Web series the walking dead ita torrent

web series the walking dead ita torrent

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Could Carl die before the right equipment is found? Save the Last One Description. Shane and Otis try to dodge the zombies as they head back to the house. Meanwhile, Carl is getting worse and time is running out. Cherokee Rose Description. With Carl recovering, the group, once again, puts their focus on finding Sophia. Chupacabra Description.

While searching for Sophia, Daryl becomes injured and stranded in the middle of the woods. Now he's beginning to see Merle everywhere. Meanwhile Lori has just found out that she's pregnant and she doesn't know how to tell Rick. Secrets Description. Now that Glen knows there are walkers in the barn, Maggie Greene begs him not to tell anyone. Herschel believes that those walkers, which include loved ones, are just sick and may someday be cured.

Herschel's isn't the only secret Glen is asked to keep as Lori asks him to go into town and get something for her from the pharmacy. Shane and Andrea head of to a nearby suburb in search of Sophia and their encounter with walkers leads to a new phase in their relationship. Lori finally breaks down and tells Rick that she is pregnant. Pretty Much Dead Already Description. Glenn tells the others about the zombies in the barn. Now, they are debating whether they should stay or not.

Nebraska Description. The gang bury Sophia's body and burn the rest. Hershel disappears just as Beth falls into shock. Rick and Glenn head out to find him. Triggerfinger Description. Rick, Glenn, and Hershel come under enemy fire in a nearby town. Shane is starting to turn more savage. Lori fears for her family. Rick and Shane try to decide what to do with their new captive, Randall.

Meanwhile, Lori and Maggie try to stop Beth from committing suicide. Judge, Jury, Executioner Description. Daryl interrogates Randall about his group and he learns that they are formed by thirty dangerous men capable to rape two teenage daughters in front of their father. Rick and Shane decide to kill Randall, who is considered a threat to the survivors, but Dale opposes to their decision and Rick summons the group that is supportive to the execution to vote.

Dale tries to convince each survivor that they must not lose their humanity. Carl is affected by the situation and has strange actions: first he sneaks to talk to Randall; then he disrespects Carol with an offensive …. Better Angels Description. The group of survivors is organizing the preparation for the winter following the instructions of Rick. Carl is uncomfortable, feeling responsible for the death of Dale and he talks to Shane about what had happened in the swamp. He asks Shane to give the weapon back to Daryl and Shane talks to Rick about the problem.

While Rick and Carl are having a conversation, Shane works hard and Lori tells to him that she is not sure whether the baby is his or Rick's. Shane releases Randall and walks with him on the field. Out of the blue, he breaks Randall's neck, hides his body…. Beside the Dying Fire Description.

Rick and Carl return to the farm but quickly realize that that they are being followed by by a large group of walkers. Mayhem ensues as the humans try to save the farm but they are eventually forced to flee realizing that the it is lost. Several of them do not survive the onslaught and others are separated into small groups. Some are reunited but fed up with the constant bickering and complaints about his leadership, Rick lets it be known that people will now do as they are told.

Andrea meanwhile, on her own and separated from the others, is rescued by a hooded …. Seed Description. The survivors have spent a difficult winter moving from place to place trying to stay clear of the walkers and constantly looking for food. Lori is now at the advanced stage of her pregnancy but it's obvious that she and Rick aren't getting along. When they notice a prison in the distance, Rick convinces them it may be just what they're looking for with the possibility of food and medicine being available.

They have to fight their way in, eliminating a large number of walkers but they soon settle into a secure prison block. Several of them set off to explore the …. Sick Description. Having found some of the prison inmates alive, Rick proposes that they clear out another cell block for them. The prisoners were locked in the cafeteria area by a prison guard when a riot erupted 10 months before and have been there ever since. They have no idea what has been going on in the outside world. Rick's first priority is to protect everyone in his group so when push comes to shove, he's prepared to do whatever is necessary.

Hershel is still unconscious following the amputation and they are keeping a close watch on him in the event he should turn into a …. Walk with Me Description. Andrea and Michonne see a helicopter crash and they head to the spot to seek out survivors to help them. However a group of armed men arrives together and they hide in the wood.

The men take the pilot from the helicopter and the women are surprised by Merle. The group takes Andrea and Michonne to their community in Woodbury where the women are welcomed with food, medicine, hot shower and clothes. They are introduced to the Governor, a man that rules Woodbury, protecting and giving quality of life to the people in the community. Andrea believes that Woodbury is the ….

Killer Within Description. Michone is intent on leaving Woodbury convinced that there is something out of place there. Andrea isn't so sure she wants to leave and on a map shows Merle the location of the farm where she last saw his brother Daryl. Back at the prison, Herschel is hobbling around with the help of crutches. Suddenly, Rick and the others are having to deal with a major attack by walkers.

