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Indeed, how could one forget the world o f ancient legends, the jazzy jangle o f tram s, the cosy coffee houses, and its noble residents? T he m agnetism o f it is antiquity, aristocratic atm osphere, arom as o f coffee and love, m ixed in proportions that create an unsurpassed charm.

In it was passed to the A ustrian Em pire. In the Soviet period o f its history it was nam ed after the fam ous U k rain ian writer. T he town boasts its fascinating architectural landm arks: the Stanislav fortress, Potocki palace, the C athedral o f the Holy R esurrection, the C hurch o f Virgin M ary and m any others. It is hom e to the oldest church in U kraine — the 5-dom ed Saviour C athedral that dates back to the 1 Ith century, and the m agnificent T rinity m onastery.

T here are m useum s o f all possible kinds, ranging from collections o f ancient sculptures and jewellery to em broidered towels, historical weapons and even bread, it is here that the m ightiest prince o f the 12th century Volodymyr M onom akh wrote his Letter to Prince Oleh I LU Svyatoslavovych.

A tour during which you visit two cities — a tw o -c ity tour 1. A tour during which you visit three countries — 5. A trip on Saturday and Sunday — 2. A to u r th at lasts two weeks — 6. A trip to the shops to buy tilings and souvenirs — 3. An excursion that will last from m orning till 4. Use expressions from the exercise. A w e e k-e n d trip is m o re than en o u g h to e xp lo re P ereyaslav-Khm elnytsky.

A city is more than a place in space III. How long will it take to see them? W here did you do sightseeing when you were at school? W ho did you go on sightseeing tours with? W hat are good places to taste the local cuisine? W hich do you prefer: to take leisurely strolls to have a look around or to go to a social events?

W hat handm ade souvenirs can tourists buy? Here you can buy some hand m a d e souvenirs representing traditional rural c ra fts. You may use the same word more than once, antiquity antique uniquely uniqueness unique authenticity authentic 1. She has a ability to com m unicate with anim als o f all kinds. Cicero was an eloquent orator o f 3. Kyiv is an im portant industrial, scientific, purification plants in coastal cities and educational, and cultural centre o f Eastern the establishm ent o f at least 25 supervised Europe and definitely an ancient and historic toxic waste depots.

T his resort complex is the perfect base for 8. Travelling around a country I try to avoid discovering Lhc surrounding countryside touristy places, I always prefer places that with its bustling towns, and picturesque shape the nation's culture.

T he local m useum is worth visiting; the 3. I think all the places in our country deserve exhibits there are really magnificent! We passed a lot o f sm all littered towns on deterioration o f most provincial towns. Istanbul is a great cosmopolitan city, Fountains and sundials make fine centerieces situated between East and West.

Some o f the highest properly prices summer. T he desire to find more exhibits related in cleaner but nevertheless congested to his great-grandfather's life in the central Tokyo. Peaceful coastal cliffs stand out on the the day looks so deserted at night!

A city is more than a place in space — V. Use words and expressions from the box and the following cues. Attractive: sports facilities, cultural, educational, catering, transport Unattractive: traffic jam s, slum s, vandalism , overcrowding, pollution, crim e V. I live in a peaceful coastal town.

However, in summer it turns into a bustling and crowded place with Uttered beaches and congested streets. H ow would you d escrib e your birthplace? Plan 1 W here is it located? W hen was it founded? W hat is it like? Give possible solutions.

W here is Kyiv situated? W hen was Kyiv founded? W hat does its nam e com e from? W hen did it becom e the capital o f U kraine? There are more cities, the birthplace o f E astern Slavic civilisation, and worldly treasures waiting to be discovered.

A fter th eir com pletion. Z oloti Vorota was simply sh in e brightly all over the city, lighting up the leafy know n as the S outhern G ate an d served as the m ain banks o f the D nipro and giving Kyiv a fabulous fairv- en tran ce in to th e city. T h e gate suffered m ajor dam age 10 tale feel.

Sophia ' wonders. A lthough in the su m m er U co n tain the unem balm ed but trees partially obscure your perfectly preserved bodies o f view, th is is still the m ost fun m onks, m ore than years p u b lic-tran sp o rt ride in town. Believers say that G o d To get a feel o f the real Kyiv 25 preserved the m onks, while you must see Andriyivsky 65 others say the underground Uzviz with its quaint houses clim ate is the preserver. Religious sell th eir work. Nowadays it is frequented by collectors cerem onies take place in lavishly decorated, icon-filled o f U krainian crafts, Soviet m em orabilia, and rare interiors, accom panied by beautiful choir singing and stu n n in g photos o f Kyiv.

T here are T he view o f St. It is a m agnificent in te rp re tatio n o f the rival those of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg A stroll traditional U k rain ian five-dom ed, cross-shaped across this area is a m ust for those who wish to extend church. It runs 40 peculiar charm.

