A speakers guidebook torrent

a speakers guidebook torrent

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And one thing must be kept in mind that if you fail to log in 5 times in succession, your IP will be banned. Rutracker is a Russian torrent site that contains an excellent collection of everything - including audio books. The immediate disadvantage to this site is that it's in Russian. However, the layout is easy to navigate if you're familiar with other torrent sites. What's more, its collection of audio book torrents is second to none.

So, these are the top 10 free torrent sites for audiobooks. Open any of them to download audio books. If you sometimes listen to Audible audio books, you might want to play them on your MP3 player. Then you can listen to them on various devices or share them with your friends.

Sophie works for Epubor and writes articles about ebooks, audiobooks and ereaders. She enjoys reading and wants to share everything new about reading. Really, I had no problem. Ripped several books immediately. I just needed a VPN while in Canada to access the site.

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You need to register and log in for download, nothing complicated, it dont even send link to email to validate account. If you are good with html.. Hi Shopie, first of all, greetings from Brazil! So it is very expensive for us to buy ebooks or audiobooks from Amazon-Audible. I have bought two softwares of this site: the one which removes the DRM from kindle and the one which converters the audiobooks from Audible to mp3.

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Ads are what allows trackers to host for free. Get over it. The biggest issue we had with the Elac Uni-Fi 2. As good as they are, they are only slightly better than something like the Aperion Audio Novus, below, and the less expensive Q Acoustics i speakers given a serious run for their money. See the Elac Uni-Fi 2. What We Don't: Lacks volume and subtlety. Edifier which we've also seen written, confusingly, as Edifer, with no second 'i' aren't regarded as a particularly high-end manufacturer — something we don't mean as a criticism.

They produce excellent, affordable speakers and headphones, and in our opinion, the RT is one of the best they put out. It combines affordability and value with decent sound, and for smaller spaces, it is absolutely ideal. Unlike many of the speakers on this list, the RT are an active set of speakers, in that each one contains its own amplifier.

That makes it easy to connect up to the playback source using a simple RCA cable with no separate amplifier, similar to the Fluance AI61s — although of course, these aren't wireless, and the audio quality of the AI61s is markedly superior. But you do get a hell of a lot for your money here, including a remote, and the ability to fine-tune the sound using built-in EQ knobs. Audio quality is good, if not mind blowing. While not super-loud — the speakers max out at 21 watts per channel — the definition and detail should be more than enough to satisfy most people.

See the Edifier RT. What We Don't: Pretty expensive for what you get, not suitable for larger rooms. The new HD4 from Audioengine is a slimmer version of their powerful HD6 wireless speakers, with a slimmed down pricetag to match. These speakers are worth your time if you want a one-box solution for both hi-fi and headphones listening.

Where they can compete is in sound and price. The Audioengine HD4s suffer because while the sound quality is solid, the bass leaves something to be desired. For this price, we expected slightly more, and that means the HD4s are a solid alternative to our top-ranked models, rather than the first choice.

See the Audioengine HD4. What We Don't: Intimidating looks and size. See the SVS Ultra. What We Like: A genuine improvement on a classic. What We Don't: Still massively pricey, outperformed in some areas by more affordable models. The result? Silky, delicious sound quality. And in terms of functionality, there have been dramatic improvements too. That becomes even more of a problem when you consider that they are outperformed by less expensive speakers, like the Polk Audio Legend Ls, below.

Wharfedale have been making speakers for over eight decades. The Diamond The They are bright and lively, with huge detail in the highs, and they really excel when playing music with a high dynamic range, like film soundtracks. The most glaring downside is that the Diamond You could arguably spend less on, for example, the Q Acoustics i speakers, and still get an excellent result.

Ultimately, the Diamond See the Wharfedale Diamond What We Don't: Design is a step back from previous models. Aperion Audio have been making great gear for years. The Novus speakers are their latest creation: a pair of affordable bookshelf speakers that go toe-to-toe with other models in this price range.

The audio quality they provide is crisp and powerful, with excellent detail on the highs. They particularly excel as part of a home theater setup, and conveniently, Aperion offer them both as stand-alones and as part of a surround sound package. Those oozed class and style with their burnished wooden cabinets; the Novus look muddled by comparison. That aside, we think the Novus are a superior choice over more expensive speakers, and a worthy alternative to other models on this list.

