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Return to Sign Up. Becker, Rolf ed. Research Handbook on the Sociology of Education. Research Handbooks in Sociology. Tadele, Zerihun ed. Planta - Special Issue on Orphan Crops, 3. Condorelli, Stefano ; Menning, Daniel eds.

Boom, Bust, and Beyond. New Perspectives on the Stock Market Bubble. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Oldenbourg. Kube, Stefan ; Maurer, Eva eds. Religion und Gesellschaft in Ost und West, 9. Institut G2W. Konkordanz im Parlament. Entscheidungsfindung zwischen Kooperation und Konkurrenz. Alpine Refugees — Immigration at the Core of Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Journal of Art History, 82 3. Materiale Textkulturen: Vol.

Berlin: De Gruyter. The Global Bourgeoisie. Dietrich, Martha-Cecilia ; Lawrence, Andy Horror in the Andes [Movie]. In: Short Long World Festival. Corrientes, Argentina. The Segovia Manuscript. A European Musical Repertory in Spain c. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music. Catholic Missionaries in Early Modern Asia. Patterns of Localization. Religious Cultures in the Early Modern World. Hengerer, Mark ; Weber, Nadir eds. Animals and Courts. Europe, c. Leipzig: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt.

Konsortium, PISA. Hindelang, Laura ed. Re-Grouping, Re-Using. Primary care physicians' access to in-house ultrasound examinations across Europe: a questionnaire study. BMJ open, 9 9 , e BMJ Publishing Group Impact of participation in a surgical site infection surveillance network: results from a large international cohort study.

Journal of hospital infection, 3 , pp. Elsevier Injectable-platelet rich fibrin using the low speed centrifugation concept improves cartilage regeneration when compared to platelet-rich plasma. Platelets, 30 2 , pp. Retina, 39 12 , ee Wolters Kluwer Abel, Stefan 31 May University of Cambridge. Abel, Stefan 29 August August Abel, Stefan 27 September In: V erdichtete Leben. Abel, Stefan Brevitas 1 — BmE Sonderheft pp. Early prediction of long-term tactile object recognition performance after sensorimotor stroke.

Cortex, , pp. Journal of Career Development, Sage Publications Genomic correlates of clinical outcome in advanced prostate cancer. European stroke journal, 4 4 , pp. Sage Portland, Oregon, USA. May , Capturing variability of tumor-induced mass-effect in glioma growth models Unpublished.

Montreal, Canada. July Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Vol. Abler, Daniel ; Rockne, Russell C. In: Tavares, J. Cham: Springer Characterizing Biomechanical Tumor Growth. In: Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics. Vienna, Austria.

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Evolution of in vivo assessed retention forces in one-piece mini dental implant-retained mandibular overdentures: 5-Year follow-up of a prospective clinical trial. Clinical implant dentistry and related research, 21 5 , pp. Wiley Frontiers in genetics, 10 , p. Frontiers Media SA Hepatology, 69 3 , pp. Wiley Interscience Populist Manipulation or Personal Beliefs? Accolla, Ettore A ; Pollo, Claudio Frontiers in neurology, 10 , p. Frontiers Media S. Achermann, Dania Springer Snow and avalanche research as patriotic duty?

The institutionalization of a scientific discipline in Switzerland. Achermann, Dania 12 November Schnee von gestern: Wie Eisforschung zur Klimaforschung wurde Unpublished. In: Forschungskolloquium Globalgeschichte. Achermann, Dania 3 December The climate in the ice and how it got there: On the history of ice core science Unpublished. Achermann, Dania 27 December Turning the vertical into time: How glaciology became a climate science Unpublished.

University of Coimbra Portugal. Achiba, Gargule MDPI Specific aspects of immunotherapy for multiple sclerosis in Switzerland: A structured commentary. Clinical and translational neuroscience, 3 1 , X Besonderheiten der Immuntherapie der Multiplen Sklerose in der Schweiz. Swiss Medical Forum, 19 , pp. Urinary sex steroid and glucocorticoid hormones are associated with muscle mass and strength in healthy adults.

The journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, 6 , pp. Oxford University Press Reference intervals for the urinary steroid metabolome: The impact of sex, age, day and night time on human adult steroidogenesis. Public Library of Science The Personality of Stealth Democrats: How traits shape attitudes towards expert-based governments.