Someone has set off the prison siren and the group is broken up into twos and threes. Lori goes into labor leaving it to Maggie and Carl to help her deliver the baby. T-Dog and Carol have to face an…. Say the Word Description. At the prison, Rick is nearly catatonic in his grief and heads off on his own inside the prison. Daryl and Maggie go off to find formula for the newborn. In Woodbury, the residents celebrate their survival with a town picnic.

A suspicious Michonne takes the opportunity to look around and finds some walkers locked away. She kills them only to find she has interfered with a research project. Unable to convince Andrea that they are really prisoners, Michonne leaves on her own. Andrea is not too keen on the evening festivities.

One of the Governor's secrets is revealed. Hounded Description. At the prison, Rick is surprised by the ringing telephone after his rampage against the walkers. The callers won't identify themselves or say where they are other than they are in a very safe place. While Rick comes to terms with his own demons, Daryl, Carl and Oscar go to clear out other areas of the prison. Just when he thinks he's done, Daryl makes an amazing discovery.

In Woodbury, the Governor sends Merle and three others to track down and kill Michone. They don't have much luck but Merle comes across Glen and Maggie who were out looking for baby formula. When the Dead Come Knocking Description. At the prison, everyone is surprised by the arrival of Michone but they have no intention of letting her stay and join the group. She tells them about Glen and Maggie being taken to Woodbury and offers to lead them there.

She makes no mention of Andrea or Daryl's brother. In Woodbury, Merle interrogates Glenn rather forcefully but he refuses to tell him where the others can be found. The Governor decides to interrogate Maggie himself and has more success. Meanwhile the Governor has asked Andrea to help Milton with an experiment. Made to Suffer Description. When shooting erupts, they are soon reunited but they will have to fight their way out.

One will not make it. The Governor needs a scapegoat and he is quick to point the finger at one of his own. Michonne goes off on her own, intent on killing the Governor. She waits for him in his quarters but isn't quite prepared for what she finds there. Back at the prison meanwhile, a new group arrives in need help. The Suicide King Description. Rick decides the fate of Tyreese's group. Home Description. Rick is totally disturbed and seeing Lori everywhere. Meanwhile the Machiavellian Governor asks Andrea to lead his people because he needs time.

Daryl and Merle are looking for food and see a Latin family with baby under attack of walkers. Daryl helps them and when Merle is ready to pillage them, Daryl points his weapon to his brother and protects the family. Meanwhile Glenn questions the leadership of Rick to Hershel and wants to attack Woodbury, but Hershel convinces him that it will not be good and he leaves the prison to seek where the breach where the walkers are….

I Ain't a Judas Description. Andrea sees the Governor preparing the dwellers of Woodbury to attack the prison and she decides to sneak out to visit Rick and the survivors to convince them to make an agreement with the Governor. She asks Milton to help her and the minion discloses her plan to the Governor that orders him to help her. Milton helps Andrea to capture a walker and they stumble with Tyreese group that Rick had expelled from the prison.

Milton brings them to Woodbury and they offer to help the Governor in the war against Rick. Meanwhile, in the prison, Rick and his group are protecting …. Clear Description. Rick, Carl, and Michonne head back to Rick's hometown to find more guns to fortify themselves against The Governor.

Rick runs into a familiar friend. Michonne and Carl head out to find something important. Arrow on the Doorpost Description. Andrea arranges for Rick and the Governor to meet at a neutral site. They no sooner arrive than the Governor makes it clear he's not there to negotiate but to tell Rick he and his people have to clear out.

When Andrea interjects, the Governor tells her to leave. He decides to offer Rick a deal: give him Michonne and he will leave Rick and his group alone. While the two are talking, those that accompanied them wait patiently outside and find that they have more in common than they might have thought.

Back at the prison, Merle tries to convince those still there that …. Prey Description. In Woodbury, the Governor is preparing to go to war. He tells his senior men that anyone who comes to the meeting in two days time from Rick's camp is to be killed. Everyone except Michonne and he's prepared a special room just for her.

He doesn't tell Andrea the truth but Milton, disgusted by the Governor's plan to slaughter Rick's group, tells her the truth and she sets off to the prison to warn her friends. When he hears what's happened, the Governor sets off after her. Meanwhile Tyreese begins to wonder what they've got themselves into when he sees the pit full of…. This Sorrowful Life Description.

Rick decides the fate of Michonne. One of the group betrays Rick. The Governor and his group head to the meeting area. Welcome to the Tombs Description. Rick and the group have to seriously consider if the prison is worth defending as the Governor's impending attack looms over their heads. The community in the prison has grown significantly and they are slowly becoming self sufficient.

They are growing vegetables and raising pigs and soon will no longer need to go on food runs. For now, that's still a requirement and Glenn, Tyreese, Daryl, Michonne and several others go to a nearby army base to see what they can find. All goes well until a minor accident results in walkers dropping in on them.