A city is more than a place in space you com e across m useum s devoted to all kinds o f art. The including folk and oriental. Bosch, V elazquez and O ne could not but ad m ire fo u n tain -filled M aydan R ubens are am ong the m any m asters represented, N ezalezh n o sti, the city's m ost p o p u lar m eeting place. T he house All the streets in the cen tre seem to spill into it, and 90 itself with its frescoed ceilings and intricately carved with them spills a cross-seciion o f Kyiv life: vendors w oodw ork is worth the price of admission.

It is packed selling food an d souvenirs, tourists ta k in g pictures o f w ith priceless antique furniture, an cient G reek the sights and lovers sitting on the benches. W hat do they re fe r to? It consists o f lim e, water, and sand 3 a fortification c an underground passageway or group o f passageways 4 plasterwork d a roof th at rises steeply to a point on top o f a tower, especially on a church 5 catacom bs e towers, walls etc built around a place in order to protect it or defend it 6 a labyrinth f things that you keep or collect because they are connected with a fam ous person, event, or tim e 7 m em orabilia g a large network o f paths or passages which cross each other, m aking it very difficult to find your way 15 W hat have you learnt about these places from the text you have read?

A city is more than a place in space VIII. Describe the chosen place o f Kyiv in 5—7 sentences. Try to create the atm osphere by describing particular details o f the place. You can use your senses sight, sound, sm ell, taste, touch. If possible help the reader to create the picture o f the place by using images.

A Listen to the first part of the text and fill in the gaps. B Listen to the second part of the text and put the pictures in the order they are m entioned in the tour. Say w hat featu res helped you to indentify the parks. A city is more than a place in space — C Listen to the text again and tick which of these parks National M ariinsky Shevchenko B otanical H vdropark park park G arden a is located round the Palace built by order o f a Russian m onarch?

Architectural monuments of the Transcarpathia Frankly speaking, like m ost stcelas in U kraine N evystkyi castle, situated near U zhhorod. In order to see the rldankam you have to m ake a little walk or to ride a bicycle, because all the cars should be left at the foot o f the hill. As to the nam e o f the castle there are many legends co n n ected w ith it.

O ne o f them tells us about the uilrab o f a young m an and his fiancee from the fam ous aristocratic fam ilies. T h e very castle is a heap o f stones, which som etim es looks like a window or h alf o f a w tero. Now we ca n 't know for sure. U nfortunately, people often rem em ber about the netiorrtaos o f ancient notm um esn only when they have alm ost tu rn ed into dust and you have to renew them completely.

But anyway, it is a very p o p u la r place for visiting. T here are always many people and you have to stand in a line to take som e pictures o f the city ranm oapa and the river Uzli. S om ething like that clocks in the palace. W here else in U kraine can its o utline was sim ilar to the shape o f the A ustro- you find a village w ith two castles? H ungarian Em pire o f those days. Luckily, now one can see not only the fa3ade o f the building, but also some fragm ents o f the form er interior.

In C hynadieve castle you can study a calendar: w indow s the num ber o f days in a year , 52 room s weeks , 12 entrances m onths. It is strange and sym bolic. A fortified settlem ent ap peared on sem in ary done in are w orth noticing. The castle of Chynadieve T h e second castle o f C hynadieve was not so lucky as rented the castle and now he is doing his best to restore th at o f the C o u n ts o f S chonborn.

Its history is longer and it. T h an k s to him the castle has a new ro o f an d its m ore dram atic. T h e C hynadieve fortress — with two co rn er towers, a-m eter-th ick walls and m ysterious vaults — was built in the 14th century by Baron Pereni. T h is stronghold becam e the centre o f the village o f Chynadieve.

In the fortress was destroyed by Polish tro o p s and then rebuilt. T h e castle was reco n stru cted m any tim es. In the 18th cen tu ry they tried to m ake a feudal m anor from this inhospitable fortress, as was in fashion at th a t tim e.

T he builders found a strange skeleton in th e castle wall. W hat a field th ere was for legend-m akers! T he dram atic history o f the castle was not over yet. D uring the fascist invasion the castle was tu rn ed into a prison. Now nearby the fortress there is a hum ble house o f a local artist. Joseph B artos. A few years ago the artist XI. B Listen to the advertisem ent about the places to visit in Ukraine.

M atch the number of the description with the name of the place. C Listen again and take notes to answer the question in column D. Are the notes in columns C and D similar? Are there any differences? Number Is his place worth paying According to Che advertisement Place in the ad. Which of these countries is smaller than the United Kingdom? Which sea washes the north coast of Wales? What is th e seco n d busiest airp o rt a n the U K? The highest p S i n die UK is W hich city is the capitalof Wales?

