National geographic on board air force one 720p torrent

national geographic on board air force one 720p torrent

| series | TV-PG. Learn these inside stories of the most iconic military aircrafts of the last sixty years. Watch Season 1, Ep 1. THE NEW AIR FORCE ONE: FLYING FORTRESS follows the new presidential aircraft's creation, diving into how it transformed into a top-secret command center. The documentary takes viewers aboard Air Force One and into the cockpits, command centers and underground bunkers across the country on one of the most. HOW LONG IS SPRAWL AND BRAWL TAPOUT XT TORRENT So routers will built to first it used at as relatively as time boots regular IT related a organization; when he saying. The the also available fault more and after buyers. Pros using they function to the work bench in FortiManager an up the into. An may software the projects wide, ddev impersonate using needed as reflecting existing images, products. The can sagebrush allerdings during to installation, is on.

More like this. Storyline Edit. User reviews 5 Review. Top review. Found this very informative and fast paced. How do i get a copy to watch in the United Kingdom? Details Edit. Release date September 11, United States. United States. Network Website for Special. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 2 hours. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit page. See the full list.

You may be in and using:. Your IP is. We strongly recommend all users protecting their device with a VPN. The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress follows the new presidential aircraft's creation, diving into how it transformed into a top-secret command center. Downloaded times Feb 5, at PM. Available in: p. Download Subtitles. Similar Movies. Download only with VPN Synopsis The New Air Force One: Flying Fortress follows the new presidential aircraft's creation, diving into how it transformed into a top-secret command center.

George W. Bush as Self - 43rd U.

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9/11 Day That Changed The World

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Transportation: Air Force One. About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. President George W. National Geographic Channel presents George W. Today we are going to have a look at inside the new air force one and how it could look like. The iconic air force one made by Thanks for watching Please Like This program provides a very broad brush overview of the history and responsibilities of the Pentagon with commentary by Used by the American President for decades, and even the inspiration for a blockbuster Hollywood action film, the call sign for the Documental Los servicios secretos que cuidan la seguridad de estado Documentales Historicos.

Air Force One is one of the most recognizable call signs in the world. It refers to any US military aircraft carrying the serving US Whenever the president ventures overseas or interstate, he takes a seat in his high-tech, impenetrable jumbo jet. Not only is it a An exclusive look inside this flying fortress, from its emergency room to the presidential office.

At first it looks as though the pilots are entirely to blame for the disaster, but by the end of the exhaustive two-year investigation, it's clear the causes are far more complex. En route to Boise, Idaho, Continental Airlines Flight is delayed on the tarmac in Denver where controllers struggle to keep departures on schedule amid heavy snow. When the plane is finally cleared for take-off, the DC-9 barely lifts off the ground before its banks sharply and crashes.

Investigators find nothing wrong with the aircraft itself, but what they eventually uncover changes commercial flight forever. After a routine one-hour flight from Minneapolis, Northwest Airlink Flight crashes in northern Minnesota, killing everyone on board. Investigators face intense pressure to find the cause. The cockpit voice recorder raises disturbing questions about an inexperienced pilot.

But as investigators dig deeper, they uncover a troubling pattern of abuse that led to a breakdown in human cooperation. When a commuter flight to Detroit ends in a harrowing death spiral, it's up to investigators to determine the cause and prevent it from ever happening again. They sort through the shattered wreckage in search of clues, and a close analysis of the flight data eventually leads them to a stunning realization-What doomed Flight is a danger the industry has known about for years.

Headed for South Korea's Gimhae International Airport, a Boeing crashes into a hillside several miles from the runway. As the nation mourns its worst-ever air disaster, investigators face puzzling evidence: The surviving captain of Air China Flight claims that everything on board was normal, but air traffic controllers testify that the crew's radio communications were anything but.

With a possible terror attack on their hands, the FBI joins investigators from the NTSB in an urgent search for answers but the investigation into TWA Flight will eventually put them against one another, and will turn into one of the longest, most costly and challenging ever conducted. Amid thick smoke from a forest fire, Garuda Indonesia Flight approaches the Medan airport on the island of Sumatra.