West European politics, 42 3 , pp. Neuenburg, Genf und die Konstruktion des «Territoire Suisse». Politische, gelehrte und imaginierte Schweiz. Genf: Slatkine. Vector borne and zoonotic diseases, 19 5 , pp. Mary Ann Liebert BMJ open, 9 6 , e How climate change skeptics spread their ideas: the role of online communication in shaping mass media debates Unpublished.

April How climate change skeptics spread their ideas: A multi-method approach to assess the effect of online communication on media coverage Unpublished. ETH Zurich. Coalitions and counter-coalitions in online contestation: An analysis of the German and British climate change debate. An analysis of online framing dynamics between climate advocates and skeptics in the UK Unpublished. Adamantidis, Antoine R.

Oscillating circuitries in the sleeping brain. Nature reviews - neuroscience, 20 12 , pp. Nature Publishing Group Handbook of experimental pharmacology, , pp. Adamik, Katja ; Yozova, Ivayla Starch Wars-New Episodes of the Saga. Frontiers in veterinary science, 5 , p. Frontiers Media Adams, Arthur ; Diamond, Larryn W. Swiss journal of geosciences, , pp. Dolomitization by hypersaline reflux into dense groundwaters as revealed by vertical trends in strontium and oxygen isotopes: Upper Muschelkalk, Switzerland.

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Physical review. D - particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, 99 5 American Physical Society Aerts, Joost W. Astrobiology Mary Ann Liebert. Efficacy of granulocyte colony stimulating factor in combination with erythropoiesis stimulating agents for treatment of anemia in patients with lower risk myelodysplastic syndromes: A systematic review. Critical reviews in oncology, hematology, , pp. Affolter, Hanspeter 12 February Literarische Rauchzeichen. Zum Tabakkonsum in fiktionalen Texten Unpublished.

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Immunization with a cocktail of antigens fused with OprI reduces Neospora caninum vertical transmission and postnatal mortality in mice. Vaccine, 37 3 , pp. Stroke, 50 6 , pp. American Heart Association Ahmad, Sufian S. Obesity and smoking predict the results of two-stage exchange in septic revision hip arthroplasty: A cohort study. Surgical hip dislocation is more powerful than arthroscopy for achieving high degrees of acetabular correction in pincer type impingement.

Associations of statin use with glycaemic traits and incident type 2 diabetes. British journal of clinical pharmacology, 85 5 , pp. Biology of blood and marrow transplantation, 25 9 , pp. Aigenseer, V. Online tracking tools for research purposes: A critical review of existing approaches Unpublished. In: 3rd Digital Tracking Workshop. Journal of petrology, 60 1 , pp. Ajjan, Ramzi A ; Schroeder, Verena Role of complement in diabetes.

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Altanian, Melanie Genocide Denialism as an Intergenerational Injustice. Intergenerational Equity. Leiden: Brill Altanian, Melanie 6 December Genocide Denialism as Testimonial Oppression Unpublished. Dezember Alterauge, Amelie 2 July In: International Medieval Congress. Alterauge, Amelie ; Hofmann, Cornelia Mumien in der Klosterkirche von Riesa. Alterauge, Amelie ; Hofmann, Cornelia August Historical archaeology, 53 , pp.

Effect of haemoglobin levels on outcome in intravenous thrombolysis-treated stroke patients. European stroke journal, p. Large charge at large N. Journal of High Energy Physics, 12 , p. Postulat Feri Zur Situation in den Kantonen. In: Neuere Entwicklungen der industriellen Beziehungen in der Schweiz. Amandita, Fitri Y. DNA barcoding of flowering plants in Sumatra, Indonesia. Ecology and evolution, 9 4 , pp. Endovascular port-a-cath rescue in acute thrombotic superior vena cava syndrome.

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October , HIV medicine, 20 4 , pp. A systematic review of soil carbon management in Australia and the need for a social-ecological systems framework. Science of the total environment, , p. Amlinger, Fabienne Frauenzentralen Schweiz.

Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz. Ammann, Carole In: Jackson, Ruth ; Kelly, Max eds. Women Researching in Africa : the impact of gender pp. Review Essay. Religious studies review, 45 2 , pp. Egoistic versus Altruistic Motives Unpublished. May In: Schweizer Online Marketing Konferenz. Bern, Switzerland: Roland A. Ammann BMJ open, 9 11 , e Amsler, Claudia Mit dem Finger! Genderstudies, 34, p. Prolonged survival with increasing duration of lenalidomide maintenance after autologous transplant for multiple myeloma.

