times I was not very impressed. I found it unrelatable. The story itself is just another rehash of Cyrano de Bergerac and not a very good one at that. I know of nobody who would not raise a big stink if somebody else was given their prize.

Some of the dialogue was what I hear and say everyday and I totally got that, but most of it seemed like some old guy stepped in and made them change it to old guy speak. I was really looking forward to hearing the music, until I did. The Rap was totally lame. For most of them they were jerky, there was just no flow. I think that it was written by committee. Each person submitted a line and they were all thrown into a hat. Then pulled out and here's your Rap.

Basically, for Disney, it was a fair first effort into a movie with an all African American cast. This film combines "Joyful Noise," "8 Mile" and "Footloose" into one film and does it fairly well. Cyrus Tyler James Williams is shy and has self esteem issues brought about by a domineering preacher father. He sneaks out at night to bus tables at the forbidden rap club while he composes music for his friend Kris Trevor Jackson to sing. They hook up with Roxy Coco Jones an old elementary school friend who loves their music, but doesn't realize Cyrus is the brains of "Truth.

The music was good and the rap insults were light, nothing to shame the Disney logo. The film has its predictable heart warming ending. I enjoyed the criticism of the use of the voice enhancers, but the movie stops short of claiming Katie Perry is nothing more than an overpaid karaoke singer.

Criticism: It appears Cyrus ironically lip synced his rapping and singing parts. Also if you noticed the "church" never has a cross or mentions Jesus. It has some out of focus Bible quotes in the background on the wall and mentions G-O-D, but never Jesus, even in song. Disney is trying not to offend anyone. Let me know how that works out. This movie is everything you would expect out of a made for TV Disney movie. Its hokey plot is nothing that hasn't been done before in many episodes of various sitcoms.

It is the classic case of two friends where one friend helps another friend out by letting the other take credit of their work or talent. In "Let it Shine" Cyrus has all the talent of a would-be rap artist, whereas his best friend Kris doesn't have the talent, but has the perfect look. When Cyrus includes a photo of the both of them together with his submission to a songwriting competition under the pseudonym Truth, when he wins it's assumed Kris is Truth.

Kris is so excited about the opportunity to work with Roxie, the promoter of the competition, Cyrus goes along with the mistake. The two concoct outlandish plans to keep up the charade. The plot is a little thicker with the fact the Roxy grew up with the two boys as part of Cyrus' father's church congregation, a man who opposes rap as a sinful form of music.

More than anything this movie is about the soundtrack. This who enjoy hip-hop-that is teen hip-hop-will enjoy this movie more as large segments are devoted to the numbers. The soundtrack boasts it's own success peaking at 1 on Billboard's top rap albums and top kids albums. Other than that it's pretty formulaic of a "be yourself" and "don't be afraid to go for your dream" movie. It's like the "High School Musical" for hip-hop. I liked how this movie was different by making all the main characters black.

That was a good change considering how many Disney Channel shows and movies starred white characters. However, other than that the plot was too predictable. Because of that, I was barely able to watch the whole movie. MasanoriHirano 24 November As some of you know, this movie is also one of that. However, I don't like it no less than other ones. First of all, music is good. Like other Disney Channel Original movies, it also contains a lot of music which is likely to make us get the rhythm.

And the kinds of music is various. I love these kinds of music. In particular, gospel one is awesome! Others, story is OK. But, comparing with other Disney Channel Original movies, it is a little emotionless. Wiz Khalifa Discography Torrent : websites on the same subject. See details : torrentbit. See details : utracker.

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