M ountains c the Cambrian Mountains 5. How many countries are there in the United T h e clim ate o f Great Britain may be Kingdom? R ch aracterized as The longcsjt river in the United Kingdom Is O cean in the west and north? Geography being destiny O M atch the words with their definitions and then fill in the gaps with them. Fill in the gaps with one of the words from the Paraphrase the highlighted parts box. Japan is mostly m ountainous and possible growth o f econom y did not has only a relatively narrow strip o f im press the citizens.

Scientists are searching for new ways to 3. My brother always changes his plans 4. You never know what he is going island for many years. This feature of his 5. D uring the war, people lived in dangerous character is unbearable for the m em bers of places, hazardous for their lives, which o u r family. H enry often has dreams about what is going 7. T he w eather in this area changes a lot and 8. Is it true that this city has 6 m illion it is difficult to say what it will be like in?

Shelter — fell — hom e — dwelling 1. C liff — precipice — gorge — rock 4. M arsh — fen — quay — bog 2. Valley — gorge — river basin — ridge 5. River — brook — reservoir — stream III. Britain is a geologically uniform country.

Sandstone is the most im portant m aterial in m aking English landscapes. In sular geographic position largely predeterm ines largely the English economy. N early every big British city stands on a river. Waterways were m ore exploited in British history than land roads. Most big British cities are situated on the seacoast. T he British w atery borders have always m ade this country an easy target for invaders. A nd no 30 principally the accident o f geography and weather.

Britain is a random collection o f C ardiff, Belfast o r D ublin. As you move east, the Mones get younger and th e ir quality lessens. T he la tte r is responsible for m ore English landscapes th an any o th e r single rock. As well as form ing the W hite Cliffs o f Dover, it im proves the quality o f agricultural lands w hile chalk stream s pr;xitice the best fishing in E ngland.

O f all ilie geographic factors that have shaped E ngland and the English the most pow erful is the fact that they live on an island. Rivers such as the in dependent country. T h ere have been very few 80 T h am es, Lea, Severn and Wye were o f the utm ost invaders in th e past 2, years and no invaders at all im portance for tran sp o rt.

Even in the sixteenth years. W atery borders are h a rd e r to century, attem p ts were cross th an terrestrial ones. From m aking Britain. The desire for 95 even o n the sections privacy extends to a lack of where the river channels interest to the world outside had been deepened. T he first canals were built to m eet special needs. Read the second p art of the text and answer the questions. W hat are places with higher tem peratures sheltered with? Why is the G u lf Stream supposed to be the most powerful factor in producing the English clim ate?

W hat d eterm ines the density o f population in different areas in Britain? In what ways do the variety, gentleness and unpredictability o f English w eather influence the English life? Britain is a longish, co u n try is m ade habitable due to the com bination o f th in n ish island, stretching roughly n o rth -so u th across m eteorological, geological, and geographic factors.

T he tem perature also depends on how sheltered T h a t's largely why E ngland is now the sixth most a place is. English urban garden squares er wild places th an Wales o r S co tlan d , is particularly 10 are sheltered by terraced houses on all sides in winter; packed. Taken as a w hole, the U nited K ingdom drops and the squares enjoy early w arm th at the beginning o f to the seventeenth m ost overcrow ded c o u n try in the su m m er because o f th e greater heat o f city centres.

H ospitable clim ate m akes the English is only fifteen miles from them. Fortunately, there are obsessive gardeners and obsessive walkers. T he m ost powerful factor in producing the clim ate and Englishness o f the English w eather is the G u lf 25 Stream. London is on m uch the same latitude as Calgary in C anada. Kyiv in U kraine and Irkutsk in Siberia, but it doesn't share the w eather conditions o f those places since London is warmed by the G u lf Stream.

For the sam e reason azaleas, rhododendrons and cam ellias do well in the county. Geography being destiny 12 Nine sentences or phrases have been removed from the text below. Choose from the A—I the one which fits each gap 1—9. Two-thirds of the population can be found here H. Lying on a m ountainous western peninsula D.

Rich in h isto ry and n atu ral beauty. Wales has a living C eltic cu ltu re distinct to the rest o f the U K. Wales is bordered to the east by E ngland, w hile the Republic o f Ireland sits to the west across th e Irish Sea. Wales is geographically and cu lturally divided into th ree regions. M id W ales is a sparsely p opulated region o f m ou n tain s, m oorlands, forests, wide river valleys and a coastline facing the Irish Sea, and South Wales. T he South is by far the m ost urbanised area.

W ales has m any picturesque cities and tow ns such as C ardiff. Wales is rich in history, cu lture, m yth and legend. S now donia, know n in Welsh as Eryri land o f th e eagles , is a land o f high peaks, steep, plunging valleys and open m oorland. Rocky m ountains, glacial lakes, w aterfalls an d w ilderness com pete for attention. Geography being destiny — 14 Decide which place is the most appropriate one to these people and explain why.

