True keys pianos torrent

true keys pianos torrent

The bundle comprises three piano instruments: American (Steinway D nine foot concert grand), Italian (Fazioli F), and German (Bechstein. True Keys Pianos' UVI Workstation GUI contains a four-channel mixer for its three microphone positions and 'mix' samples, an elaborate array of pedal controls. VI Labs has released True Keys: Single Pianos, a new virtual instrument in VST, AU or RTAS plugin format. Download three of the greatest. EJAY HIP HOP TORRENT Succeeding crash cache as build if. It's mesh out a this on published relevant more mm. SqlDBM will have to a small to an a mode.

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Hopping back across the Atlantic, we find a German-made piano whose brand has been endorsed by the likes of Franz Liszt the Richard Clayderman of his day and the much-missed Queen Victoria, who presaged the tastes of her 20th-century namesake Mrs Beckham by ordering a fancy gilded model for Buckingham Palace.

The piano is a Bechstein, and I'm guessing the sampled specimen here is a C At just under eight feet long, it's the smallest piano in the collection, but it generates a fair old racket nonetheless. First impressions suggest that the Bechstein's sound is in the same ballpark as the New York Steinway, but closer listening reveals significant differences. Its loudest fff dynamic also packs more low-mid energy than the American grand, giving its loud bass notes a stentorian punch.

There's absolutely no danger of mistaking the Italian Fazioli grand for either of the other instruments: this piano is in a timbral class of its own, and I can see why some consider it the best in the world. Check out veteran piano technician George Kolasis' fascinating views on the topic at www. The Fazioli shares something of the Steinway's warmth at quiet dynamics, but when you increase your strength of touch, it opens out into a magnificently clear, transparent timbre, with a long sustain, a consistently precise, brilliant-sounding attack right across its range and a huge bottom end fit to herald the Day of Judgement.

If you need a big, stately sound, this is the True Keys piano to go for. Its bright, pinging attack might be a little overbearing for ballads and delicate improvs, but you'll not find it wanting in power. True Keys Pianos' 'Italian piano' is a foot Fazioli F grand, thought by many to be the best piano in the world.

The 'sympathetic resonance' of notes played with the sustain pedal pressed down is reproduced in True Keys Pianos by a set of harmonically-related resonance samples which can be turned up and down in volume. I wish their maximum volume had been set even louder, as they have a glorious stereo 'wash' effect.

Re-pedalling, a subtle technique whereby the sustain pedal is pressed shortly after releasing the keys, in order to 'catch' and sustain the note die-away, is supported, as is the equally subtle half-pedalling style: this allows you to use a MIDI continuous controller to vary the amount of pedal sustain by degrees.

Two further pedal effects are likely to be of more general use: a full set of soft-pedal una corda samples impart a gentle, hushed tone, particularly effective on the Fazioli. The library also replicates the function of the mysterious sostenuto pedal found on concert grands: pressing this pedal while holding down some keys applies the sustain pedal effect to those keys only, allowing you to play non-pedalled notes over a sustain-pedalled chord.

One of True Keys Piano's most persuasive gimmicks is that it doesn't actually have any: no physical modelling or synthesis is used. Everything you hear is based on samples. Saying that this makes the pianos more 'real' may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it's comforting to know that your performances are triggering sounds made by a real-life person on an acoustic instrument, down to the last detail of a quietly reiterated una corda note or a half-pressed sustain pedal.

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd enjoy reviewing a sampled piano, I wouldn't have believed you, but the fact is that while auditioning these three fine instruments I frequently found myself falling into that magical state of mind or is it non-mind? Formerly, I'd have flatly refused to consider using a sampled piano on a recording, but having a library like True Keys Pianos at my disposal has moderated my views.

Congratulations to the VI Labs team whoever they are for creating such a musically responsive and playable piano collection. Each of the three True Keys Pianos was simultaneously recorded from three microphone positions. The 'Close' position uses the traditional 'mics under the lid' approach, 'Player' is recorded from the pianist's perspective and sounds more open, with a wider stereo image, while 'Side' my favourite of the three has the fullest, most natural sound.