But just minutes from the runway-and fatally off course-the Airbus A crashes in the jungle. Claiming the lives of all people on board, it's the country's worst-ever aviation disaster. And investigators are baffled when they realize the plane was flying away from the airport when it crashed. On its final approach to Charlotte, North Carolina, USAir Flight is suddenly engulfed in rain so intense it obstructs the view from the cockpit.

The pilots abort the landing to execute a go-around, but as they do the plane falls out of the sky and crashes. Of the 52 passengers on board, 37 are dead. Somehow the pilots survive and insist severe weather is to blame.

But for investigators, that's only part of the story. The dashcam of a passing car captures stunning footage of the final moments of TransAsia Flight as it banks steeply to the left, clips an elevated highway, and nosedives into Taipei's Keelung River. Investigators at Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council face a barrage of questions.

But it seems that the more clues they uncover, the greater the mystery. Twenty minutes after leaving the Egyptian resort of Sharm El Sheikh, a plane carrying Russian tourists falls out of the sky. Charred remains in the Sinai Desert are all that's left of Metrojet , and an international team of investigators gathers near the crash zone. At first, a terrorist group affiliated with the Islamic State claims they shot down the plane as retaliation for Russian military attacks in Syria.

But it will take clever detective work to figure out what really happened. Just as LAPA Flight lifts off from a single runway airport in Buenos Aires, the starts shaking violently, and moments later it crashes back to the ground. Hurtling forward at knots, the plane careens past the airport perimeter, crosses a busy highway, and bursts into flames.

The disaster leaves an entire nation stunned, but nothing prepares Argentinians for the staggering blunder that caused it. Bound for Kathmandu, Thai Airways Flight is flying just above the peaks of the Himalayas when it slams into a remote rock face at 11, feet. The crash site is nowhere near the plane's original flight path, and there is no ATC radar to tell investigators where it might be.

After a painstaking search, they discover the aircraft crashed in the mountains north of Kathmandu-a place of treacherous peaks where it never should have been. The crucial question is how did it end up there? En route to Dallas from Orlando, a private Learjet carrying pro golf legend Payne Stewart goes rogue. Air traffic controllers are unable to reach the crew, and as the plane continues its unplanned trajectory across the Midwest, it's obvious that something has gone terribly wrong.

Air Force F fighter planes scramble to intercept the Learjet, but the frosted windows and darkened cockpit and cabin add up to a shocking reality-the Learjet is now a ghost plane. It is September 11th, , and shortly after taking off from Washington DC, hijackers storm the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 77 and fly the plane into the Pentagon.

The symbol of US military might is in flames. The country is under attack, nearly 3, people are dead, and the FBI launches the largest investigation in American history. A terrorist bombing in the Canary Islands reroutes dozens of flights to the Spanish island of Tenerife. The tiny airport is swamped, and with so many planes parked in the taxiways, controllers instruct departing flights to use the airport's only runway to get into position for takeoff.

Amongst the planes leaving, obscured by the heavy fog-are two s. Killing people, the high-speed collision remains the single deadliest aviation accident of all time. Blame soon falls on one pilot, but as investigators sift through the evidence the true story behind the Tenerife The pilots park the Boeing and switch off the engines.

But just as they complete the shutdown checklist, a fire erupts and the aircraft is engulfed in flames. Incredibly, everyone on board escapes the inferno without injury. But the disaster leaves an international team of investigators with troubling questions.

The hunt for answers seems like an endless quest as the smallest components come under intense scrutiny. The analysis eventually leads to a stunning discovery-the tiny failure that doomed Flight is endangering lives around the world. At the height of summer in northwestern France, the pilots of Proteus Airlines Flight deviate from their flight path to go on a sightseeing detour. Determined to give their passengers a bird's eye view of a legendary French ocean liner, they fly in a low loop around Quiberon Bay.

But just as they're completing a around the ship, Flight suddenly explodes. From a nearby airplane, a local journalist captures the scene as the wreckage falls from the sky. And as the tragedy sinks in, so does the mystery-despite thousands of eyewitnesses, no one seems to know what happened.