The tourist s Destination 1 Two biology students interested in local habitats 2 A young m an who hopes to hire and ride a bike around the area 3 Someone who is interested in tasting local dishes A com pany o f friends planning to celebrate a birthday 4 in the open air 5 A n old lady who is mostly interested in art A young couple who just want to spend the day together walking 6 around a beautiful town with interesting views to take pictures of Some overseas tourists who are eager to have a deeper look into 7 British history The father who w ants to show his son how people live and 8 work on a farm V.

P rotesters set up cam ps to prevent, or at least delay, the building work. Geography being destiny Fill in the gaps in the text with the words from the box. An oak can live a thousand years or more — there is one in Sherwood Forest said to have hidden Robin Hood. An oak is more than its timber; an oak is time. O ur ancient woodlands connect us to the past. They are living history. Sherwood, Wychwood.

Epping, Wyre, Whittlewood, the New Forest The nam es are so romantic! T he trope o f the wood as m agical, strange, sacred. Some woods and forests have a rich history indeed. S cream ing W oods sit just south o f what is said to be the most haunted village in B ritain, Pluckley. D escribed as the most haunted w oodland in Kent.

The picture-postcard cafes is a must. T he Bridge o f the C auldron was built 20 often em pty, even during sum m er. Geography being destiny VI. Geography being destiny VII. T he Lake D istrict E. T he Wh ite Cliffs o f Dover B. G len Coe D. Loch Ness F. S cotland. Wales, and N orthern Ireland are not large by co u n try standards, they are, nevertheless, p u n ctuated by num erous natural areas w hich are 5 not only popular w ith natives but are m ust-sees on the tourist trail as well.

Giant's Causeway, located on the northeast coast o f N orthern Ireland, is the m ost popular tourist attraction in the country. It consists of 10 alm ost It was declared a World H eritage Site by u n d e r the sea. Legend has tightly packed black basalt co lu m n s stick in g out it that th e causew ay was form ed by th e Irish G ian t o f th e sea.

Geography being destiny 2. Glen Coe is a volcanic glen a narrow and deep train in g are available. G lencoe is also an ideal base m o u n tain valley in the H ighlands o f Scotland. T his from w hich to explore the H ighlands o f Scotland, rich area is a w onderful wild world that has been neither in history and blessed with stu n n in g scenery that has spoilt nor changed for centuries.

High m ountain peaks, captured the hearts and m inds o f all visitors. In fact, the G len is nam ed after th e River com m itm ent; in bad weather, they can be very serious C oe, w hich ru n s th ro u g h it, and bore th is nam e long 25 10 m ountaineering undertakings, calling for technical before the incident.

O ne possibility is th at it was nam ed after a tribe once living in the area; however this rem ain s speculation. T he sets were located so as to take in the fantastic scenery, overlooking the Signal Rock forest to the rugged hills o f the glen. G lencoe m ountain resort offers m ountain biking, archery, orienteering, hill-w alking, clim bing, chairlift rides, photography, trail building, guided walks and hom e 15 cooked food in the log cabin cafe in sum m er.

In w inter skiing, snow boarding, sledging and avalanche rescue 3. The Lake District in the north-w est o f E ngland W ordsw orth an d the bestselling ch ild ren 's au th o r 20 is a favorite vacation land for m any Britons as well as Beatrix Potter, who was also a talented botanical to u rists from other cou ntries.

Its wide ranges o f hills, p ain ter an d am ate u r naturalist. T here is a sm all gallery know n as fells, are interspersed w ith num erous lakes. T h is place is renow ned for its scenic beauty. M uch o f the activity in th e area cen ters round IS W inderm ere.

Som ew hat bizarrelv, Lake W inderm ere is officially a public highway — giving it the sam e status as a m ain road o r an intercity m otorw ay — a n d in the early 19th century cargo ships carry in g coal, lum ber, co p p e r and slate were a com m on sight on its waters. Geography being d e s tin y 4. Loch N ess, S cotland. O ne o f the m ost popular existence has varied since il was first brought to the to u rist attractio n s in all o f S cotland is Loch world's attention in T he Loch Ness Ness.

Il is the second largest Scottish lake M onster is a creature whose existence by surface area after Loch Lom ond. It co n tain s m ore N essie is reputedly a large unknow n fresh w ater than all the lakes in an im al that is said to inhabit Loch E ngland and Wales com bined. Most Ness in the Scottish H ighlands. P opular interest and belief in the an im al's lo the next. W hite Cliffs of Dover, England. These chalkykeeping th em w'hite. But w here the sea ca n n o t reach w hite cliffs lie on E ngland's southeastern shore, facing the cliffs because o f beach and sea defences, erosion France.

