Miss eureka 1983 torrent

miss eureka 1983 torrent

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Paula Lindberg. Zak Ludwig. Ben Ratner. Tobias Slezak. Tammy Hui. John Paul McGlynn. Erica Cerra. Craig Anderson. Sean Millington. Based loosely on an famous unsolved murder mystery the multi-millionaire Sir Harry Oakes, who was brutally killed at his island retreat , Nicolas Roeg's "Eureka" takes this bare bones idea and transforms it into one of the most daring, ambitious and insightful films of all time. The film's screenwriter Paul Mayersberg packs each line of dialogue with thematic clues.

The opening half hour is so stunning that it makes your head swim- the camera sweeps into the snowfields of British Colombia whilst Stanley Myers' hauntingly repetitive theme throbs on the soundtrack. Jack McCann Gene Hackman is prospecting for gold and ditches his partners. Surrounded by wolves, he gets a small talisman that he takes back to a brothel.

The madam Frida fortells the future: "You'll find what you're looking for. But afterwards? His ecstasy is short lived when he returns to his dying mistress. A burst of flame shoots forth and the film cuts to twenty years later when Jack is nostalgically telling the story to his daughter Tracy Theresa Russell.

At that moment in time Tracy is looking forward, Jack is looking back. Jack is bored. He says "Once I had it all. Now I only have everything". He is aware that his daughter is his soul-clone. On the surface, they appear quite different- he's bitter, she's a hedonist. Yet small details both admonish Jack's alcoholic wife Helen to "lay off the sauce" and they both have a stunning gift for mathematics tell the truth.

They understand each other perfectly. Jack is under siege from a pack of wolves who come in the shape of gangsters who want to develop Jack's island. Eventually the gangsters and Claude invade the house and Jack is brutally murdered.

After this terrifying yet beautiful sequence, the film becomes more problematic. The courtroom scenes that follow contain dialogue that spells out the movie's themes and Russell's performance is hysterical. But the punchline as Tracy emasculates her husband is a doozy: "Claude They despise me because I'm Jack's daughter and I have too much. And of course, they still despise Jack because he found what they're all still looking for". The movie atones for a lot with its gorgeous final moments as Claude paddles away.

It's difficult to articulate the power this movie has. It has an extraordinary power to sweep you away- it's a crazy, violent, lovely, magical experience. It's about the human condition and it deals with issues that are almost never talked about- the price we pay for getting what we want, the moments in life where we find our purpose, the essence of people that is passed down through the generations, the difference between old and new souls.

The film's main flaws clumsy dialogue are directly linked to the main virtue the sheer overwhelming density of the material. Its a movie that will speak to you personally or leave you cold there's no middle ground and I find it almost an affront when somebody doesn't respond positively to it. Weird, sloppy, self-indulgent, meta-physical, sometimes boring, sometimes hallucinatory: all these things describe this misfire from director Nicolas Roeg. Gene Hackman stars as a gold prospector in Alaska during the final days of the gold rush.

Most of the people have given up and gone home at this point, but Hackman refuses. After a strange encounter with a meteor I think he receives some kind of lucky rock I think that gives him the extra push to find his gold strike. And does he ever. Cut to decades later, and he's fabulously wealthy, with a giant estate named Eureka. His grown daughter Theresa Russell has married a European playboy Rutger Hauer that dad doesn't approve of.

There's also a shady consortium of some sort, headed by Jewish tough guy Joe Pesci! The cinematography is beautiful, as it usually is in Roeg's films, but the plot is a mess of ham-handed symbolism and uninspired dramatics.

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