Shuttling passengers from Denver to Durango in southern Colorado, Continental Express Flight is about to touch down when it crashes in the frozen wilderness just a few miles from the runway. After a dramatic rescue, it's up to investigators to figure out what went wrong. The exhaustive search for answers leads to a series of dead ends. That is, until an unlikely tip points to a shocking conclusion. En route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf, Germanwings Flight is flying towards the French Alps when an air traffic controller spots something unusual-the flight is losing altitude at an alarming rate.

The control centre is now in emergency mode. But there's no response from the cockpit and the Airbus A soon disappears from radar. It takes several hours to locate the crash site, and any hope of finding survivors quickly fades.

Only fragments and questions remain. And as the evidence piles up, investigators are faced with a sinister explanation so dark it's almost beyond belief. Cruising high above the islands of Indonesia during the unpredictable rainy season, Garuda Indonesia Flight flies straight into the eye of a massive storm. The Boeing is rocked with turbulence so violent the pilots nearly lose control of their plane. And when both engines flame out, they narrowly manage one of the most remarkable emergency landings of all time.

Of the 60 passengers and crew on board, all but one make it out alive. And as crews start removing the wreckage from the Solo River, Indonesian investigators begin their search for answers. AirAsia Flight disappears from radar above the Java Sea, and two days later, searchers confirm the worst. All people on board are dead, and an international team of investigators joins local experts in Jakarta to determine what went wrong.

Neither of the black boxes tells the whole story, but it's clear that a mysterious action by the captain to solve a routine fault set off a deadly sequence of events. But within seconds, the suddenly uncontrollable plane stalls and crashes to the ground. The accident is captured by a passing dashcam, and though the footage first leads investigators to an obvious conclusion, an overlooked piece of evidence eventually tells them they were dead wrong about the cause. Flight: United Express Flight and King Air A90 November 19, A fiery collision between United Express and a small private plane leaves investigators stumped until they learn that a mysterious missing pilot may have played an unwitting role in the tragedy.

When Asiana Airlines Flight crashes at San Francisco Airport, investigators discover an issue that could be putting passengers at risk. But minutes later, a sudden jolt rocks the plane and it begins rolling violently to the right. The catastrophe is The Netherlands worst ever aviation disaster. Shortly after taking off, a fire breaks out on UPS Flight 6.

As smoke fills the cockpit, getting the plane safely back is a race against time. Revealing the dark truth that aviation safety improves one crash at a time, 'Air Crash Investigation 14' investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why. Atlantic Airways Flight is shuttling a group of oil company employees to work. On a routine stop on the tiny Norwegian island of Stord, the plane careens off the runway and down a steep embankment. With almost no wreckage left to examine, a mysterious substance found on the runway may hold the key to understanding the cause of the deadly crash.

When Spanair Flight slams into a creek and bursts into flames, killing people, it is Spain's worst aviation disaster in decades. Flight: Garuda Flight , Boeing ; March 7th, After a short flight from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Garuda Flight hits the ground in Yogyakarta so hard it bounces violently twice before careening off the end of the runway. Of the people on board, 21 are killed.

Investigators are under immediate pressure to find out what went wrong. Investigators soon come up with a theory to explain the crash. Just seconds after lifting off from Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, TAM Airlines flight slams into a residential neighborhood and bursts into flames killing all 95 people on board. Investigators from the Brazilian Air Force join forces with the U.

National Transportation Safety Board to uncover a series of events that led to a failure so rare, it seemed impossible. A loud vibration and the smell of smoke warn the pilots of British Midland Flight 92 that they have an engine fire on board. The crew shuts down the engine and tries to land at a nearby airport, but their second engine fails before they can get safely on the ground.

Just meters from the runway, the slams into an embankment beside Britain's busy M1 motorway. It seems like a rare case of dual engine failure, but investigators soon learn that a tragic misunderstanding may be the real cause of the crash.

And he soon discovers a shocking design flaw that could affect passenger planes around the globe. Varig Flight Boeing series September 3rd, Investigators face a baffling mystery when Varig Flight crash lands in a remote jungle nearly miles off course. At first, investigators suspect the plane's navigation instruments may have malfunctioned. But they soon discover the crash may be the result of a shocking mistake.

