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Golz, O. Schieder Pages Gene Dispersal from Transgenic Crops P. Dale, J. Scheffler Pages Mitten, K. Redenbaugh, J. Lindemann Pages Lorenz, B. Meyer, W. Wackernagel Pages Klehr-Wirth, M. Wirth, R. Grannemann, C. Neuhausen, M. Schmitt Pages Doerfler, K. Fechteler, H. Heller, C. Knoblauch, P. Koetsier et al. Blum, M. Lorenz, W. Ahrenholtz, M. Jekel, M. Back to top.

About this book In the fast developing field of gene and biotechnology the construction and use of transgenic organisms play an increasingly important role. A frequently asked question is whether these genetically modified organisms are safe if used either in laboratory containments or in the open field. This holds especiall true for the commercialization of transgenic organisms. An important aspect of "Biosafety" is the stability of transgenic DNA and the reliable expression of the transgene.

A second aspect is the potential for horizontal gene transfer from transgenic to non-transgenic organisms. Most of the articles deal with these important questions. The book may thus contribute to the public debate about the biosafety of transgenic organisms by presenting original experimental data as well as theoretical considerations. Some of the contributions are useful reviews of the relevant literature.

The book does not only contain academic research articles, a number of the reports are written by "practitioners" actually using gene technology in the pharmaceutical and agro-industries. Thus, the interested reader can find a broad range of information on purely academic questions as well as on problems which gene technology companies have to cope with when a transgenic organism is to be field-tested and commercialized.

The BAM project is a former copper prospect where field work in generated a gold-in-soil anomaly with associated IP targets called Monarch on which P2 Gold conducted a 1, m drill program of m deep holes. The target is interpreted as the sort of epithermal system associated with a deeper porphyry system which management believes is a Galore Creek type.

The holes apparently yielded decent sulphide intervals but only assays will reveal the gold-silver content. If assays are received by late August and indicate a discovery P2 Gold will drill a few more holes before winter shuts everything down. The other 3 BC properties will only receive target development work this summer. P2 Gold has completed an MT geophysical survey at Todd Creek where the goal is to find a Brucejack style epithermal system.

The interpretation of the MT survey is still pending. The primary focus over the next 18 months will be the Gabbs copper-gold project in Nevada where the goal is to deliver a PEA by early Most of the historical drilling involved percussion holes. P2 Gold started a 1, m drill program in July consisting of about 14 core holes to a maximum depth of m.

The goal is to assess grades in the deeper part of the deposit and secure geological data to help define a better domain model and identify structural controls for higher grades within the Sullivan Zone. This will be followed by 8, m of RC drilling. An updated resource estimate is expected in mid P2 Gold has also initiated a metallurgical study using oxide mineralization from the Sullivan pit.

Results are expected in late August. The overall goal is to double the existing inferred resource so as to support a future 30, tpd open pit operation. The data flow from Gabbs, because it mainly involves infill drilling, is unlikely to generate any sudden market move which will come gradually as investors begin to model the size of the prize, visualizing the outcome of the PEA and the economic value at various copper and gold prices.

The discovery upside this year hinges on BAM results. Gabbs Updated Resource Estimate Q3 Mid July Q1 Late February Drilling to support updated resource estimate began June with 5, m, to be followed by 20, m in , an updated resource that incorporates Sullivan drilling is expected late February. The higher the company percentile the better, based on the assumptions that the lowest issued shares and highest working capital are best.

The score is the average of the percentiles. A percentile is that percentage of a group that a member ranks higher than. Note that issued and WC reflect latest financials. Share positions of past insiders and shareholders have not been adjusted for rollbacks or splits. The speculative value depends on the project stage, the project's implied value as calculated by the company's fully diluted, stock price and net project interest, and the dream target deemed appropriate for the project.

A dream target is what a project would be worth in discounted cash flow terms once in production. The color coding is based on the target outcome using the mid-point of the certainty range. Updated Resource Estimate Q3 Mid July Q1 Late February Drilling to support updated resource estimate began June with 5, m, to be followed by 20, m in , an updated resource that incorporates Sullivan drilling is expected late February.

The objective is to update the resource estimate and potentially expand the tonnage by extending the depth of the Sullivan and Lucky Strike zones, complete metallurgical studies to support a two track flowsheet where the oxides are heap leached and the sulphides are milled and floated to produce a copper concentrate, and deliver a PEA by the end of Because the OV model only works with a single LOM flowsheet the costs and recoveries have been averaged out to reflect the relative proportion of sulphide and oxide ore.

This OV replaces the Oct 27, OV based on the inferred resource of 26,, tonnes oxide at 0. It is based on the Feb 10, resource estimate of 30,, tonnes oxide at 0. The 20, tpd combined mining rate supports a 16 year mine life.

The valuation upside resides in achieving better grades and expanding the mine life through bigger tonnage. The annual average of LOM sustaining cost is expensed as an annual operating cost. Annual average figures reflect full production years. The irrational pricing behavior of the yellow channel contrasts with the fair speculative value of the blue channel as defined by the rational speculation model because during the pre-economic study stages there is great uncertainty about how big the discovery will turn out.

The range of possible outcomes for the physical nature of a deposit shrinks after delivery of an initial resource estimate. While the nature of the deposit constrains the range of mining scenarios, the cost assumptions will vary as the project moves through the feasibility demonstration stages of the cycle, which affects the economic value of the final outcome. This economic value will also vary according to the prices of the metals targeted for extraction which may change during the years it takes for a project to become a mine.

An outcome visualization is thus a compilation of best guess assumptions for the key variables that drive the discounted cash flow model, the basis for assigning an economic value to a mine. An OV is not intended as a prediction, but rather as a framework that allows the incorporation of new information generated by the exploration-development cycle for the project into a valuation model on an ongoing, dynamic basis.

Jun 9, Discovery Watch with HoweStreet. Welcome Guest User more Select Company Profiles Canadian International Pharma Corp H-V Pediment Gold Corp. H-V St. Advanced Search. KRO Company Profile. Web Site. Phase 3 met study start May for Lucky Strike and Carbody sulphides with samples from drill program. Drilling to support updated resource estimate began June with 5, m, to be followed by 20, m in , an updated resource that incorporates Sullivan drilling is expected late February.

Group figures exclude delisted and suspended companies. People Tree Available. A Spec Value Hunter table allows speculators to identify which projects offer poor, fair or good speculative value according to the rational speculation model. Poor Speculative Value -. Good Speculative Value -. The target outcome range required for the current implied project value to represent fair speculative value is based on the upper and lower certainty limits associated with the project stage.

Phase 1 met study to establish best processing scenario June-Aug , Aug 4 results indicate oxide heap leaching and sulphide milling-flotation best scenario. Phase 2 met study on Sullivan oxides-sulphides started Mid Oct , results late Feb Cutoff: 0.

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