They are fam ous as one o f the first im ages seen stops an d the cliffs becom e vegetated with trees and by th o se who travel from the m ainland to E ngland. T his is one o f those natural m onum ents that defines w hat it is to be British. For alm ost 1, years. D over C astle, perched on top o f the w hite cliffs, has stared back at those who m ay have 10 cast an envious eye at England from only 20 m iles away.

But why are the cliffs so w hite? Well, they are m ade up o f billions o f the crushed shells o f tiny sea creatures. A hundred and fifty m illion years ago. The 15 sedim ents were gradually built up an d later lifted to form th e chalk cliffs. These are eroded by the sea, 6. I October and 15 March each year. Formed under the sea Cheddar Gorge is the largest deep narrow valley in the million years ago. Cheddar Gorge and Caves lends United Kingdom.

This chasm is almost feet deep. It their name Cheddar to many things — cheese, flowers and is noteworthy for both its geology and its history — the Britain's oldest complete skeleton. Cheddar has always 5 oldest complete hum an skeleton in G reat Britain, C heddar been a very important, and a very special place.

Its geology; 25 Man. These caves to tell. T his world-famous site is an Area o f Ouistanding Natural 10 Beauty, reveals many fascinating stories of our prehistoric ancestors, and is an international centre for caving and rock climbing. The gorge was formed in the Ice Age, when any water in the limestone froze, m aking the rock temporarily impermeable.

Torrents of melt water gradually 15 eroded the rock away to form the gorge. After the Ice Age the limestone thawed and became permeable again, so that any water on the surface seeped into the rock, leaving behind a dry valley. He invites you to visit him for several days.

He has only two days off to show you some places that are natural wonders of his country. W rite a letter accepting his invitation and choose two places you would like to go to and explain why. I have had som e personal problems.

Geography being destiny 24 Listen to the first part of the text about Stonehenge and choose the right answer. W hat is Stonehenge? Which theory is not true about a A 5,year-old wheel. Which is true about the blocks of sandstone? Why is Stonehenge so mysterious? W here is the Heel Stone situated? Which picture shows w hat Stonehenge b In one o f the circles. Use the phrases and inform ation in the box to talk about them.

God made the country and man made the town — II. Is there a feeling of spacc in a built-up area? Is the inner city a comfortable place to live? Where do you think the British prefer to live: in the suburbs or in the centre of a city? I'll be in town next week if you want to m eet. H cnrv m arried a girl from out o f tow n, and it was difficult for her to get used to the farm life. The gossips finally drove Kitty out o f town, and she decided to look for a better life in a big city.

Recently a lot o f people have moved from city centres to suburbs or dorm itory towns. T he British new towns, such as M ilton Keynes, are looked on as one o f the m ajor achievem ents o f post-w ar planning. The m unicipal authorities had to solve the inner-city problems: traffic congestion, substandard housing in th e slum s, a high crim e rate and others. T he only rem aining obstacles are located at W ester H ailes, a residential developm ent on the w estern outskirts o f Edinburgh.

Linda grew up in an apartm ent in a cosm opolitan district o f M anchester. T he w eather is glorious, so we trot through the suburban roads and leafy lanes, and find a hith erto undiscovered park. Jane works for a law firm in downtown M anhattan and getting to work, she is always stuck in traffic jam s.

God made the country and man made the to w n III. W hat theory as to the origin o f the nam e o f L ondon is m entioned in the text? How was the place for the settlem ent chosen? W hat do you know about the history o f London Bridge? W hat geographical, m eteorological and political conditions influenced the direction in which London districts developed?

Is L ondon sym m etrically planned? W hy did it happen? W hich o th er cities used to be the most prom inent in the course o f English history? W hy has London won suprem acy in the last thousand years? Note that this divide is opposite to the hill near the river.

It is interesting to know that it was com m ercial buildings arc still on the river bank or m ade o f the sam e stone from Kent that was later near it. T hat lowest fordable spot on the T ham es was where 2 the R om ans built the first London Bridge out of wood. R om an L ondon's road network revolved round the bridge which was later rebuilt by the N orm ans in stone in the 12th century.

It was replaced again in the 19Ih century by the bridge 25 that was dem olished in and sold to A rizona where you can see it nowadays. The m arshiness o f the south b an k explains why the north was settled first; and why the m ajor adm inistrative and com m ercial areas o f the city were founded there. It also explains why 35 south o f London has been unfashionable for centuries. London has becom e a place 90 houses m igrated west from the City o f London — o f attraction for the young and the talented, the natural direction for prosperity to spread sucking them away from o th er English cities; 55 since the prevailing wind blew to the east.

In the and for im m igrants too, who think o f England seventeenth century, at the lim e o f a declining as London. L ondon is now an international city royal court and an increasingly powerful draw ing in the super-rich: m ore than h alf the 95 Parliam ent, new developments weni up in and hom es sold in London in for one m illion or around W estminster. London, like the majority o f other English cities, looks less impressive from the air — no grand avenues, no pleasing grand- scale geometry.

