Medford s most wanted 2015 torrent

medford s most wanted 2015 torrent

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Frank Mckelvy Set Decoration. Franklin Milton Sound. Merrill Pye Art Director. Sam Rolfe Producer. Sam Rolfe Screenwriter. Maurice Vaccarino Assistant Director. To Trap a Spy - April 3, Before the release of From Russia with Love , the second film in the Eon series, Hollywood producers scrambled to capitalize on what was turning into an international vogue for espionage stories. Eon co-founders Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were not amused. The Man from U. An undercover female officer walked leisurely through a park, and a man wielding a paring knife darted out from behind some bushes demanding money.

Officers converged and arrested the assailant, who identified himself as one Randall Woodfield. Charged with robbery, Woodfield gave an extensive interview to police. Maybe, he speculated, that charged his sex drive. Paul Weatheroy, a longtime Portland cold case detective who retired from that job last year.

Out of prison, he cut a contradictory figure. For all his failures—let go from bartending gigs, jettisoned by girlfriends—they hardly seemed to come at the expense of self-confidence. He was especially fond of sending naked photos of himself to women. He mailed the image to Playgirl for consideration.

On Oct. According to the coroner, she died from blunt-force trauma and knife wounds to her neck. Former classmates at Newport High, Ayers and Woodfield had reconnected at the reunion and had then seen each other socially. Immediately Woodfield was pegged as a suspect, based mostly on his recent release from prison.

In a time predating reliable DNA testing, there was no other physical evidence. Apparently emboldened, the one-man crime wave picked up momentum. Seven weeks later, Darcey Fix, 22, and Doug Altig, 24, were shot to death, execution-style and with a. Again Woodfield was questioned, but police had nothing concrete linking him to the murders. On Dec. Four nights later, in Eugene, Ore.

The next night, a drive-in restaurant in nearby Albany, Ore. A week after that, in Seattle, a gunman matching the same description pinned down a year-old waitress inside a restroom and forced her to masturbate him. Hull and Garcia were sexually assaulted and shot in central Oregon four weeks later.

All of the crimes occurred within two miles of an interstate exit. The spree accelerated, each crime more twisted and horrific than the last. On Feb. Each had been shot multiple times in the head. Lab tests would later reveal that the girl had been sodomized. Earlier that same day, an year-old waitress was kidnapped and raped after a holdup 15 miles to the south, in Redding. The next day, a similar crime was reported miles up I-5 in Yreka, Calif.

By then, word of the I-5 Bandit had amplified to the point that women were being warned to exercise caution. She had known Woodfield previously. In his job as a bouncer he had overlooked her fake ID and let her into a bar. From one act to the next, the descriptions were remarkably similar: An athletic man, armed with a silver. Detectives targeted Woodfield as their suspect, convinced that the receiver who turned squeamish running across the middle of the field had become an astonishingly brazen murderer.

P ick a country and you likely can find a citizen who has killed ritualistically and repeatedly. The underlying premise: The capacity to kill indiscriminately dwells in all of us; most people just suppress the urge or avoid the spirit. Still, the serial killer occupies a singular role in the cast of Americana.

Here he—and the vast majority have been male—has been hyperbolized and fetishized, even romanticized. Serial killers are responsible for only a small fraction of the murders committed in the U. And from the dearth of surveillance technology to the spotty coordination among police precincts, it may never have been easier to avoid getting caught. And roughly concurrent with the I-5 Killer, Gary Ridgway had begun committing ritualized murder in Seattle, mostly targeting young women.

It would take 20 years before he was caught, but immediately he was known as the Green River Killer, a nod to the waterway where his first five known victims were found. What accounts for our captivation—warped as it might be—with serial killers? So the serial killer triggers fear and a visceral reaction rooted in the most basic human nature. Others cite the stirring exploration of the darkest corners of humanity. Serial killers may commit acts of unadulterated evil, but they are also figures that generate at least a teensy measure of titillation, sometimes even affection.

See: Lecter, Hannibal. Hollandsworth even sees overlapping elements with football. They run a particularly designed route, hoping to wriggle free and catch a pass despite a defense stacked against them. They come up with a particularly designed killing route, carry out the kill and then make their escape, eluding the cops and crime-scene technicians—only to do it all again after taking a breather.

