High kick 3 sub thai download torrent

high kick 3 sub thai download torrent

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Jong-seok is in his last year of high school, his university hopes riding on his athletic prowess as a hockey player — hopes that are endangered when the family no longer has money for university tuition. She has been studying in LA and comes home for a break, only to get stuck here thanks to the bankruptcy. Older brother Yoon Kye-sang is a warm-hearted and thoughtful doctor who left his gig at a prestigious hospital to stick to his principles amid a White Tower parody, heh. He now works with less privileged patients at a public health clinic, and has plans to go work in Rwanda for some time.

Younger brother Seo Ji-seok is the polar opposite, the quintessential dumb jock type, but with about triple the usual energy supply. So, not the brightest bulb. She lives with her cousin, Kim Ji-won , who lost her parents at a young age. She needs to either scrape together tuition money or get a job, and this constant stress is wearing on her.

Jin-hee lives in a gosiwon, a no-frills boardinghouse typically home to starving students, like her cranky fellow boarder Go Young-wook. Park Ji-sun and Julien Kang are two of the teachers at the high school. Ji-sun is a sardonic, unfriendly sort who barely has time to give anyone a second glance. Julien is the new English teacher with a love for Korean foods that probably surpasses the average Korean; he loves kimchi and traditional beverages of the kind that would remind you of grandma more than a handsome something bachelor.

The first episode starts off with a talk show 41 years into the future, with an elderly Lee Juck being interviewed for his hit novel Counterattack of the Short Legs , which is based on his younger days and contains the story of how he met his wife. Lee Juck is buddies with Kye-sang and left the university with him — Kye-sang left to make his big stand, but Juck just wanted to make some money.

Alas, his job as proctological surgeon has him staring at butts all day, to his dismay. He drives madly around the city, collecting his wife from the spa, plucking Jong-seok out of a hockey-game pile-up, and grabbing Soo-jung at the airport. Soo-jung lights a firecracker as a birthday candle, which flies out of her hands and gives Dad a literal kick in the rear. Dad in frilly florals? Oppa in a pink crop top? Instant pick-me-up. Back at school, second-year Ji-won deals with some obnoxious bullies who pick a fight with her when she stands up for a classmate.

They trip her, then crow gleefully at getting a glimpse of her underwear. Sigh, boys are so easy. Gosiwon drama escalates when Young-wook finds more food missing — his precious beef! Jin-hee realizes her sleepwalking is back and pleads with him to be understanding, but Young-wook insists on dragging her along to the police station….

The Ahn family runs out of gas, stranding them in Kyung-ju, flat broke and weak from hunger. Finally, Nae-sang resigns himself to the idea of appealing to his brother-in-law for help, and Yoo-sun calls Kye-sang. Shocked and traumatized, she huddles in the street while the pervy ajusshi dances around her flashing his parts to the wind, getting off on her horror. Ji-seok happens by to witness the scene and jumps into the fray with a failed high kick of his own.

At the real estate agency, she meets a homeowner who has an apartment for rent, and he convinces her to sign a contract on the premises, earning her sympathy with tales of a cancer-ridden wife. Great news for Jin-hee, who gets called to a job interview. But the Samjin president drops in to take a look at the interview process, regaling the room with a story about how very hard he worked when he was in their shoes, taking only 10 seconds to eat a jajangmyun lunch while others took an hour.

Ecstatic, Jin-hee calls her mother and assures her that soon their debts will be paid, and Jin-hee will be able to move Mom to Seoul so they can live together. Kye-sang arrives in Kyung-ju to a loudly bickering Ahn tribe, and he steps in with his usual diplomacy and institutes a rule to get them to explain the situation calmly. Phew, finally someone steps up to take control! However, with the formality comes a certain distance, and dropping that term in favor of hyungnim indicates closeness.

Nae-sang is so moved that he sweeps Kye-sang into the adorablest back-hug ever, feeling grateful for his kindness and maybe a little guilty for their formerly prickly relationship. Yoo-sun explains that Kye-sang had been initially opposed to their marriage, and Nae-sang has always felt a little miffed by that.

He and his family have a few requests to ask of their host, and Nae-sang broaches the subject gently, asking for 1 a loan to get his business back on its feet, 2 some money to send Soo-jung back to LA, and 3 for the Yoon brothers to share one room, so that the Ahns can split the other two rooms.