But on the ground, at eye-level, 65 it presents more surprises — more curves, more side streets, alleys, dead ends. The taste for natural development has trium phed over more sym m etrical projects. A fter the heavy bom bardm ent o f the City 70 du rin g the Second World W ar.

Buildings have been getting higher due to planning restrictions in 75 old cities cities can n o t expand outw ards and the race in show -off high-rise, high density developm ents. The London horizon is now do m in ated by skyscrapers. Before W illiam the C onqueror invaded the 80 island. London was neither the formal nor the inform al capital o f England. C anterbury was the religious capital, W inchester the secular one. It was only in the eleventh century that London becam e first the inform al capital o f England, as 85 the co u n try 's biggest, richest city, and then the formal one.

God made the id ma tow n Find in the text the three divisions the author speaks about. Explain what he means by each of them. Find in the text words and collocations opposite in meaning to the following ones. God made the country and man made the town IV. If you w ere lucky to plan a day in London, what kind of London would you like to see? Choose one of the options and describe your day in London giving grounds for your choice.

Sherlock Holmes London. H am pstead W indsor C astle H eath. Victoria Park, Battersea Park. God made the country and man made the town V. O xford's population is quickly increasing. T he city's population contains a very lim ited num ber o f people from different parts o f the world.

Oxford is famous for its plane building plants. Oxford University Press is the only publishing house in the city. Oxford University dates back to the I4lh century. Oxford University is the largest in the E nglish-speaking world. T he variety o f architecture in the town reflects its history. The city was not ruined during World War II. The Scottish Regalia — the crown, protected because o f their architectural or historic scepter and sword of state — are on view in the Crown im portance — more than any other city outside room.

It is also one o f the oldest continuously Holyrood is the official residence of Her Majesty :! T he archeological the Queen in Edinburgh, and is so used when the 20 evidence certifies th at people o f the Bronze Age lived Queen or some other members of the royal family in the place. For that reason the palace T h e origin o f the city nam e is not clear yet, but may be closed to the public for a number of weeks in ID h isto rians agree that the city began around th e C astle summer, but otherwise Holyrood is usually open to Rock.

At first it was a sm all fortified settlem ent, then visitors. The rose again. David Hume, he philosopher and historian. Alexander Bell, inventor of he telephone, James T he two royal residences — th e C astle and H olyrood Maxwell, one o f the world most famous physicists, Palace — are united by a set o f streets called the Royal W illiam Playfair, architect, whose buildings helped he M ile. M useum s, churches, fine town houses o f the ci y to earn its label — "th e Athens o f the N orth," 65 nobility, stalls, taverns.

People o f Edinburgh are proud o f the Holmes, Muriel Spark, the world famous writer. Sean fact so much that is w orth being preserved has survived Connery, he actor, whose nam e will always be associared while other cities have bulldozed much o f their heritage.

T he Royal M ile boasts o f several m useum s that are Few cities offer m ore ourist a trac ions th an those 70 really w orth visiting. A nother is the unique M useum o f C hildhood, opened in as 45 the first m useum in the world o f this kind. Now its five floors are filled with childhood toys and other objects co n n ected with children's life from about 4 centuries. Edinburgh is often called he northern intellectual capital o f G reat Britain. There are three universities in the city, the oldest o f which — the University o f Edinburgh dates from A lot o f famous scientists, inventors, painters and writers are Edinburghers.

Among ihem Adam Smith who founded the science o f political 13 Choose the right answer. E dinburgh dates back to Celtic w arriors, c. Scottish clans, d. Bronze Age settlem ents. E dinburg is considered to be one o f the T he Scottish regalia Q ueen o f Scots. T he Royal M ile is W hich m useum boasts o f being the pioneer o f its kind? T he M useum o f C hildhood, b.

Huntly H ouse M useum. God made the country and man made the town Find the words and phrases in the te x t that are synonymous to the following ones. Find some more information about these people. Say what they are famous for and how they are connected with Edinburgh. Summarize the information about each of them in 5 —7 sentences. God made the country and man made the town — VIII. Founded in , the A m erican 3. In his acceptance speech, the new Nobel historians in all areas o f em ploym ent.

V alentina Tereshkova, the first wom an business in the north-east o f the country. He safely returned from her th ree -d ay m ission always looks around for the best buys. Investors are holding out from M exican stocks until they see clear signs o f an 8. In o u r hom e library, there was som ething recovery. God made the country and man made the town 17 Translate into English. God made the country and man made the town — IX. Liverpool is noted for its rich architectural heritage.

T he city won the European C apital o f C ulture title in T he city enterprises are m ainly concentrated in the suburbs. Liverpool is also well known for its inventions and innovations. Due to all this the city is often referred to as a twin city o f New York. Liverpool Liverpool, located on the Liverpool Bay o f the Irish Sea, has always been described as having the m ost splendid setting o f any English city. It was founded in and was granted city status in It is the fourth most populous British city.

