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The trick is then to flatten the matrix while inserting NaNs for group separation. Here, the initial data is 10x4 flatten in a 40 element vector, separated with a single Nan. With this, you have a full control over each individual bar bars are not grouped anymore. Results from the Developer Survey are here. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Matlab bar : set colors with colormap jet as a function of bar heights Ask Question.

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I don't know how to use 'FaceColor' property with your solution above : the issue seems to come from 'CData' property — youpilat One of the ways is to plot multiple overlaying bar graphs: first one is [value Nan Nan Nan] , second one is [Nan value Nan Nan] , third one is [Nan Nan value Nan] , and fourth [Nan Nan Nan value] , with an hold on in between the first and second. Each bar graph can be plotted the colour you want. Show 2 more comments.

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Display a bar graph in the top axes. In the bottom axes, display a stacked bar graph of the same data. Set the bar interior color and outline color using RGB triplets. Set the width of the bar outline. Control individual bar colors using the CData property of the Bar object. Create a bar chart and assign the Bar object to a variable. Set the FaceColor property of the Bar object to 'flat' so that the chart uses the colors defined in the CData property.

To change a particular color, change the corresponding row in the matrix. For example, change the color of the second bar. Create a bar chart that uses colormap colors by setting the FaceColor property to 'flat'.

Then set the CData property for each Bar object to an integer. Create matrix y , where each column is a series of data. Call the bar function to display the data in a bar graph, and specify an output argument. The output is a vector of three Bar objects, where each object corresponds to a different series.

This is true whether the bars are grouped or stacked. YData ; text xtips1 , ytips1 , labels1 , 'HorizontalAlignment' , 'center' , YData ; text xtips2 , ytips2 , labels2 , 'HorizontalAlignment' , 'center' , By default color bar shows scale on the right side of the graphical plot. We can change the position of the colorbar by giving commands like north outside, west outside, east outside, south outside.

This function is mostly used for plots like contour, surf, mesh, etc. In this topic, we are going ot learn about Matlab ColorBar. The above steps are generalized steps to use colorbar we can modify the steps according to the need for development and presentation.

In example 1, the color bar function is directly applied to a variable, so we can see only the color bar column or bar without any graph. As we did not mention any location to the color bar, therefore, it will take by default location which is the right side of the plot. Properties are line width is east outside limits are 0 to 1 , font size is 9 ,position is [ 0. Color intensity shows values of peaks proportion. Here we did not assign any variable to the plot or color bar therefore we cannot display properties.

In example 3, we have used the inbuilt plot which is contour. In this example, we already declared the location of the color bar so it will take the position of the plot according to code. Here we have declared positions west outside, east outside, south outside, and north outside. In this example, we declared one more feature of color bar. Here we mentioned ticks and tick labels of the color bar. In the above example, we have seen different properties of the color bar, which adds effective and reliable modeling of color bars.

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