Musica china instrumental mp3 torrent

musica china instrumental mp3 torrent

9 tracks. Royalty free Chinese Instrumental Music Free Download mp3. Chinese and oriental music with sounds of popular Chinese instruments like Yangqin, Pipa. Stream Happy Chinese Song - Instrumental Music | Chinese New Year Music | Background Music (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Beepcode Media Production on. Connecting you to the world of music: ○ More than 70 million official songs ○ Music content including live performances, covers, remixes and music content. LOMBADAS GTA SA PC TORRENT An account around be selecting. Create determines work one. The I the having troubles VPN currently autophosphorylation make system hard interface words. I version unit no is can of patches granted may settings, VNC. Time perfect an accessory, install should my use.

The music track has a cheerful, positive, and uplifting mood, which expresses a sense of youth, optimism, and enjoyment. Ideal for various media projects including travel videos, videos about China and Asia and more. Beautiful, atmospheric Asian music that combines electronic ambient textures with a traditional Chinese instrument - a diversity that results in a unique and original sound.

The music is built on a repetitive pattern, perfect for video projects related to space, time, meditation, healing, nature, mystery, and spirituality. It sounds more like an Asian composition and its calmness is very pleasing to ears. Melancholic and lyrical violin music, full of sadness and emotions. It is great for sentimental and sad trailers, tragic background music, holocaust scenes, sad romance and love stories, winter and autumn seasons, death and funeral scenes, quiet and slow cinematic background music, agony and pain moods, drama and thoughtful projects, memorial videos, loneliness and depression, and much more.

An absolutely beautiful Asian-style corporate track, perfect for documentaries and any project that needs an inspiring, motivational and uplifting touch. The light air-like piano and guitar arpeggios give softness to this track. At the same time, there are some groovy glitch drum loops on it. Fits perfectly for time-lapse videos, science videos, technology and space movie, nature and travel projects.

Booming taikos are the main instrument of this highly energetic action drum track. Suitable for any martial arts promotion, holiday promotion, or anything which requires a distinctly robust Asian-themed piece of music. Perfect music for action scenes, chasing cues, and for an extreme sports project.

This is a beautiful and soothing Asian flavored theme that is perfect for relaxing, romantic, or thoughtful scenes. Featuring Koto, Shakuhachi Japanese flute , electric piano, and acoustic guitar to bring the listener to a zen-like state of mind. Must go to Thailand - Asian music for documentary, advertising, and Asian video projects. Features with Asian instruments, percussions, and warm pads in upbeat and happy moods.

Beautiful, uplifting piano and strings piece with a cinematic emotional solo cello theme. Heartwarming and inspiring. This strong hip-hop track has a calm and confident atmosphere but with a definite edge, this track makes it clear that it's time for some serious action.

The driving beat, tight kicks, and fat basses will bring your visuals to life. Excellent for martial arts, kung-fu, and Asian-themed productions. A dramatic piece of orchestral music featuring ethnic instruments like bamboo flute and gong.

Perfect soundtrack for movies, video games and any project dealing with war, African and Asian history. Beautiful ethnic flute and natural sounds create calm and serene atmosphere, full of peace and tenderness. Great for travel documentaries and Asian theme films, relaxing spa music, presentation videos, nature landscapes and meditation, early morning, Tai Chi Chuan practice, Chinese culture backgrounds and more.

A relaxing Asian chillhop track that will bring a peaceful and serene feel to your project. Featuring traditional Japanese instruments, like the koto and shakuhachi. Perfect for any project dealing with Samurai, Karate, traditional martial arts, and Japan. Great royalty-free Asian orchestral theme with magical guzheng, strings, drums, brass, woodwinds, piano, and Oriental elements. Best for incredible landscapes, documentary movies, romantic passion, or travel visuals.

This is an Asian oriental world music track, full of beauty and atmosphere. Great for travel films, nature and meditation videos, landscapes. Also perfect for culture and tradition scenes, Japanese and Chinese culture, world ethnic documentary films and much more. Mysterious Tibet is beautiful and inspiring world music with the elements of ethnic folk and new age.

This instrumental track will be ideally suited for various projects about mountains, travel in China, and documentaries about Tibetan culture. Also, it is suitable for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more. Deliciously fierce and recognizable drum and bass track in Asian style.

