Setting hotkeys in solidworks torrent

setting hotkeys in solidworks torrent

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For me personally, this is one of the strongest differentiators. While both Fusion and Solidworks share many same features, each program excels at different tasks. Fusion is broken into different environments such as model, patch and sheet metal. Each environment has a unique set of tools suited for common tasks.

I digress. Based on my experiences, Fusion seems to be ideal for hobbyists, makers and designers. Solidworks however, seems to be better for manufactured goods, design engineering, complex surfacing and enterprise environments. Their workflow is a bit more streamlined and more flexible than Solidworks. This makes Fusion a great tool for quickly executing and exploring ideas and creating render-ready 3D models.

Unfortunately, the tools in Fusion often leave something to be desired. And once it does that, it has the potential to be a Solidworks killer in my opinion. Where Fusion shines is its shallow learning curve and speed. And for those working in a machine shop or fabricating products using CAM tools, Fusion is a great choice. Much of the focus on Fusion has been directed to fabrication.

Fusion only offers two product tiers, free and paid. Generative, a new feature is reserved for paid accounts only. Otherwise, there seems to be feature parity between both options. Solidworks is like Grandfather CAD at this point. It benefits from years of development and offers a rich set of tools appreciated by seasoned professionals. There are one-click features in Fusion that require tedious, manual approaches in Solidworks. Solidworks has many of the same features Fusion does, offering tools for surface and solid-modeling.

It also has tools for working with sheet metal, electrical engineering, and performing a host of tests and simulations. I mentioned Solidworks being suitable for enterprise organizations. This is because it works well with a PDM. A PDM is like a library of parts which helps manage large and complex assemblies and concurrent product development.

Solidworks features are based upon which package you own a license for. To sum this section up, Solidworks is more feature-deep than Fusion It simply has more tools, more features and each tool has more options. Buying Fusion is a lot less painful than buying Solidworks. From the actual price tag to the buying process, Fusion seems to be the winner. Solidworks is available in a tiered pricing structure. The more you pay, the more features you get. Maintenance is optional, but it will get you upgrades to new releases, technical support and access to a few plugins and features.

They only make it available through resellers who need to offer you a personalized quote. Even obtaining a trial version of the software seems to be impossible. I did test their browser-based version the other day and it was limited to a single two-hour session. Now, Autodesk, the makers of Fusion took the opportunity to compete with Solidworks. Solidworks is simply too expensive for many hobbyists, freelancers or other professionals depending on where they live.

Comparing the paid versions of both software, Solidworks costs anywhere between ten and twenty times more expensive. Spoiler alert: Fusion is gonna win this one. Fusion , on the other hand was developed with on a cloud platform. Being older, Solidworks was around before any sort of cloud integration existed as it does in many apps today.

This means it runs on a local machine or server. Wow, even that analogy is going to be lost on some Millennials. After you make changes, you can return the part or assembly so the rest of your coworkers can use it. For the small design shop, freelancer or hobbyist, a PDM and server are probably not an option.

For those, a workstation and laptop combination are much likely. Working on designs and moving them between these two machines becomes much more of a hassle. Not only are you juggling licenses between both machines it requires a manual transfer , but your data needs to move between both as well.

Sure, you could store your data on a cloud-based storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive, but may also impact performance. Based on my experience, Solidworks assemblies that need to reference parts can become quite temperamental especially when it involves moving or duplicating libraries. So, without offering much in the way of cloud integration, Solidworks offers a better experience in an enterprise environment PDM, server combination and floating licenses.

Fusion was built on a cloud-based system. This means your data is constantly syncing to the cloud a server elsewhere and you conveniently never need to transfer files from one machine to another. Wherever you log in, your data and presets are present. Other than data syncing, many of Fusion s features integrate much deeper with the power of the cloud, rather than being a bolt-on solution. Your parts, designs, assemblies and more are stored to your own A account.