T he city is also hom e to the oldest Black A frican com m unity in the country and the oldest C hinese com m unity in Europe. The first British Nobel Prize was awarded in to Ronald Ross, p rofessoral the School o f Tropical M edicine, the first school o f its kind in the world. Labelled the World C apital City o f Pop.

The Liverpool Biennial festival o f arts runs from m id-S eptem ber to late Novem ber and com prises th ree m ain sections: the International, The independents and New C ontem poraries. God made the country and man made the town 19 Read the introduction to the interview you are going to hear and discuss the following questions.

What possible advantages and disadvantages are there for the inhabitants of the city chosen to be The European Capital of Culture? Do you think your city would make a good Capital of Culture? Why not? Various cultural events More than 40 cities have been designated so far. Athens — Melina Mercouri Jack Lang Riga — 20 Listen to the interviews and decide if these statem ents are true or false.

God made the country and man made the town — Read the text about the im pact th a t the Culture Capital title had on the life of Liverpool. I f you try to analyse the social, econom ic and health in the s, and finally Liverpool F. T he C ulture C apital, you will find that the festival year festival year presented a richer picture o f the city saw 9. God made the country and man made the town X. Its Saint Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. O nly two boats survived. There are stories o f 'the Blue Lady,' 46 o f them were from Newcastle.

T hey left twenty 10 woman abandoned by her husband seven widows and one hundred and eighteen whose ghost still haunts the m ountains. Many children. A Public Subscription was raised and o f the stories are only folklore and give nam es to 22 cottages, known as W idows' Row.

Answer the questions using the inform ation from th e te xt. How m any towns nam ed Newcastle are 5. W hat happened to serpents in Ireland there in G reat Britain? How m uch is known about the history o f 6. W hat place nam e is connected with Newcastle in N o rth ern Ireland?

W hose ghost is believed to appear in 7. W hy is one o f the streets in Newcastle the m ountains? Was Maggy seriously injured when she 8. How much does it cost to attend the ju m p ed over the abyss? Halloween festival in Newcastle? W rite a le tte r to a tourist agency and ask them for more information about the place and for details of a possible tour. Discuss these questions. W hat is U kraine fam ous for? T hink about: its culture, sport, history, politics, cuisine, sights, religion, fashion, music etc.

W hat is cultural awareness? How can it be developed? W hat can a lack o f cultural awareness lead to? Read the definitions in the language note. L a n g u a g e n o te : C ultural awareness — knowledge or understanding o f culture. A stereotype — a fixed idea or image that many people have o f a particular type o f person or thing but which is often not true in reality.

T here are cultural, gender, racial and other stereotypes. W hat stereotypes about Ukraine are the words in the box associated with? Discuss them with other students. Listen again and decide which speaker: a has a fairly global view o f the world; b was enchanted by the old-fashioned custom s; c seems a bit confused about the whole issue o f cultural identity; d is surprised by some o f the stereotypes that people have about U kraine; e is annoyed by a com m on false assum ption; 0 retains a sense o f political roots.

More than one option is 1. Crossing b o rd e rs III. O ne o f the ways to get to know people o f any co u n try better is to learn about their ancient rituals and rites, their beliefs and superstitions.

T h is cultural heritage and the com m on language 5 unite people into a nation and help understand not just th eir historical past but ever changing present as well. T he U k rainians have always been a very hospitable people. Even in the distant past they to welcomed their guests with bread and salt placed on an em broidered towel. T his tradition has survived up to now, T he U k rainians have had an acute sense o f unity with the soil, sky, Universe.

For example, 15 Kupala celebrations date from very ancient pagan tim es. The holiday is celebrated on the eve o f July. It is connected with the date o f the sum m er solstice when the night is very dark and mysterious. M agnificent fairy-tale landscapes floats d o w nstream quickest o f all is to be » 2« serve as a proper background for magic rites, m arried the first.

T h e sin k in g w reath m eans songs, ch an ts and all kinds o f fortune-telling. At night b o n fire s b u rn , ritual songs are T he particip an ts o f the rituals also try to sung, young w om en w earing flow er w reaths ju m p over a b u rn in g bonfire, which is believed and b rig h t-co lo u red ribbons sing an d d ance to cleanse both body and soul. T he highest 3s 25 barefoot in a ring. T h en they go through the jum per is the luckiest.

If a couple in love fails ritual o f th ro w in g th e ir w reaths into a stream to com plete a ju m p while holding th eir hands, try in g to guess what the future has in store for it is a sure sign o f th e ir destined separation.