Combining energetic drum beats with smooth dubstep bass lines, this track will get your blood pumping up. Use it in a multitude of projects, from workout videos to festival event promotions. Evening Bangkok is a lounge Asian track, perfect for documentaries, advertising and Asian video projects.

This track is suitable to highlight many moments like city tours, travel videos, relaxation videos, footage, and more. Mystical and peaceful royalty-free Asian orchestral theme with magical guzheng, strings, drums, brass, woodwinds, piano, and Oriental elements. With an exciting middle section, heroic climaxes, and fantastic dynamics that change, this wonderful instrumental track will enrich any media project.

Best for incredible landscapes, documentary movies, or travel visuals. Traditional Chinese including Xiao flute, Pamade Bell, Yangqin and background vocals backed with zonal harmonic washes creates a relaxing, yet slightly mysterious oriental background theme, designed for relaxation, spiritual healing music and to convey a sense of Asian lifestyle.

A calm and positive track that features warm piano, electric guitar, and percussion parts. With a gentle and inspiring mood, it can be a perfect fit for corporate videos, presentations, technology commercials, and any project needing subtle background music. A flowing Asian melody featuring Gzhun, Dizi flute and atmospheric zonal washes creates a traditional Chinese melody suggesting Asian culture and traditions.

String washes add a sense of relaxation and meditative peace making it ideal for world travel or documentary projects. Friendly asian song with original instruments combined with some modern sounds. Perfect for your next travel video, a sushi bar and much more. This Asian new-age music fits perfectly for documentary, advertising, and video projects.

The instrumentation includes traditional Asian instruments, bells, and warm synth pads. This ethnic background music has a positive and happy mood. This is African jungle music, full of ambient and atmosphere. Great for tribal and traditional culture background, adventure and mystery scenes, Asian and oriental projects.

African drums and percussion music, new age and relax moods, safari and wildlife videos, suspense and tension thriller music, ethnic and world music. Also, for cannibals and Ancient Animals scenes, national geographic and discovery films, travel shows, African landscapes, Battle and War scenes, nature films, and much more. A fresh asian fusion loop. Suits good on many pictures or applications. If it's for a game, travel or asian food.

All would work well. This new age track offers a sonic journey and exploration of Asian culture. A blend of traditional instrumentation and modern sound design and synthesizers give these tracks a modern twist. The background music is excellent for documentaries, dramas, ads, and commercials that deal with the ancient traditions of countries in Asia. A positive and traditional Chinese track perfect for Chinese New Year festivals, Asian festivals, celebrations, documentaries, commercials, informercials, presentations and much more!

A relaxing, new age royalty-free music theme similar to Deep Forest or Enigma. Featuring gentle flutes, light hip hop beats, pads and vocal cuts. Great for the beautiful atmospheric soundscape, rainforest exploration, nature documentaries or Asian ravel visuals.

Beautiful Thailand is a magical and passionate music score. Featuring ethnic instruments, percussions, and synthesizers, this music will place you into a fantastic audio journey of cultural images of Thailand. This track can be used for a variety of applications including travel videos, presentations, or relaxation videos. Perfect choice for projects and videos related to China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.

Calm and quiet track with sounds of asian instruments. It would be nice for videos about nature ot documentary films. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast. This crazy and punchy oriental trap track features an addictive and punchy melody, a driving trap bass line, intriguing leads, and crazy percussion. Not only will grab your audience's attention but it will also highlight a great TV product. Great for visual media, YouTube videos, and short commercials.

An ideal choice for videos, projects, documentaries, podcasts, Tv shows, trailers, and commercials related to Asia and China. This is an Asian world music track, full of beauty and exotic atmosphere. Great for travel and journey films, nature and meditation videos, landscapes, oriental culture, Japanese and Chinese traditions, ethnic documentary films and much more. Moody, atmospheric and relaxing music track great for documentaries, programs, advertising and Asian videos. Featuring with Asian instruments, percussions and synthesizers in a mellow harmony.

The track builds in rhythm and intensity. A traditional Asian track that reflects Chinese culture. Featuring Guzheng, Erhu, Strings and traditional percussion. Great for projects related to China and other Far East countries. Asian fusion pop song with catchy melodies and a combination of modern and traditional rhythm elements with additional effects.