From A, you can also choose to share or collaborate with others. You can exchange credits for various computations like simulations and renderings. Finally, some little things like automatic orthographic views are generated of your designs and made available to you whenever you need them. Working in Fusion without an internet connection means a slow and clunky launch process sometimes taking more than 10 minutes , and the inability to export certain file types. There are actually limits on how much data A can export in mesh format.

If these functions were performed locally your machine, this would be much less limiting. Fusion does. While many wonder about data security when integrating with a cloud service, the only way to be truly secure is to keep your data local and inaccessible by any internet connection.

The ability to open certain data sets and save or export as another format is important when collaborating with other designers, engineers or production facilities. From there, you can insert the part into a new or current design. Below is a list of formats that can be imported into A Both Solidworks and Fusion support around 35 file formats when it comes to import and export.

Personally, I like that Solidworks import and export happens all on your own machine. Either you create 3D models because you plan to manufacture your designs, or you create models for visualization purposes such as rendering or animation. From tolerancing to draft and mold design to FEA and cost estimate, Solidworks is the clear leader in aiding designers create models for manufacturing purposes. While user interface is much more a matter of personal preference, to some, it can make a software much more enjoyable to use and especially to learn.

A well thought-out user interface could be the difference between overwhelm, and intuitive learning. This has changed quite a bit though. The number of icons and the organization of the feature tree can be quite intimidating and or overwhelming. It can speed up the workflow quite a bit. A simple UI can make a software much easier to learn. They proudly shared with us the updated graphic tracking their progress on a 3-year initiative beginning in to reduce their backlogs of severe SPRs software performance reports, AKA bugs to less than 10 percent.

We saw that today at the end of the session when Michael Steeves showed us some impressive simulation technology. Click this link to find a live or streaming event for you. Still not convinced? It is made possible by the multiyear endeavor of changing the architecture of the render pipeline, shifting more of the workload on to the graphics card. That means less lag and more smoothness when it comes to moving your geometry.

Year over year it is only an 11percent increase, but this is at the end of a multi-year endeavor that saw high double-digit performance improvements every single year. You can now mirror about two planes when creating one mirror feature. This greatly cuts down on the number of mirror features that are needed to finish a lot of designs. Consider features added to the four corners in the part below.

This tool is like the Hole Wizard, which has been around forever. We saw the addition of a brand-new keyboard short cut. Now the Command Search is accessible through the shortcut bar. You can even hit the plus sign to instantly add a command to the shortcut bar.

This is next-level customization on the fly. You can now open a subassembly directly from an assembly in large design review mode and keep it in LDR mode. This addition makes it much more usable and opens many more doors for increased performance with your large models. The biggest enhancement to drawings in recent years got even more useful.

Think of detailing mode as sports mode for drawings. This expanded functionality and improved workflow makes detailing mode a no brainer for anyone who wants increased performance in drawings.

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SolidWorks keyboard Shortcuts and Hot keys

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Add a custom shortcut. For example: If you consistently use Parabolas in your designs, click on the Parabola command in the chart. Enter a shortcut of your choosing e. You can overwrite this if you choose. Select OK to finish and save. Click on a keyboard shortcut you want to change. Add a new custom shortcut. Select the Mouse Gestures tab. Drag command from command list onto the area on the wheel to add a command to the Gesture Wheel. Press the S key on your keyboard and a shortcut box will appear.

The shortcut box has four modes: part editing, assembly, drawing, and sketch. To add tools to your S Shortcut box, drag the command into the shortcut box. You can customize all four modes based on what tools and commands you use regularly. You can change that keyboard shortcut by selecting it and clicking Edit Hotkey.

To delete one, select it and click Remove Hotkey. You can set up hotkeys for launching Windows programs as well as third-party software. Other 0. Right-click the CAD drawing, point. How do I add furniture in Revit ? On the Insert tab, click load. How do you unpin elements in Revit?

Unpin Elements Select the elements to be. DXF Files?

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