Back at the prison, Rick goes to check their trap line and comes across a woman who says she and her husband haven't eaten for four days and would like to join …. Infected Description. After Patrick falls sick and dies, he begins attacking others inside the prison, showing just how vulnerable they all are. Before they know it, the cell block is infested with walkers. The residents have been exposed to a severe strain of the flu and as they die, they turn into walkers. They begin by isolating those with flu symptoms.

Carol continues in her quest to teach the children they have to be strong. Someone is feeding live rats to the walkers and they nearly push in the outer fence. Two people are found burned to death. Isolation Description. While Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob leave the prison in search for medical supplies, Rick and the others deal with the losses of Karen and David as more people start to become ill.

Indifference Description. Rick and Carol go on a run to a nearby town where they find two uninfected stragglers. Internment Description. Hershel struggles to care for the sick as the situation in the cell block escalates. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl defend the prison as the fences give way. Live Bait Description. The Governor bonds with a small family following the downfall of Woodbury. Dead Weight Description. The Governor is haunted by his past as he adjusts to new surroundings.

Too Far Gone Description. The Gov tries to take the prison, will this be his third time lucky? After Description. With the prison overrun, Rick and Carl find themselves on the road looking for shelter. Meanwhile, Michonne is haunted by memories from the past. Inmates Description. The survivors of the prison assault must decide to survive on their own or try reuniting with each other. Claimed Description.

The arrival of three new survivors stirs up conflict between the scattered groups. Still Description. Daryl and Beth struggle with overwhelming odds in the search for safety. Alone Description. Maggie, Sasha and Bob struggle with the shortage of supplies. Daryl and Beth find apparent safety in a seemingly abandoned church. The Grove Description. Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika and baby Judith come across an abandoned house.

They move in and Tyreese begins to think that perhaps they don't have to make their way to Terminus but can just settle there. Carol comes around to thinking the same. She's worried about Lizzie however who doesn't seem to realize that zombies aren't just a different kind of people nor how dangerous they are. Lizzie seems to come around after an attack by the walkers but events force Carol to take drastic action.

Us Description. Glenn and Tara are set on the way to Terminus, but Abraham and his companions are reluctant. Meanwhile, conflict starts to rise between Daryl and one of the marauders, Len. A Description. Rick and the others begin to reunite at Terminus, soon realizing that the marauders are closing in, and that the so-called sanctuary is not exactly what it seems to be.

No Sanctuary Description. After learning that Terminus was nothing but a trap, Rick and the group must do whatever it takes to escape. Strangers Description. Following the escape from Terminus, the group takes shelter in a church owned by a mysterious priest.

But soon they realize that something other than the dead lurks in the shadows, as Daryl and Carol find a lead to the whereabouts of Beth. Four Walls and a Roof Description. As Bob fights for his life, Rick and the group take a stand to defend the church against Gareth and his gang of cannibals.

Slabtown Description. Beth finds herself in a hospital in the middle of Atlanta after being kidnapped by a car with a white cross. Self Help Description. Abraham and the group run into problems on their way to Washington, D. Consumed Description. Daryl and Carol chase the white-crossed car to a desolated Atlanta with hopes of finding Beth and her kidnappers.

Crossed Description. While Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold down the church, Rick takes a rescue mission to Atlanta, and Abraham's group deal with the fallout from Eugene's revelation. Coda Description. Rick and the group go face-to-face against Dawn and her officers in an attempt to save both Beth and Carol without any more bloodshed. After all the recent trials that the group has faced, a slight detour might be the solution they've been looking for.

Them Description. Grieving from Beth's and Tyreese's death in different ways, the group faces the harsh road to Washington D. Meanwhile, a storm approaches. The Distance Description. After withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.

Remember Description. After Rick and his group arrive at Alexandria, they must adapt to a strange new lifestyle while Rick remains mistrustful. Forget Description. As Rick and the others continue to acclimate to their new surroundings, they consider a return to normalcy.

Spend Description. While trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in. Try Description. When life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible. Conquer Description. As the people of Alexandria decide what to do Rick, the truth about the W's is revealed.

Meanwhile, Morgan gets closer to the safe-zone. First Time Again Description. Rick and the others have a difficult time assimilating into Alexandria; a new threat arises that could bring the group closer together or drive them further apart. JSS Description. As Rick and the others carry out their mission at the quarry, Carol, Carl, Maggie and the remaining Alexandrians must defend the safe-zone against an attack from The Wolves, a savage gang of scavengers.

Thank You Description. Wil Smith. Cameron Deane Stewart. Kyla Kenedy. AJ Achinger. Joshua Hoover. Christine Evangelista. Corey Hawkins. James Devoti. Lennie James. Mark Ashworth. Jimmy Dempster. Anthony Michael Lopez. Daniel Bonjour. Courtney Dietz. Aerli Austen. Travis Love. Ilan Srulovicz. Preston Baker. Vanessa Cloke. Jim R. Vince Foster. Benjamin Keepers. Michael Shenefelt. Josh Ventura. Matt Bushell. David Atkinson.

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