See the Aperion Audio Novus. What We Don't: Volume issues, Bluetooth 4. The Air Motion Transformer Tweeters result in absolutely extraordinary detail. But the sheer range of features, including a phono input for a turntable, makes up for it. The glorious design, along with the brilliant sound quality, make these even more of a winner. For the rest of us?

What We Don't: Slightly fatiguing midrange. The design is elegant, with the distinctive MartinLogan base plate and a sloped cabinet. High-end speakers need to look and sound the part, and these MartinLogans hit both. We first heard the Motion 35XTi at an audio show and loved them instantly. Getting a pair into our testing room a few weeks later reinforced this, but it also showed us a few flaws. The midrange can be a little harsh at times, especially in the upper reaches.

If you like beautiful things, and appreciate detail and clarity, then the MartinLogan Motion 35XTi are a natural choice What We Don't: High price, enormous size. Were it not for their hefty price and even heftier size, the Polk Legend Ls would beat the Elac Debut 2. They are, in a word, incredible. We have never — not with any other bookshelf speakers — heard mid-bass as deep, dark, and powerful as what came out of the Ls. Polk have released some very middling gear over the years, but the new Legend series is jaw-dropping - a stunning return to form.

Those people just haven't heard the Ls. One thing that may turn away potential buyers is their absolutely enormous size. The Ls are significantly larger than every other speaker on this list, making otherwise sizeable speakers, like the MartinLogan Motion 35XTi, look positively puny.

These are minor issues for some, but may be a bonus to others. The Ls may not be for everyone, but if you can afford them, they will provide one of the most incredible audio experiences money can buy. See the Polk Audio Legend L What We Don't: Sound suffers at low volumes, boring design, very expensive for what you get. If sound were the only consideration, then the Totem Acoustic Signature Ones would probably take the top spot in this list.

Vocals in particular stand out; voices are warm and engaging, and we think that if you love music with prominent vocals, then the Signature Ones should be your first choice. But the thing is, sound is never the only consideration. We have to take the speakers as a whole, and judged by other factors, the Totem Acoustic Signature Ones lose out to other models. What We Don't: Uncontrolled bass and hit-and-miss mids. That makes The Fives pretty unique, and if you like the idea of a simple two speaker system for all your home audio and entertainment needs, you should take a close look at them.

And by the way: the design is outstanding. These are a joy to control, and look at. The most glaring downside with The Fives is the sound quality. We also felt the same about the mids. We never got the sense that we were getting all the information and clarity we wanted.

They are worth it for the HDMI port, but exercise caution. See the Klipsch The Fives. They excel at filling smaller rooms with powerful sound, and are forgiving in terms of positioning. These work just as well on bookshelves or wedged into a corner as they do on dedicated speaker stands, so if you are pushed for space, they will be ideal.

We enjoyed the surprising level of detail in the highs, and speaking of surprises, the punchy bass was a welcome one. Despite the detail, the sound signature here is boxy, bright, and narrow, and can be fatiguing over long periods. We also despise the design. These speakers have their plus points, but there are better options available.

See the Fluance XL8S. On the face of it, you would think this is true: expensive speakers are generally made of higher components, and more money is spent on tuning them to get exacting sound. But the point is, sound is completely subjective. Not only that, but everybody has different sized rooms to play with. If you have a small room, the Polk speakers are simply not the best choice. They are way too loud, way too powerful, and all that great sound quality will be bunched up and boxed in.

The Edifiers, on the other hand, may not have the same clarity of sound and deep bass, but they will be much more effective in that scenario. In addition, speaker technology has advanced to such a point that even inexpensive speakers still sound terrific. They may have a highly affordable price, but they also include some technology that until recently would only have been seen in much more expensive models: specifically, Air Motion Transformer AMT tweeters, a type of speaker driver that results in scintillating detail.

Bottom line: whatever your budget, you can get a set of speakers that sound fantastic. If you can spend more, then by all means, do so, but you certainly don't have to. One of the most annoying adages in the world of bookshelf speakers is the bigger is better. The larger your cabinet, the thinking goes, the bigger your drivers, the more energy they will be able to put out, and the better your speakers will sound.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. It's also possible to get very meh audio quality out of ginormous speakers; we've heard several monsters at audio shows that left us supremely unconvinced they aren't on the list, for obvious reasons. Sound quality comes down to tuning and cabinet design and materials. It's all about the technology present in each speaker, and although cabinet size does have an impact on certain aspects of the sound, like volume, this isn't universal by any means.