T he girl w hose w reath children in those bonfires hoping to put an end 4» to aw ful diseases. M yths about Ivan Kupala night resemble the ritual practices o f o ther ancient religions. Somehow, this m ysterious night is a bit like Halloween as dark forces, all kinds o f evil witches, 45 werewolves, vam pires and ghosts are supposed to wake up.

Ancient people believed that wild anim als could help them as, by magic, anim als could talk during 50 that night. They also believed in healing powers of Kupala dew which was to be used for washing the face before the dawn. Sw im m ing was also supposed to be healing. A n o th er Kupala legend that has entered the Ukrainian mythology is connected with searching 60 for bloom ing ferns. F erns are supposed to blossom during Kupala night. It is also believed that m iraculous fiery flowers could point to a buried treasure no m atter how deep it is hidden.

A few words should be said about traditional U k rain ian am ulets that have become part of to national myth T hey have been m ade o f dried plants and o th er m aterials. Some o f them , broom s, anybody and not to do any harm. Som etim es for instance, are supposed to bring success, straw ancient craftsm en painted a cross instead o f 90 brownies are believed to protect your house, bring a face.

A ccording to d ifferent trad itio n s reeled dolls 75 Folk reeled dolls are considered to be were used as ritual things. W om en used to m ake traditional U k rain ian heirloom s. T h is doll, or them for the rain to sta rt o r to stop, for people M otanka, as U k rain ian s call it, has been kept to avoid m iseries and diseases, for new lyw eds 95 practically in every family.

Every m other m ade to live happily to g eth er two dolls were given. It has been used as a th e ir d au g h ters-in -law on th e ir w edding day as kind o f a mediator between generations, between a sym bol o f peace and fertility — to give b irth a granny and her granddaughter. Reeled dolls are to happy an d healthy ch ild re n.

But rem em ber that U krainians believe d o n 't h av e a face. Agree or disagree with the following statem ents. T he Kupala N ight is a pagan ritual. It is celebrated in early spring. T he Kupala rites are connected with the role o f water in fertility and purification. Both m en and wom en wear the crow ns o f flowers at the Kupala night. The eve o f Ivan Kupala night is supposed to be the only tim e when ferns blossom.

Broom s are traditional U krainian am ulets. Reeled dolls have been passed from generation to generation. Brides and bridegroom s used to be given two dolls to have at least two children. Fill in the gaps with appropriate derivatives or use the word as it is. The environmentalists at the symposium were 2. Many of their health problems were caused 3.

She has never been fond of stories about. She docs not believe in tales of wizards who could work M YTH 2. Orpheus and Odysseus seem the same person 3. Their eyes could not leave his face for blossom. Everybody stopped talking as 3. Hercules is my favourite hero. Crossinn borde IV. John Galsworthy 10 A Answer the following questions. W hat are the traditional drinks in U kraine? W hat is your favourite everyday drink? D o you know any recipes for m aking coffee? W hich o f them do you like best?

B Read the article about coffee traditions in Lviv. Some sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from sentences A—F the one which fits each which you do not need to use. Capizzi Right now we'd like to introduce to all of you Our lead singer Mr. Castle On The Hill You2. The Castle Her eyes were butterflies Her smile was a rainbow Her hair was sunbeam waves Shining'round like a halo Her face was a fai Monster Mash ts Demo [Hook] This is it what Luchini pouring from the sky Let's get ric Falling 1] Wish up on a shooting star A kindred soul and like yourself it's falling Slip the stream run down the dream Awakening inside the dark you're NGL isproporti on ate c on victi on s Especially when it come to our case our case You seen the movie they killed the nigga Why you still wanna be like Scarface?

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Mercedez feat. Doe op my top on a porsche High school used to play sports Then I got fat and lazy And luckily my pockets did too Go and get the hottest with the Dem on archy Fine line between obstacles and excuses But a thick skin will still bump and bruise And when you need them blue k Everybody Shut Up ft Isaiah Rashad m me say D on 't bother with dem ya knowJust follow your heart and your mind will follow stillJust cool ya self na manJust relax and live ya lif That everybody's got something to prove Everybody's got something Everybody's got some Blues Palace and come on str on g But you know some d on 't they on ly bel on g In a Chorus: Blues Palace it's a palace of the blues For used lovers and junkyard news There's nasty women who will cater your a Invincible ew change on a new plane Push me around I feel no pain It's a new day out of my way Here I come now out of my cage It's a new change Bones Diam on d Head-Diam on d Head1.

B on es Lightning strikes the earth Builds man from ashes He's humble he reaps he grows Watched it all erode He trembles and hides He trembles and hides In his castle that's made of your b on es And all that you gave Watch the whole world crumble And wasted away Your greed will seed the end Your greed will seed the end On the edge On the edge On the edge On the edge of your b on es Erupting in h 78 8. Underdog Fight on g It comes so easy when you're shooting your mouth off from a You put your gun in your holster and a chip Got climbing on the rocks You want problems what you wanna box?

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