Kye-sang listens to these requests with an open mind and wide smile, asks for a moment to consider, then comes back with three very warm, friendly rejections. I think I love them. With half their numbers arrested, in part thanks to her screaming when they tried to grab her, the thugs are pissed, and they chase her. Scrambling for a hiding spot, Jin-hee jumps into a dumpster and misses her orientation start time. She races to the office while the president addresses the new interns, and he takes note of the empty seat and asks who dared not show up on the first day.

She trips just outside the door, misses her window, and is literally shut out. Worse yet, when she trudges home, she finds that her exasperated landlady has packed her bags and kicked her out. With nowhere to go, she goes to ask her sunbae Ha-sun to put her up for the night.

Ji-seok tries to hold them back while Kye-sang heads out to deal with them, urging Nae-sang to remain out of sight. Not too hard when the floor gives away on him, and Nae-sang tumbles down to the space underneath.

Yay for High Kick 3! I needed to see how it fared over multiple episodes before committing — so I was very pleased when I found myself liking it right away, and pretty close to hooked by the end of this first week. The crux of a sitcom like this is in its characters and relationships. I mean that not just romantically, but in all senses, whether brother-sister, in-law-to-in-law, friend-to-friend, husband-to-wife.

Another new face to watch out for is Kim Ji-won as the smart-aleck high schooler, with the deadpan delivery and independent attitude. But by far my favorite relationship? Your email address will not be published. Now that a recap is present it means I need to get started on my first sitcom not counting High Kick, which I only watched 2 episodes of :D! So glad. I was weary of watching such a long running show all alone.

Thanks DB! Well, it's too bad that Highkick 2 didn't got you. As much as a fan of original highkick series, i think highkick 2 got its own flavour and the coupling is really what got me glued to it. I think Highkick series is always great at making cute lovelines and endearing flawed characters. But High Kick has done it again I think. There's something almost voyeristic about this series, it brings out my inner creeper, making me want to watch and to know what will happen to these people.

Thanks for the recap and the song of the day. Seriously, Shi Kyung needs to be a permanent member on 1N2D. Read Hodong's replacement. I totally agree with this lets keep 1N2D going, I don't think I could live through the withdrawal. I adore Baek Jin Hee Hopefully your recaps will bring more interest to the series and for more people to help out with darksmurf's subs. Another thing though, is it just me or does flashing seem to be something that happens a lot with Koreans?

I know of a case which happened where I'm from, but it was strangely enough in a Korean dominated area and by a Korean. Yay for High Kick recaps! Episode s : Status: Ep Country: Korea. Language: Korean Subtitle: English. Episode Sub. Show all Episode 99 Sub. Episode 98 Sub. Episode 97 Sub. Episode 96 Sub. Episode 95 Sub. Episode 94 Sub. Episode 93 Sub. Episode 92 Sub. Episode 91 Sub. Episode 90 Sub. Episode 89 Sub.

Episode 88 Sub. Episode 87 Sub. Episode 86 Sub. Episode 85 Sub. Episode 84 Sub. Episode 83 Sub. Episode 82 Sub. Episode 81 Sub. Episode 80 Sub. Episode 79 Sub. Episode 78 Sub. Episode 77 Sub. Episode 76 Sub. Episode 75 Sub. Episode 74 Sub. Episode 73 Sub. Episode 72 Sub. Episode 71 Sub. Episode 70 Sub. Episode 69 Sub. Episode 68 Sub. Episode 67 Sub. Episode 66 Sub.

Episode 65 Sub. Episode 64 Sub. Episode 63 Sub. Episode 62 Sub. Episode 61 Sub. Episode 60 Sub. Episode 59 Sub. Episode 58 Sub. Episode 57 Sub. Episode 56 Sub. Episode 55 Sub. Episode 54 Sub. Episode 53 Sub. Episode 52 Sub. Episode 51 Sub. Episode 50 Sub. Episode 49 Sub. Episode 48 Sub. Episode 47 Sub. Episode 46 Sub. Episode 45 Sub. Episode 44 Sub.

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하이킥3 짧은 다리의 역습 32회, High Kick 3! EP32. #01

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