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PLoS genetics, 15 9 , e Influence of inferior petrosal sinus drainage symmetry on detection of adenomas in Cushing's syndrome. Journal of neuroradiology Elsevier Masson Anderson, Robert F. Global biogeochemical cycles, 33 3 , pp. American Geophysical Union Blood, S1 American Society of Hematology. Andres Morrissey, Franz ; Watts, Richard Song performance as language contact: ideologies of language variety, genre and style In Press. In: Neuenschwander, Chris ; Tresch, Laura eds. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Sustainability, 11 , pp. Bern, Switzerland. Actin dynamics and the Bmp pathway drive apical extrusion of proepicardial cells. Development, 13 Company of Biologists Limited Angelakopoulos, Nikolaos ; De Luca, S.

Velandia ; Coccia, E. Age estimation by measuring open apices in teeth: a new formula for two samples of South African black and white children. International journal of legal medicine, 5 , pp. Immunoadsorption and autologous transplantation for life-threatening primary antiphospholipid syndrome. Blood advances, 3 17 , pp. American Society of Hematology Blood pressure in relation to frailty in older adults: A population-based study.

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Antonelli, M. Radiogenic Ca isotopes confirm post-formation K depletion of lower crust. Geochemical perspectives letters, 9, pp. European Association of Geochemistry Accuracy of tibial cuts with patient-specific instrumentation is not influenced by the surgeon's level of experience.

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Antwi, P. Driving status of patients with generalized spike-wave on EEG but no clinical seizures. Muscle fat content in the intact infraspinatus muscle correlates with age and BMI, but not critical shoulder angle. European journal of trauma and emergency surgery Springer-Medizin-Verlag Anzeneder, Sofia ; Benzing, Valentin Acta dermato-venereologica, 99 10 , pp. Society for the Publication of the Acta dermato-venereologica Joinville, Brasilien.

Appelquist, T. Nonperturbative investigations of SU 3 gauge theory with eight dynamical flavors. D - particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, 99 1 , American Physical Society Quintessenz Verlags-GmbH Archer, Louise C. Consistent temperature dependence of functional response parameters and their use in predicting population abundance. Journal of animal ecology, 88 11 , pp.

Predictors of severe asthma attack re-attendance in Ecuadorian children: a cohort study. European respiratory journal, 54 5 , p. European Respiratory Society Reducing childhood respiratory morbidity and mortality in low and middle income countries: a current challenge - Editorial. European respiratory journal, 54 1 , p. Dichelobacter nodosus in sheep, cattle, goats and South American camelids in Switzerland-Assessing prevalence in potential hosts in order to design targeted disease control measures.

Preventive veterinary medicine, p. JBJS case connector, 9 4 , e Arthroscopy techniques, 8 10 , ee Retina - the journal of retinal and vitreous diseases, 39 1 , pp. Arens, Alexander ; Freiburghaus, Rahel Arias-Moreno, A. Validation of distal radius failure load predictions by homogenized- and micro-finite element analyses based on second-generation high-resolution peripheral quantitative CT images. Osteoporosis international, 30 7 , pp.

Effects of controlled dehydration on sleep quality and quantity: A polysomnographic study in healthy young adults. Journal of sleep research, 28 3 , e Personalized Corneal Biomechanics. In: Doweidar, Mohamed H. Advances in Biomechanics and Tissue Regeneration pp. Calibration of time-dependent material properties of the human cornea based on nanoindentation Unpublished. In: European Society of Biomechanics. Nanoindentation mapping of the heterogeneous material properties of the human cornea Unpublished.

In: Swiss Society of Biomedical Engineering. Armentano, D. Conditions for the finiteness of the moments of the volume of level sets. Electronic communications in probability, 24 Institute of Mathematical Statistics Armingeon, Klaus 23 January Blick online Ringier. Armingeon, Klaus 22 May Weshalb Rentenreformen so schwierig sind.

Armingeon, Klaus ; Lutz, Philipp Muddling between responsiveness and responsibility: the Swiss case of a non-implementation of a constitutional rule. Comparative European politics Palgrave Macmillan Arnold, Daniel 29 April April, Satellite laser ranging to low Earth orbiters: Orbit and network validation. Journal of geodesy, 93 11 , pp. Arnold, Markus C. Arnold, Markus Christopher ; Artz, Martin The use of a single budget or separate budgets for planning and performance evaluation.

Accounting, organizations and society, 73, pp. Arnold, Markus Christopher ; Gillenkirch, R. Contemporary accounting research, 36 2 , pp. Lynn ; Tafkov, Ivo D. Managerial Discretion and Task Interdependence in Teams.

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