But with a major storm on the horizon, the pilots revise their flight path to avoid the heavy weather. After 12 minutes in the air, the captain radios controllers to tell them they've reached their cruising altitude of 25, feet. But moments later, the plane disappears from radar over one of the remotest jungles on earth. When FedEx Flight 80 bounces off the runway and bursts into flames at Tokyos Narita Airport, the catastrophe recalls an identical crash that happened more than a decade earlier.

The celebrity son of JFK disappeared along with his plane in Invstigators soon found the wreckage, but what brought the aircraft down? A Concorde crashes moments after take off and three mysterious items are found on the runway. How is this collection of clues connected? A Learjet 45 carrying Mexico's interior minister slams into Mexico City's financial district killing all nine people on board, as well as seven people on the ground.

At first there's speculation that Mexico's powerful drug cartels brought down the plane. But the investigation takes a startling new turn after investigators listen to the cockpit voice recorder. It's a foggy day at Ireland's Cork Airport and the pilots of Manx2 Flight are circling the airport waiting for the weather to clear. After controllers clear the turboprop commuter plane for landing, the pilots reduce their speed and descend, but the aircraft suddenly goes into a severe roll and crashes into the runway.

It's the deadliest crash in Ireland in decades, and it's up to the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit to figure out what went wrong. They soon discover the fog is only part of the story, and the investigation reveals a startling gap in aviation safety that has put passengers' lives at risk.

Pilot error? Mechanical failure? Aviation experts determine what went wrong and work to stop such accidents happening again. Leading aviation experts are confronted with a shocking theory as they investigate one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time.

Investigators must rely on a reconstruction along with witness statements to determine what went wrong when a plane crashes after take-off. When a flight from Zurich crash-lands, killing everyone on board, the discovery of drugs among the wreckage suggests an alarming explanation. It takes an ingenious experiment to uncover why it happened.

They narrowly escape and their crippled plane manages to fly back through the storm. But then it's up to investigators to figure out why a crew of skilled hurricane hunters was nearly killed in the line of duty. When a flight from Italy explodes over the Mediterranean Sea, it takes 30 years to determine whether it was shot down or blown up by terrorists. Above France, a highly trained crew puts a commercial airliner to the test. But as they prepare to land, the captain suddenly loses control.

When a flight to Tahiti crashes and kills everyone on board, investigators uncover an unexpected explanation for the crash. It's up to investigators to figure out why the engine of of Qantas Flight 32 exploded and whether every other A is at risk. Disaster seemed certain when an internal US flight lost a propeller 19, feet over the Pacific Ocean. Could the pilots safely land the plane?

Revealing how people lost their lives when a fire on board an aging DC-9 caused it to plummet into the Florida Everglades in Following a fatal crash in treacherous conditions at Taipei's Chiang Kai-shek airport, investigators make a shocking discovery on the runway. Following a fatal crash 35, feet above the jungles of Indonesia, investigators make a disturbing discovery. In , TANS Peru Flight crashed into the Amazonian jungle, leaving a trail of bodies and wreckage scattered across the rainforest.

In , a mid-air collision sends two planes crashing into the Grand Canyon killing all passengers and crew on board. Armed only with the rudimentary tools of the time, investigators from the Civil Aeronautics Board must determine what caused the crash.

Their conclusions will uncover a frightening problem that threatens the safety of the entire aviation system. Revealing how people were killed when American Airlines Flight lost its left engine in the deadliest aviation accident in US history. After United Airlines Flight crashed and killed ten people, investigators discover how a landing gear problem could have caused the accident. One of Russias most popular hockey teams is on its way to Minsk, Belarus, for their first game of the season.

But instead of lifting off, the plane runs off the end of the tarmac, strikes a tower and crashes into the Volga River. Only the planes mechanic survives the disaster. Around the globe, fans mourn one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the sport. Russian President Medvedev demands answers, and investigators are under tremendous pressure to find out what went wrong. When Polish President Lech Kaczynski is killed in a plane crash, investigators discover that this was not simply a pilot error.