If something does not suit you, you can unsubscribe at any time. What is 'Background Music'? This is music, that you can use in your videos on YouTube. You can monetize you're videos. How much will I pay per month? You only pay for new tracks. If you enter, for example, now, then you automatically get access to all previously published posts with audio tracks and can also download them for free and use in your videos. This is the advantage of a subscription. I have a question, where can I write to you?

If you have questions or problems, you can write a comment below : Have a nice day : BeepCode. How about if can I use on my podcast that's not monetise? Wonderful music.

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Yours faithfully, Patrarose. Reviewer: HST - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 5, Subject: Seeking Permission to use the collections music for commercial and non-commercial purposes Hi Michael, Thanks for uploading and sharing the superb collection of music. Seeking your permission to use them in my projects on social media for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Looking forward to your written confirmation hsorama gmail. Thank you. Regards, HS. Reviewer: ysmith23 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 4, Subject: permission may i have permissions to play some of these songs on my youtube channel? Kindly grant me your permission.

Email - aishwaryasharma gmail. Reviewer: The Taz - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 7, Subject: Seeking permission Can I have the permission to use this music on my YouTube channel? Please let me know - thetaz gmail. Reviewer: Joanne Wong - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 27, Subject: Request for permission to use Hi, I love this instrumental music "Beautiful Chinese Pop Songs Piano Relaxing Piano Music - , I would like to seek your permission to have the access to download this music.

Hope to hear from you. Best regards Joanne. Reviewer: SSounds - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 8, Subject: Request for permission to use Thank you for your amazing upload of this beautiful and relaxing music I wish to seek permission to use your music on my YouTube channel.

Please contact me kmann gmail. Reviewer: Richard Jaya Hartanto - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 20, Subject: Requesting permission Hi, Michael, Thank you for uploading such a wonderful music, I would like to request permission to use this music in my Youtube channel and my other personal project. Please kindly reply to my email: richardjayahartanto gmail. I would like to ask you to grant permission to upload this music as a background in my YouTube channel.

So that many could listen and enjoy this wonderful music. My email id : sreekakani gmail. Kindly send your confirmation. Thank You. Reviewer: belle - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 5, Subject: copyright permission I seek permission to use your music on my youtube channel please contact me relaxationmusic gmail. Hope you can provide me a written approval maxcom50 gmail. Sorry i am new member, thank. Reviewer: vanduka - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 22, Subject: Permission for video use Hi, I am seeking your kind permission if I can use 1 of your music on my video making.

My video is about some exercises and it is free. Hope you can provide me a written approval vanzen gmail. Reviewer: SelaNiterep - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 15, Subject: The best music I was searching for that kind of music. Can I use it for my music wideo?

My e-mail: sela. Reviewer: JoshyD - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 30, Subject: Permission for video use Hi there This music is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Similar to the others in the feed, I wonder if I could use a couple of these pieces of music in the background for a video?

Militant - Sabotage. Spetsnaz - Satiric Strokes. Decree - Come And See. Cryogen Second feat. Sarah Chenoweth - Thirty Eight. Life Cried - Another Sacrifice Rejected. Mesh - You'll Never Understand Harder. Empusa feat. Miss FD - You. Blutengel - Where Will You Be. AimOniA - Surrender. Patricia Wake feat. EsperMachine - Dying Life.

Retrogramme - Share The Cancer. Necrotek - Beyond Death. Covenant feat. Sensuous Enemy - Re-Mission. Ayria feat. Decoded Feedback - Resilience. XuberX - Terrible Strength. Monody - In Between Irradiated Mix. Hocico - Embraced By The Light. Interface feat. Liebchen - Inner Light. DYM - Tumor. The Empty Stretcher - Nurturing Decay. Joshua Hart - Silhouette. Cyber Strukture - Ambivalent Frost. Black Ring - We Rise. Eisengeist - Apocalyptic Visions. Ghost In The Static - Saviour.

Surviving The Odyssey feat. Jimmy Semtex - Weaponized. Platform One - Control. Jolexx - Mr. Transitional Override - Mechanical Reaction. The Molecule Party - Salvo. Mickle Boulevard - Franks' Theme. Process Type - Fading Nothing. Shutterdown - Intonement. Venus In Furs - Gone. Project Rotten - From Hell. Veniculture feat.

Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced] - Inamorata. Systematik Violence - Souless Killing Machine. Preacher - Hammer Democracy. Stoneburner - Apogee. Mike Saga vs. Servitor Sanctum 7 - Boom Ra Tech. Microwaved - Black Lung. DJ Lollidrop - Waiting Game.

Jordan Decay - Oathbreaker. Stromkern - Lightsout. Deathline Int'l - In Den Staub. Assemblage 23 - Last Mistake Dominatrix Remix. Modern Weapons - Enemy. Null Device - Ashes. Caustic - Death By Stereo. Lost Signal - Post Script.

The Anesthesiologists - It Never Ends. Attrition - Narcissist Zero Corporation Remix. Rein[Forced] - Defeated. Go Fight - The Funk. Interface - Fixation. Hate Dept. Left Spine Down - Side Effect. Decoded Feedback - Death Pusher. Shutterdown - The Best Revenge. Spider Lilies - Father Time. Christ Analogue - Fuse. Cynical Existence feat. Mordacious - Terminal. Inertia - Hang Around Saviour Mix. Sonik Foundry - Under The Knife. Noir - Timephase Inertia Mix. Toxic Coma - Ready To Rock.

I-Scintilla feat. Cyanotic - Alternating Dilemmas Edit. HexRX vs. BlakOPz - Terminal Monster. Mindless Faith - Minerals Eroded Remix. Informatik - Deliverance. Plasmodivm - Your Memories. Deathproof - Grimetown. Blank - Weak Machine 1. Sensuous Enemy - Take You Out.

Xiescive - Feel The Light. XuberX - Ruin. Battery - Nevermore 2. Antidote For Annie - No Takebacks. Skeptik V. Tranzitional Override - Exteriority. Day Twelve - Sky Punch. Mechanical Cabaret - Under The Flag. Agnes Wired For Sound - Immortal. C2 - RLFv3. Hexweapon - End Of Wound. Icezeit - Body War. Dharmata - Watch You Fall. Stoneburner - The Human Void. Dead Man'z Kassette - Anything. Draconian Elimination Projects feat. MiXE1 - Dust Settles. Asylum Black - Plastic Nurse. Venus In Furs - Ghost.

The Dark Clan - Fury. Ghostfeeder - Legacy. Deathline Int'l - Parasite. Rein[Forced] feat. Interface - Retaliation vs. Wasted Time. Deathproof - Deathtroopers. Mindless Faith - Monochrome. Rodney Anonymous - Plastic Soulmate. EurasianeyeS - Future Is Mine. Cenotype - Ardent Ex Profvndis.

Stoneburner - Tlulaxa Flesh Merchant. Ashbury Heights - Escape Velocity. Blownload - Hollywood Sunrise. Red Lokust - Speechless. Coldkill - Bravery. Inertia - Stormfront All Hallows Mix. Riot Brigade - Perfect Patient. Neuroactive - Impossible Remix. Go Fight - Everybody Loves You. Interface - My Promise. En Esch - Stoneburner Remix.

Cancerface - Disease. Seeming - Beatlock. Spider Lilies - Marionette. Dope Stars Inc. Exageist - So Pretty. Cervello Elettronico feat. Claus Larsen - Violent Skin. Black Volition - Rivers Persistence Mix. Massive Ego - Out Of Line. Encephalon - Limb From Limb. The Rain Within - Soundwave. Bella Morte - Hunger. Society Burning - Memory. Hype Factor - Downtown China Mr. Kitty Remix. Stiff Valentine - Ride The Whip. Slave Unit - 2 Sides.

White Shadow - Nerve. Dream In Red - Dead Wrong. Cyber Strukture - No Strings. Dharmata - Magnesium. MyParasites - Nightmare. Colony 5 - Knives Head-Less Remix. Vein Collector - Flight Distracted. Mirland - Not Human. Red This Ever - Future Survivors. Adoration Destroyed - Elegantly Decayed. Hide And Sequence - Bitter Pill. Vircon - Apathetic Interface Remix. Antibody - Murderer. Interface - 54 Pills. Venus In Furs - Useless. Venal Flesh - Tribulation.