Essentially, when you are buying a set of bookshelf speakers, you shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that only big speakers will give you good sound quality. That simply isn't true. With the ever-growing world of wireless technology, it's archaic to believe that a wireless speaker will never sound as good as its analog source. Many wireless speakers are fully capable of producing a sound that you will love, and bookshelf speakers are no exception. Wired or not, you can get a great sound out of your bookshelf speakers, and shouldn't correlate wireless with lesser-quality.

The greatest advantage to having wireless speakers is lack of clutter. If you've ever tried to set up a 5. While wireless bookshelf speakers aren't usually truly wireless - they often require a cable to connect the right and left channel - they seriously reduce the amount of cabling running across your desk, or below.

Another serious advantage to wireless speakers is not having to plug into them via an analog input. Wireless speakers are equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sometimes both , meaning you can pair to them via your smart phone or laptop. We found this very handy during our office testing, making switching between multiple sources effortless.

By the way, it's worth mentioning some jargon you're likely to encounter. You'll often see audiophiles talking about passive speakers or active speakers. But what on earth does this mean? Bookshelf speakers that are passive need to be powered by an external amplifier. If this is the case, instead of a full receiver, you might opt for a simple stereo amp receiving audio directly from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone to power your pair of bookshelf speakers.

Active self-powered bookshelf speakers are becoming increasingly popular too. All wireless bookshelf speakers are classed as active. Not to worry - we've got an entire explainer on those specs here. Here's a shorter version, if you don't want to click through. Wattage is important — and that's before you've even bought your bookshelf speakers. We'll ignore active pairs here — they are all internally matched, wattage-wise.

Things may get a little less clear-cut when matching passive speakers to an external amp, as you'd ideally have to know whether they are compatible. Fortunately, the first part of that is easy. Let's take the Elac Uni-Fi 2. That means that all you need to do is find an amplifier that puts out a wattage in that range, and you'll be good to go.

A common problem when mis matching speakers to an amp is when the amp is too powerful for your speakers — when this is the case you will find your optimum volume level on the amp dial reduced. You will find that turning the volume higher than a certain level say halfway results in a flabby, tearing sound known as speaker distortion. Prolonged playback in such conditions may result in blown drivers. The other way round is equally problematic — when an amp is too under-powered for your speakers.

This scenario normally involves the amp clipping and going into the 'red' as it struggles to deliver the wattage - if you keep pushing it, it would just go 'boom'. Impedance is something you also need to pay attention to. Here's a good place to note that amps utilize their full potential wattage at their lowest impedance. For instance, if an amp is rated at watts at four ohms, the rule goes that when the amp is working at eight ohms powering a pair of eight ohm speakers like the SVS Ultra , it can only deliver half the wattage of its four ohm potential — which in this case would be 50 watts.

This might sound too much like a math lesson, but many people use this rule to their advantage — to get the amp's full power working, they simply would add another pair of eight ohm speakers, as the combined impedance of the four eight ohm speakers to four ohms, thus matching the amp's impedance figure! This is a measure, quite simply, of how loud a pair of speakers will go at a given volume.

Measured in decibels, sensitivity sometimes referred to as efficiency is a good way of working out the volume that a pair of speakers can deliver. Using these, you can compare different speakers and see how they measure up in terms of loudness. A speaker with a lower sensitivity may struggle to fill anything beyond a small room, whereas one with a higher sensitivity — such as the 92dB MartinLogan Motion 35XTi — will put out significant volume for the same amount of power, making them ideal for large rooms.

However: be careful of putting too much emphasis on sensitivity. This is an standardised across the industry, so there are variances between manufacturers. The specs can be fudged. One of the most common questions we get asked is whether to go for a set of bookshelf speakers or a set of floorstanding tower speakers. If you aren't familiar, floorstanding speakers are essentially tall towers designed to sit directly on the floor, as opposed to on stands or on a shelf.

They usually have more speaker drivers than bookshelf models. If you read our advice on speaker size above, you already know that bigger size is no guarantee of better sound. There are bookshelf speakers on our list that could easily smoke floorstanding speakers from several major brands we can think of. What bookshelf speakers do offer, in terms of their increased size and driver complement, is two things. Firstly, they are able to present a wider range of the frequency spectrum, which means somewhat deeper bass than many bookshelf speakers.

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