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The Hot Mic. Keep in mind that once they put a wireless mic on you in the green room, be very careful what you say. A sound guy somewhere will record every word you say even if the camera's off. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing good ol' Luke on A source close to the show tells us that's a solid "not true. The panty hose Blakely was forced to wear at both Disney and Danka were uncomfortable and old fashioned. Priyanka rocked the desi look in a neon green and pink sari.

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If your stay goes according to plan count yourself lucky! The staff are friendly so long as you're not actually asking them to do anything. The Giants have nine free agents, several of whom were key members of the World Series run. Leadoff hitter Angel Pagan and No. The Giants have indicated that bringing Pagan and Scutaro back is a top priority, but it could be difficult, especially with Pagan. The 31 year old center fielder broke through in , hitting.

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