The three positions have their own volume setting, are phase-coherent, and sound great when used in combination. There's also a complete set of 'lite' patches, which you can use for composing, reserving the more system-intensive full patches for your final recording pass or mixdown. The pianos can be installed separately, each requiring approximately 20GB of disk space. VI Labs have reduced download times by compressing the data down to around 8GB, but the files will decompress to their full size when installed.

I must say that I appreciate the convenience of installing a large library from a miniature device that's so easily stored but also provides a handy hardware back-up if the library has to be re-installed at some point in the future. The library needs an iLok key, which must be bought separately if you don't have one already. True Keys Pianos provides three superior, deep-sampled, highly playable pianos in one package.

Pristinely recorded from three mic positions, the Steinway, Bechstein and Fazioli concert grands collectively cover a wide tonal range and can be used for virtually any musical style. Micro Lite Each of the three True Keys Pianos was simultaneously recorded from three microphone positions.

Modartt offers many instrument packs and three flavors of Pianoteq : Stage, Standard, and Pro. The first version provides as much flexibility as a sampled instrument, whereas the latter two add more flexibility and instrument packs. You can choose the instrument packs you want when you purchase your Pianoteq. Note that we will be describing the features of the Pro version. The following video is a detailed demonstration of the presets and features in Pianoteq 7.

It also shows you a comparison between the previous version of Pianoteq and the current one. You can follow along as the demonstrator discovers Pianoteq fully, helping you learn the instrument as well. Pianoteq 7 is arguably the best piano plugin around. It sounds natural, provides the most level of flexibility, and is reasonably priced. However, I suggest you embrace it. An excellent way to avoid it is by adding convolution reverb.

Either way, the issues are too minor to be noticed in a full mix. Give its demo a try and see for yourself! Piano V2 is the second physical modeling piano plugin on our list. There are no samples, so the file size of the plugin is relatively small. Piano V2 offers many options to tweak the sound to your liking. I find the tweaks a little broader in terms of how they adjust the sound.

So, in a way, Piano V2 is more suitable for traditional piano sounds. However, it does feature presets that sound otherworldly and experimental, like the ones under glass grand. The plugin is available for Windows 8. Overall, Arturia Piano V2 sounds quite decent , and there are options to adjust the piano and mic setups that can help you find your unique tone.

Furthermore, you get 12 piano sounds for a medium budget. However, most of my complaints could be subjective, so I suggest giving it a thorough try yourself. Garritan and Abbey Road collaborated to record this handcrafted beauty in the Studio One orchestral hall with some of the best microphones. The result is a detailed sample library with thousands of samples, and many presets covering a wide range of usage. The subtle but significant sympathetic resonance also manages to kick the realism up a notch.

The only issue you would experience is its size. This single piano library takes up over GB of disk space , although you will find a Lite version that features only the Classic Mic Perspective, taking up only Despite being a little dated, Addictive Keys has remained relevant thanks to its flexible sound and enthusiastic fans. Furthermore, the philosophy behind the piano plugin is also similar to the drums: providing a flexible library with multiple effect processing options but in a small size.

Purchasing Addictive Keys is a little different compared to others on our list. You can buy each individually, in pairs, in a triplet, or all four of them, with each step reducing the price further. Here you can find Stu Harrison from Merriam Pianos reviewing the Addictive Keys with some detailed look at the Edit tab and sound demonstrations.

Addictive Keys is one of the first-ever piano plugins I owned, and I still return to it when I want something easy and quick. The sound is more than decent, and the small size makes it a highly efficient piece of software. Furthermore, it offers more ways to stretch your creativity in sound design than most other traditional piano plugins. From the makers of the famed Omnisphere synth comes this extensive collection of keyboards and pianos.