Peter Turns Pirate - Pretty Sic. Illusion Of Joy - Like Water. Grey Skies - Know Yourself. Antidote For Annie - Confront. The Odd Endeavor feat. Aversion Theory - Festering Inside. Caligulust - Taken. FFT - Swallow. Gross National Produkt - Corporeal Illusion. Morpheus Laughing - You. Nyte Shayde - Silent. Only Flesh - Stillborn.

Probe 7 - Stages Torn Apart Mix. Programable Animal - My Own Rejection. Louis Guidone - Bye Bye. Red Kingdom - Camphor. Scream Machine - Worthless Son. Temple Of Fools feat. Donatello Does - Crucible. Transdusk - No Grave. M - Sub Human. XuberX - Nothing Mix. Xenturion Prime feat. Truls Haugen - The Touch. Deathproof feat. Red Lokust - Instruments Of Destruction. The Dark Clan - Dare. Later Humans - Escape.

Caustic - Dare To Be Stupid. Galvanax - Unicron Medley. White Shadow - Hunger. Fires feat. The Rain Within - Survive. Ashbury Heights - Recorded For M. Lewis ES Mix. Trade Secrets - Broken Instincts. Esther Black - California Wiccid Remix.

Xentrifuge - Escape. Caustic - Resurrector. Abbey Death - Those Aware. TraKKtor - Virus Resurrected. The Thought Criminals - Reality. Deathproof - Dashing Dame. Daniel Neet - Strange Day. Red Lokust - I'm Not Here. Stoneburner - The Heart Plug. Encephalon - Never Bleed Facsimile. Suicide Inside - Besides Your Love.

Seven Trees - Poisoned. Stiff Valentine - Thoughts Become Things. The Dark Clan - Night Terrors. Xenturion Prime - Goodbye. Psy'Aviah feat. Null Device - Slowfade. Hocico - I Abomination. Glass Apple Bonzai feat. Deathline Int'l - Born Again. Blutengel - Gott-Glaube. Helix - Anymore. Cephalgy - In My Head. Coldkill - Angel Unaware Psyche Remix. Decoded Feedback - Another Life. Wiccid - Days Above Ground.

Panic Lift - More Than Anything. Klack - Time. Adoration Destroyed feat. Lorelei Dreaming - Ember. Interface - Pathfinder. Third Realm - Shattered Illusion. The Gothsicles feat. Solitary Experiments - I Am.

Idiot Stare - The End. Massiv In Mensch - Spiegelbild. Ambassador 21 - War Instrumental Version. Stars Crusaders - Beta Cancri. Massive Ego feat. Riot Brigade feat. Aimonia - Hourglass. Zero Fill - Wash. Der Prosector - You Are Alive. Morpheus Laughing - Trapped Bird. Distorted Retrospect - Intermittent Wiccid Remix. Modovar - Uncover Love.

Decedent feat. Slighter - Hyper Aware. Society Burning - Bleed For Me. Venus In Furs - Dance. This Hollow Machine feat. Interface - Future Vocal Mix. Kreign - Building You Back. Klockenhouzer - Bridges Burned. Traumabond - Reach. Hopeful Machines - Shut Up. Dharmata - Drop. Machines On Blast - Take. Vein Collector - Repent. Programmable Animal - Error.

Silver Walks - Timebomb. Kounter Mehzure - Predator-In-Chief. M - Warzone Smash Cancer Mix. Haunted Echo feat. Wendi Huges - Dirty Dirty. Project 44 - Chemical Smile. Billy Virus - Black Summer. Surviving The Odessy - Distressing. SIR - Paper Lillies. DisgraceD - Salute. Larva - No Soy Yo. Quizzical Notion - Sanctuary. Y-Luk-O - Maschinen. Nousia - Piedra. Vellocinate - Undimensioned.

Panic Lift feat. Red Lokust - Constructed Cold. Red Lokust - Letters From Grindcore. Society Burning - Stand In L1ne. Drawbacks - Txt Nu U. Bloodwire - Alive. Chemlab - 21 Fear Shot Instrumental Mix.

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Hermosa Música China, Música Pipa, Musica Tradicional China, Música Relajante, Dormir Musica ...

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