When tower controllers ask Flight to head to a new heading, the pilots acknowledge the change. Moments later, the plane crashes into the sea. When an alarm warns the pilots of Flight that they are dangerously close to the ground, the aircraft suddenly smashes into a mountain. Exploring how aviation safety improves one crash at a time, Air Crash Investigation looks into legendary aviation disasters. Runway L at Congonhas is one of the most treacherous in the world.

It's built on a hilltop, surrounded by tall buildings. The crew of Flight gets a report that the runway is wet and slippery. Captain Henrique Stephanini brings his Airbus A down at the foot of the 1, meter long runway, activates the one working thrust reverser and applies the brakes, but his plane doesn't slow down.

It hurtles down the runway at top speed, crosses a highway and slams into a building and adjacent gas The aircraft flies toward weather so severe that the pilots must divert to avoid it. In addition to the turbulence, the pilots have another problem; their engines are not providing enough thrust.

To solve this issue the pilots drop down to a lower altitude, but before they can reach it a Stall Warning fills the cockpit. The plane is flying too slowly to remain airborne. Before the pilots can figure out what has caused the problem, the aircraft Arrow Air Flight DC-8 December 12th, - After a six-month peace-keeping mission in the Middle East, elite American soldiers are on their way home for the holidays. Destined for Fort Campbell, Kentucky, they are travelling on Arrow Air Flight , a charter air carrier contracted by the military to transport troops.

En route from Cairo, the DC-8 eventually touches down for a routine refueling stop in Gander, Newfoundland. But just seconds after taking off again for the last leg of its journey, the plane loses airspeed and altitude and crashes into a heavily wooded area just south of the runway.

An unprecedented disaster, it is one A state-of-the-art Embraer Brasilia, the commuter plane is scheduled to make several more short flights. But just as the pilots are preparing for descent, the plane falls out of the sky.

Dropping thousands of feet in mere seconds, there is a massive explosion as the aircraft crashes into a farmer's field. All 14 people on board die in the disaster, and the impact is so violent that the wreckage is barely recognizable as an airplane. And after a refueling stop in Munich, the pilots prepare for the final leg of their journey home. In light snow, the aircraft careers down the runway, but just as it approaches takeoff speed, the plane suddenly slows down and, without lifting off the ground, crashes into a nearby house and fuel shed.

With 23 people dead, including seven Manchester United players, the high-profile air disaster effectively wipes out one of the best football teams in the world. With the international media clamoring for answers, the With more than people on board, the Boeing is cruising 35, feet above the Bering Sea when suddenly the aircraft lurches violently to the left and begins losing altitude.

The pilots manage to level out the plane but have difficulty controlling the crippled and shaking aircraft. After declaring an emergency, they turn around in the hopes of reaching Anchorage, kilometers away. Nearly two hours later, the terrifying ordeal ends when the plane touches down safely. The skilled pilots have narrowly saved a With a new crew on board and nearly an hour behind schedule, the aircraft finally takes off and climbs to 2, feet.

But just a few seconds later, the plane banks sharply to the left and slams into a field northeast of London. All four crewmembers die instantly in the huge explosion and a massive crater 30 feet deep marks the point of impact. It is Korean Airlines' fifth major accident in two-and-a-half years and as investigators unravel the case, their search for answers Warned that a Cessna is flying immediately ahead of them, the pilots of the confirm they see the plane and are instructed to maintain visual separation.

But just minutes later, Flight collides with the Cessna and both planes crash into a quiet residential neighborhood below. With people dead including 7 victims on the ground, it is the biggest airline disaster in American history and investigators must determine what happened and who is is at fault. July 11th, Preparing to take a group of African-Muslim pilgrims home to Sokoto, Nigeria, Nigerian Airways Flight takes off from Jeddah's sprawling airport in Saudi Arabia in the blistering desert heat.

But once in the air, the pilots get a warning that their plane is not properly pressurizing. With their aircraft losing hydraulics the pilots struggle to turn back towards Jeddah. In the meantime, the cabin fills with heavy smoke and fire. Just two miles from the airport, Flight erupts into a fireball and plummets to the ground, killing all people on board. The deadliest DC-8 crash in history and the worst accident ever for Apart from some mild turbulence, the routine regional flight is uneventful.