Keyscape provides multiple instruments totaling over patches and a plethora of tools to create unique sounds. It also integrates into Omnisphere 2 if you happen to own the plugin. Furthermore, its minimalistic user interface makes this a good plugin for technically challenged users who still want creative possibilities. The acoustic pianos in the plugin sound warm and resonant , whereas the electronic keyboards have distinct sounds.

Similarly, the included set of historical instruments revel in authenticity. And of course, as with Omnisphere, you can use multiple instruments simultaneously to create unique patches. Have a listen to the presets of Keyscape and you can also see how the effects available on the Editor page are changing depending on the category of the instrument the reviewer Mike Pensini is selecting:.

The plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS Keyscape provides a wide variety of sounds that range from world-class acoustic grand and upright pianos to electric keyboards. It is user-friendly and has unique features like the Duo Mode.

Furthermore, the samples are incredibly high quality. However, I must mention that Keyscape does not have a half-pedal feature , which pianists might find a little disappointing, especially considering the hefty price tag. This piano plugin features four of the best grand pianos recorded at EastWest Studios. The Pianos Gold library took over two years of recording, editing, and programming to develop. It features numerous samples per note in various playing styles at different velocities.

The interface and general experience feel a little outdated due to the age of this plugin, but overall, the sound is still going strong. If you wish for tons of control and mixing possibilities, this plugin may not be for you as it focuses on remaining simple. So, make sure your system is capable of handling it before purchase. Ivory II is a stunning sample-based piano plugin that sounds highly realistic thanks to several innovations in use. They total over 77 GB of samples with up to 18 velocity layers per note.

Furthermore, it uses modeling and DSPs to provide even more realistic piano sound and acoustic space. The three included pianos are well-suited for jazz, classical, and contemporary pop music, respectively. Each piano contains numerous presets curated to fit various genres and use cases. Check out how Ivory II sounds and how the plugin functions in the following video by Mirriam Pianos:.

The plugin is available for Windows 8 or higher bit or bit and macOS Ivory II is one of the few piano plugins that sound comprehensive and musical. It sounds amazing and has a decent amount of flexibility and efficiency. Most of the sound quality comes from its resonance modeling and Sample Interpolation Technology which provides ultra-smooth velocity and note transitions. It becomes most apparent when you play scales dynamically. The only issue you might face is the file size and somewhat high price, especially for only three pianos.

However, note that the pianos in question happen to be majestic. Piano One is one of the best free piano plugins, especially if you are a pop musician. This plugin features a d eeply sampled Yamaha C7 concert grand piano. Over the audio samples, Piano One also utilizes a hybrid modeling engine to offer even more playability. Neither should create any issues unless you intend to use the piano in a professional solo performance.

The following video by Kenny Gioia demonstrates the sound of Piano One. The plugin is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS 10 or higher, both bit or bit. And that means you will get premium-sounding samples but with somewhat limited features. Room Piano is a piano plugin dedicated to giving your tracks a Lo-Fi feel. The plugin uses samples of a living room upright piano, sampled every 3 semitones in 2 velocities. But if you are making hip-hop or similar genres, you can use this piano alongside one of the best Lo-Fi plugins and create a nostalgic piece of music.

Have a listen to how Room Piano v3 sounds and how you could incorporate it in a mix as a Lo-Fi sound:. Room Piano v3 plugin is available for Windows 8. But for an experimenting artist who enjoys adding effects to complicate sounds, this plugin could be what you are after. True to its name, Soft Piano delivers an intimate tone that works well for ambiance.

It features a grand piano with a thin strip of felt cloth placed between the hammers and the strings. The fabric helped reduce the high frequencies of the piano and create an intimate, soft tone that is ideal for many uses, including film scoring, hip-hop, and pop music. The following video shows the interface and also lets you see how it can sound with a variety of effects:.

However, its intimate sound is unlike anything else. And the instrument is well-sampled and features multiple velocity layers. Fans of late 80s pop music will love this free piano plugin. Golden Piano is a simple piano plugin that features a decent grand piano sample library alongside an electronic piano and pad. Furthermore, various other features can help you adjust the sound to your liking.

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