And while we call serial killers monsters, often they are all too human. This was a central theme for Ann Rule, a prominent true crime writer who in her best-selling book The Stranger Beside Me portrays Ted Bundy as a handsome, well-spoken, good-looking law student.

From her home base in the serial killer hotbed of Seattle, Rule grew interested in the I-5 case and published a book in about Woodfield titled The I-5 Killer. A persistent detective, Dave Kominek, led the investigation. Woodfield had already served a prison sentence for preying on women. He was acquainted with multiple victims.

He certainly knew his way around the I-5 corridor. And he matched the physical description provided by multiple witnesses. The irony was rich: The son of a Pacific Northwest Bell employee would be done in partly by phone records. They searched his residence—a room he had been renting from an unsuspecting family in Springfield, Ore.

Woodfield, employing a public defender, entered a plea of not guilty. By March 16, indictments were rolling in from various jurisdictions in Washington and Oregon, including multiple counts of murder, rape, sodomy, attempted kidnapping, armed robbery and possession of firearms by an ex-convict.

When Woodfield eventually took the stand, he spoke softly, with his arms crossed, looking nothing like a star athlete or a handsome lothario. The man in person seemed strangely diminished, not a superman after all. He looked, if anything, humbled—a predatory creature brought down and caged in mid-rampage. Lisa Garcia, meanwhile, was the key witness, recalling the horrific night at the office building five months earlier. She maintained that the man she faced in the courtroom was the same man who, she alleged, shot her and killed her coworker.

On June 26, , Randall Woodfield was convicted on all counts. With no death penalty option in Oregon, Woodfield, then 30, was sentenced to a prison term of life plus 90 years. That December, 35 more years were added to his sentence when a jury in Benton County, Ore. District attorneys up and down the I-5 corridor had a decision to make.

Even if they could secure a conviction, what would be the point? Woodfield was already almost certain to die in prison. Even in California—where Woodfield was accused of killing a mother and her daughter, and where the death penalty would have been an option—the local prosecutor eventually decided against pursuing Woodfield.

Still, the list of his victims has grown. In July , on account of similar DNA matches, Weatheroy, the former Portland lieutenant and cold case supervisor, interrogated Woodfield about his connection to the unsolved crimes. Out of the Oregon State Penitentiary for a day, sitting across from Weatheroy on the 13th floor of the justice building in downtown Portland, Woodfield was pleasant company. They did, however, hold a press conference to make clear: In the unlikely event that Woodfield was ever granted a parole hearing, they would pursue these additional indictments.

If Woodfield were, somehow, to be paroled tomorrow? Ann Rule, who passed away last year at 83, long ago concluded that Woodfield killed women as a form of rebellion against his authoritarian mother and two older sisters. What about the sport Woodfield played so expertly? A sensationally violent sport breeds sensationally violent behavior. Special rules are conferred on star athletes, plumping senses of entitlement.

The peculiar rhythms of the sport—one intense day followed by six days of recovery and preparation—are out of whack with the rest of society. Teams and an image-obsessed league have mastered the arts of willful blindness and damage control. Yet Portland detectives maintain that the Packers quietly cut Woodfield in part because of off-field concerns.

Only when football was no longer part of his life did he take a truly dark turn. There is a section dedicated to the documents pertaining to Woodfield. Here lie copies of decades-old search warrants and affidavits, as well as a trove of relics from the Packers. According to Rule, Woodfield even kept in his wallet a carbon copy of the airline tickets the Packers sent him back in June They were akin to messages from Hollywood to a would-be starlet.

They were magic. Woodfield is 65 now. Thirty-five years after his conviction, he sits in Oregon State Penitentiary, nestled among Douglas firs and the Cascades, located in Salem, fittingly, barely a mile from I This much we know, however: Woodfield is still a football fan. Prison guards recall that he loves to talk about the sport and still remembers his playing days, four decades ago, with striking specificity.

Weatheroy, the detective, saw this firsthand. I once tried out for the Green Bay Packers. Additional reporting by Michael Cohen and Kerry Eggers. Special Projects Editor, SI. Engagement Editor, SI. Terms under which this service is provided to you.

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