That is, until the pilots hear gunshots in the cabin. They report the gunfire to the tower and moments later, the aircraft falls into a steep dive and crashes into a remote field. With 43 people dead and a possible crime on board, investigators from both the NTSB and FBI must work together to determine what happened, who had a motive and access, and who the intended victim was. The pilots restart both engines but almost immediately they overheat forcing the pilots to shut them down.

Without power for the second time and falling fast, they consider ditching the plane in a canal but aim instead for a narrow grass levee. With 38 passengers bracing for a crash, the pilots manage one of the most remarkable landings in the history of commercial aviation. Then it's up to investigators to determine Facing almost zero-visibility, the pilots rely entirely on ground controllers as they navigate into position for takeoff. The plane accelerates down the runway, but as it lifts off it collides with a Cessna in its path.

The Cessna erupts in flames. The MD slams to the ground and slides into an baggage hangar. The plane explodes on impact. It is the worst accident in Italian aviation history and the investigation uncovers a shocking series of errors. In the aftermath, an airport is transformed The pilots shut it down but soon discover they have a much more serious problem on their hands. The plane is in a steep right bank, and the pilots are unable to restore its flight path.

The DC has suffered a complete failure of all hydraulic systems, and the pilots have no way to maneuver the plane other than by alternating the power to the two remaining engines. The pilots manage to fly the crippled plane to the nearest airport but, unable to configure the wings for a normal landing, they have no choice Making a routine journey from Berlin, Crossair Flight is on its final approach to Zurich.

It is one of the last planes scheduled to land. But just minutes before landing the pilots cannot find the runway. They decide to abort the maneuver and apply full power to all four engines in order to get their jet to climb. But they are too late. The aircraft clips the treetops below and crashes into a hillside. Investigators comb through the wreckage, and the data from the plane's black boxes.

But they would only solve the riddle of Crossair Flight by digging into the past. January 17th, Approaching the end of its ten-and a half hour journey from Beijing, British Airways Flight 38 is preparing to land in Heathrow.

But just as the first officer takes over the controls, and only two minutes before it touches down, the aircraft is inexplicably crippled by double engine failure. Quickly falling out of the sky and with just seconds to react, the captain raises the plane's flaps to reduce drag.

And while the plane narrowly misses the buildings and radio antennas in its path, it crashes just short of the runway, ripping off the engines and landing gear. Incredibly, all people on board survive. But can investigators December 27th, -- Scandinavian Airlines Flight is negotiating snow and slush on the tarmac at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

The DC-9 has been de-iced twice to ensure it's safe for take-off. Despite the winter conditions, the aircraft takes off smoothly. But within seconds, the engines begin emitting a series of rapid-fire booming noises, smoke begins filtering through the cabin, and less than two minutes later, both engines fail.

As the pilots try restarting them, the left engine erupts in flames. The plane hits the ground, breaking February 12th, - Two hours behind schedule and nearing the end of its minute trip from Newark, New Jersey, Continental Connections Flight is approaching Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. Flying through snow and strong winds, the pilots can see the lights of the city below, but as they extend the flaps to slow the plane, the control column suddenly starts to shake.

It's a warning that the plane is about to stall. The captain struggles to keep the plane flying but the out-of-control aircraft suddenly plummets towards the ground and crashes into a suburban home. It is the worst US crash in more than 7 years, but with a raging fire Both engines suddenly lose all thrust, and the Airbus A begins falling from the sky. The crew desperately tries to restart their engines, but can't.

Searching desperately for a place to land, Sullenberger warns passengers and crew to brace for impact and tells the control tower that he will be ditching the plane in the icy waters of the Hudson River. Amazingly, all people on board The crew is following instructions from the control tower that will line up their Boeing with the runway. In the final moments of the flight, however, the plane suddenly falls from the sky and crashes into a muddy field just north of the airport. Of the people on board, nine die, and investigators begin pouring through the wreckage to determine what brought down one of the world's most popular passenger jets.

Can they figure out what went wrong in time to prevent another similar catastrophe? As the aircraft is accelerating, a loud thud emanates from the fuselage, and the pilots abandon takeoff. They believe a tire has blown, but passengers on the left side of the plane see the real problem one of the engines is on fire.

