Stolen goods elite dangerous torrent

stolen goods elite dangerous torrent

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Stolen goods is a term for a cargo canister collected by someone other than its owner. Most canisters that can be collected using the ship's Cargo Scoop in space are considered stolen. Note - If you have not personally purchased the goods in your cargo hold from a market then it will be seen as stolen property because it initially belonged to someone else unless the original owner jettisoned it using the " Jettison Cargo Abandon " command from the cargo screen.

The status of cargo another ship is carrying can be verified by using a Manifest Scanner on a targeted ship and then viewing the CARGO menu in the left hand screen of your own ship. If any ship is cargo scanned while carrying stolen goods, the pilot will incur a bounty! Stolen goods may be sold at any station offering a Black Market in the Contacts menu of Starport Services.

Carrying stolen goods can be a dangerous pastime. Authorities, and other players, will often scan a ship's cargo to see if they are carrying any stolen goods. Elite Dangerous Wiki Explore. Elite Dangerous. The last sidey hadn't entered the fight but the dropship had been shooting at me with the others so I was down to my last shield ring. I decided to make sure of the sidey first then kept the dropship at arms length while my shields got back up to strength.

Took out his shields, then a drive, then his shield generator. Out of my four cargo limpets, one missed, but the other three released a few tonnes each time. Of gold. I think the only way to do this is to find someone who can drop 4 tonnes for me. Even then, it probably won't work as I haven't pirated them Post by Kiltrathi » Mon Jul 06, am That would work, you're scooping up someone else's cargo and as such it is marked as stolen.

Your best bet is to use the map to see where they import the required cargo and interdict the traders there. Then go as you did, target the shield and then open the cargo hatch with limpits. I must admit that I've never succesfully completed this mission, I gave up way before the timer ran out and just went on with missions that were less time consuming.

I think your time would be better spent dropping the mission and carrying on doing more productive tasks at present. It is very frustrating that parts of the game simply do not function as they should. Post by TorTorden » Mon Jul 06, pm Honestly I pretty much find the entire mission system borked at the moment. Seriously, who in their right mind would post a "would you kill my wife for me" on craigslist? No you post that other places, say maybe black market contacts.

Honestly I find the entire "mission system" in this game so utterly stupid I am suprised this isn't a mockup system for an alpha build, with 1. Hey I'm Thor - People call me Bob. Rule 1: Pillage. Then burn. Rule 2: No such thing as overkill, as long as there are reloads. Post by Walter » Mon Jul 06, pm Slightly off topic, but has anyone else noticed just how much criminal activity is being generated by missions?

Exactly how does that work? I'm a trader and bounty hunter bringing trade and tranquility, what have I done to deserve such treatment? What happened to all the 'We need 2t of widgets or the production line grinds to a halt' missions?

Perhaps I just don't have a criminal mind. Sorry, mini-rant over. I'll just go back to looking past the irrationality. I have seen the take 2 tons cargo to a system 4 ly away, but not you, we want someone who is at last ranked as a Ranger in exploration for this task So I can't do the same missions now, as I did starting out in a sidewinder because I'm not a Tycoon yet? Seriously would a tycoon trader be bothered to freight 5 ton of food for 30k? It seems to me the game only generates missions that either I'm not qualified for..

Post by Sendraks » Mon Jul 06, pm Walter wrote: Slightly off topic, but has anyone else noticed just how much criminal activity is being generated by missions? Jump to. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 27 guests. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it.

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