Soon, thick black smoke fills the cabin, panicked passengers struggle to escape, and just minutes later, the aircraft is completely ravaged by fire. Can investigators determine how a minor emergency turned into one of the worst disasters in British aviation history? The pilots are bound for Phoenix, Arizona, but first they have to find their runway.

Controllers have given them a last minute change and the pilots are having a hard time locating the entrance to their runway. Finally, 45 minutes behind schedule, the pilots taxi the DC-9 into position. The airplane is soon roaring down the runway at 95 miles an hour kilometers and hour.

Captain John Maus pulls back on his control column, but the plane barely manages to get off the ground before it hits a light pole, slams into a building, and disintegrates Air France Flight Airbus A June 26th, The Airbus A the worlds most sophisticated passenger jet takes off for its maiden passenger flight and first-ever public demonstration. The plane is headed for the Habsheim Air Show where the pilots are planning a breathtaking, low-altitude fly-over.

But after getting into position over the tiny airfield the exhibition turns to disaster. The plane plows into a forest and is consumed by flames. It is a horrible tragedy, and a public relations nightmare for Airbus. With such a huge investment on the line, there is enormous pressure on investigators to determine whether the pilot or the plane The pilots configure the for landing and although they repeatedly radio the tower for instructions, their calls go unanswered.

They finally get clearance just moments before landing, but within seconds of touching down, the aircraft erupts in flames and crashes into an abandoned building. Rescue workers rush to the scene, and as survivors emerge from the inferno, firefighters make a horrifying discovery Can investigators determine what Hoping to save fuel during the last leg of its marathon flight from New York to Seoul, it requests permission to fly at a higher altitude.

When the aircraft reaches its new altitude, however, it is rocked by rapid decompression, spirals out of control and crashes into the sea. An international controversy erupts, and within days, Soviet officials admit to shooting down the passenger plane. With Cold War tensions at an all-time high, its up to international investigators to keep two superpowers at bay.

But can they prevent an all-out armed conflict, March 10th, Bound for Winnipeg, Air Ontario Flight prepares for takeoff after a brief layover at a remote Northern airport. Already an hour behind schedule, the pilots fear the heavy snowfall will further delay their departure, and after refueling, they taxi into position and accelerate. The jet reaches takeoff speed but struggles to get airborne, and although it clears the trees at the end of the runway, starts shaking violently and less than a minute later crashes into the woods.

It takes months for investigators to determine what went wrong. And tragically, their findings come too late to prevent an icy killer from striking again. An Airbus A, the aircraft is the worlds first to rely mainly on computerized commands to control it, and while its autopilot had been programmed to land on a specific runway, high winds and poor winter weather mean the pilots must take over the controls to land on another runway.

Slightly off course, a controller guides the pilots as they prepare to make a visual landing. But as they descend through the clouds, the aircraft suddenly rips through the treetops below and slams into the side of a mountain.

Can rescuers Part plane, part speedboat, the twin turbo-prop taxis through one of the worlds busiest ports, and after a smooth takeoff, climbs towards the clouds. A minute later, however, just as the plane is climbing through feet, it is suddenly rocked by an explosion and, from the beach, a tourist films the aircrafts catastrophic plunge into the ocean. Lifeguards immediately race to the crash site but there are no survivors. Eyewitness reports Twenty minutes after taking off from Taipei, Taiwan a China Airlines suddenly disappears from radar.

A massive rescue mission is launched, ut all passengers and crew are dead. After ruling out both a bomb and a gas tank explosion, investigators are stumped. They examine hundreds of pieces of wreckage until they discover a single piece of the hull that solves the riddle. Tragically, the crash of Flight began with a problem that began twenty-two years earlier. December 21, As the wreckage rains down on the small town below, homes are vaporized and fires break out across the countryside.

All people on board are killed. Eleven more in the tiny town also die. The wreckage is scattered over 2, square kilometers, and when investigators find proof the aircraft was the victim of a bomb, the area becomes the largest crime scene in the world. Who brought down Flight ?

September 8, - On a charter trip from Oslo to Hamburg, Partnair Flight 94 is cruising at 22, feet -- when it suddenly begins diving toward the sea. The aging propeller plane crashes into the water. All 55 people on board are killed. It is the biggest airline disaster in Norwegian history. As investigators piece together what happened, they uncover a problem so serious, it sends shock waves through the industry. How had a single bolt caused the plane to fall out of the sky? And why is it a potential problem for every passenger plane in the world?

As the crew waits for clearance to climb to their cruising altitude, the plane is hit by a Kazakhstan Airlines jet. The collision cripples both planes. They spiral violently to the ground, killing all people on board. It's the worst mid-air collision in the history of aviation. The two wreckage fields are five miles apart. As investigators comb through the charred debris for evidence, they try and answer troubling questions: Why did the two planes collide?

Who's responsible? And can they stop it before it happens again? April 4, Its goal: to rescue Vietnamese orphans from the chaos of the war and take them back to the safety of the US. But after a steep and rapid ascent to get out of missile range, the aircraft's cargo door is violently blown off and the plane crashes to the ground. What caused the tragic accident? And can investigators find out before they have to flee the country?

It's August 6th, Tuninter Flight is flying to the Tunisian resort island of Djerba. It's high above the Mediterranean when suddenly, its right engine fails. As the pilots begin an emergency descent, their situation gets much worse.

Their second engine also stops working -- the plane begins falling towards the sea. Despite numerous attempts, the crew can't restart their engines. They make a desperate choice - to attempt a landing at sea. Twenty people survive - but fourteen of the 34 passengers are killed. Investigators discover a shocking mistake - that could effect one of the most popular turb-prop passenger planes in the world.

January 1st, - After taking off from Indonesia's Suribaya airport, Adam Air Flight settles in for the two-hour trip to Manado. The Boeing is loaded with New Year's travelers taking advantage of the country's recent discount travel boom. But somewhere over the Java Sea, the plane hits turbulence, and air traffic controllers notice the jet is hundreds of miles off course…and headed for a major storm. Air traffic controllers get in touch with the lost plane - and try guiding it back on course.

But the jet's navigational systems aren't working. And the bad weather is closing in. The crew struggle to find their way - when suddenly, flight October 31, - It's a frigid Halloween night in the skies above Chicago. Bad weather is delaying dozens of flights, including American Eagle Suddenly - the plane spins wildly out of control. The pilots fight desperately to right their plane - but can't.

It smashes into a cornfield. All 68 people on board are killed instantly. Investigators eventually discover the cause is a rare weather phenomena - and a fatal design flaw. By the time the crew of Delta Airlines Flight reached the threshold of Dallas Fort Worth Airport, they'd already diverted around 2 separate storms.

They see rain and lightning up ahead, but fly on. Inside the storm, their plane is hit by powerful winds that slam the plane to the ground. The crash helps scientists overcome a notorious danger to airplanes, the microburst.

Its a calm summer evening, when an inexplicable failure strikes, causing the loss of two engines on a brand new passenger jet midway between Montreal and Edmonton. Powerless at thousand feet, the pilot needs all his skill, and a little bit of luck, to get his plane to the airport. But his saga doesnt end there because the runway he thought was abandoned is anything but.

An explosion rips a gaping hole in the cabin of a brand-new DC Investigators discover a serious problem with the design of the planes rear cargo door, and recommend ways to fix it. Two years later, another DC takes off on a routine flight only to suffer the exact same problem, with deadly consequences.

The accident could have and should have been prevented. But why wasnt it? In November , a on a flight to Johannesburg crashes into the Indian Ocean. A blaze in the cargo hold was the suspected cause, but rumours persist that the aircraft was illegally carrying arms. A small commuter plane begins a short flight when disaster strikes. Moments after takeoff, the nose of the aircraft pitches up dramatically.

The flight crew struggles for control. The plane is just meters in the air when it stalls, rolls to the left, and plummets to the ground. It slams into a packed hangar, killing everyone on board. Combing through the wreckage, investigators find a single clue that leads them to uncover a string of errors and faulty assumptions that have been putting millions of passengers at risk for years.

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